Where Can I Buy Round Beds? 4 Best Options!

Where can I buy round beds?

Nowadays, most items could be bought online for everyone’s convenience.

People tend to spend most of their lives in their beds.

Well, of course, it’s an understatement since people need to rest.

Most of us don’t care for the bed’s appearance as long as we get our well-deserved sleep.

A bed could easily tell a person’s personality so why not make it personalized to showcase your attitude?

For many types of beds, we mostly see rectangular ones.

Although there are some sound ones too.

So if you’re having trouble finding the perfect round bed for yourself or both of you and your partner, you’ve come to the right page.


Round Beds

Round beds could offer a different sleeping experience for you and your partner.

It has an incredible magnetism that could ever forget you using a rectangular bed.

You can flip over, roll and swing on any side without the worry of falling.

As some textbook says, the shape circle is a symbol of peace and harmony.

Having a round bed in your bedroom could add elegance and harmony.

It’s not unusual to have this type of bed, but it’s not typically used so, make use of it.


What Should You Look For?

While most of us don’t bother with anything as long as we can sleep, you can’t help but find which bed would provide you the best comfort.

So I have made a list of what you might want to consider in purchasing a bed that would fit your preference.

In choosing the right bed, you don’t only look for the comfort and its design but the health factors and the space availability as well.


Option #1. Bed type

There are numerous types of bed which could satisfy your body aches.

Some of the bed styles in the market are Murphy bed, loft bed, platform bed, and more.


Option #2. Bed size

Upon choosing the type of bed, the next is to choose which size of the mattress will fit your needs.

Some sizes include a single bed, double, twin, king, queen, and more.

You may have to check on each dimension since they vary per country.


Option #3. Bed frame materials

After you have chosen which size would be suitable for you, let’s talk about the materials for your bed frame next.

A bed frame usually is made from wood or metal.

You can have it upholstered with fabric or leather too.

If you want to go on a more natural look, a wooden bed frame is what I suggest.

Since you’re choosing wood, oak is most sought after for its sturdiness.

Although insects like termites may dig deep and make a colony out of these woods, an iron or metal bed frame is a viable option.


Option #4. Bed height

The bed height will either aid or worsen your morning.

Well, the mattress’s thickness adds up to the height, so it is best to choose the right height.

If you experience back pains while you wake up in the morning and are having trouble getting out of the bed, a lower bed is recommended.

While a standard bed has at least a foot tall from the floor.

If you want to raise the bed’s height, using some bed riser works best.


Place I Can Buy Round Bed

So, where can I buy round beds?

Don’t make yourself worry about it as I’ve made a list of which round beds would greatly aid you.


Option #1. Venetian round bed

If you go for an expensive with a classy approach, you might want a Venetian round bed from LA Furniture.

It boasts a contemporary design that is wrapped with high-class leather.

You can complement this with any home decors in your house.

The leather made to manufacture this is eco-friendly.


Option #2. Plato round bed

A Plato round bed is best with its storage space-saving feature.

It s not only beautiful but it could also fit a modern-day approach.

This bed has a leatherette headboard and four drawers to store your clothing or anything.


Option #3. Royal round bed

If you go for a bigger space, you might want a Royal Round Bed available on Amazon.

It costs a little bit over $2,000 with its vibrant design.

What makes this round bed unique is the narrow and high headboard that makes watching TV a bit more comfortable.


Option #4. King modern and villa round bed

If you want to go bigger than the royal, go get a King modern round bed from Amazon.

Of all bed sizes, a king is the largest.

A king modern bed has a headboard that has sharp details.

If you want to get a modern-day approach with your round bed, I recommend having this one.

Another one for our king-round beds is the Villa King round bed.

This bed only cost more than a thousand dollars.

The exterior bed frame of this round bed has a smooth black polish finish which makes it unique.

It could also accommodate both circular and rectangular bed mattresses making it versatile.


Option #5. Aiden black round bed

Since we’re talking about versatile round beds, the Aiden black round bed won’t go off without a fight.

With a cost of a little bit over $3,000, the Aiden black is a must-have item.

It has built-in nightstands that could be retracted easily.

The headboards are heavily padded with convenient drawers installed.

It’s a complete package if you were to ask me.

Along with its sleek designs and functionality, makes me want to save and buy one for myself.



No more “where can i buy round beds?” thoughts for you.

I’ve laid out several options of round beds that may suit your preference.

You might want to check out a few of them and pick the right one that will make up your room’s appearance.

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