Where Can I Buy Pillow Stuffing. Best Buying Guide

The answer to the question of where can I buy pillow stuffing is on the platform Amazon. It’s no surprise that everyone can choose from different pillow fillings nowadays since making your own pillow has become the trend. However, you want to know where to get them and what to get. 

There are various materials to choose from when it comes to stuffing a pillow. Most of them are available on Amazon, but some manufacturers offer the exact ones they use for their products. Nonetheless, it’s useful to be well-rounded in this stuff if you’re replacing or making a pillow yourself. 

Where Can I Buy Pillow Stuffing


Where Can I Find Pillow Stuffing

You should easily find different types of pillow stuffings on Amazon. However, it’s also common nowadays to refill your pillow and get the product’s brand materials. Nonetheless, it’s best to familiarize yourself with the pillow stuffing to expect in the market to find the best one for your pillow. 

Why should you bother buying a pillow stuffing? It will save you money to just replace the filling over time. Another benefit is you’re maintaining the pillow’s ideal form and structure to keep it comfortable and supportive



Perhaps the most common and cheapest pillow stuffing to buy is polyester fiberfill. One of the popular ones is the Polyfil brand, and replacing it over time shouldn’t hurt your wallet. Polyester should be easy to find on various e-commerce platforms and even company websites. 

Its advantages, besides the low price point and ease of availability, include lightness. When you stuff your pillow with this material, you can achieve softness well. Polyester is also not picky in terms of cleaning compared to other moist-sensitive fillings. 

However, it’s not the most breathable option, and you can expect that it will need restuffing or replacement over time. Polyester is notorious for clumping that leaves the pillow flat and uncomfortable. Therefore, fluff your pillow regularly and replace the stuffing after months. 


Memory foam

As for memory foam stuffing, you can buy a whole block and get it cut to your ideal pillow size. Amazon and several retailers also offer shredded memory foam if you want to adjust your pillow loft. However, you should check your foam’s certifications if you’re worried about chemicals. 

One of the drawbacks of memory foam is off-gassing. The chemical smell should be gone after some days, but it’s better to check the product’s specification for chemicals. Once overcome, it’s one of the best pillow stuffings for relieving pressure and supporting a good sleeping posture because of the foam’s malleability. 



Speaking of foam, you can consider latex when buying a pillow stuffing. What’s excellent with this foam is you have natural and synthetic options. The good quality ones can be as comfortable as memory foam, making them useful alternatives for those who avoid synthetic materials. 

You can also find solid and shredded latex like memory foams. It’s ideal for getting the latter if you want to have a moldable pillow unique to your body type. Amazon even offers organic products if you prefer eco-friendly pillow stuffings. 



Down pillows are one of the luxurious options in the market. This stuffing creates a lush and breathable feel that is truly unique to experience. However, you want to get high-quality down because they will surely last long for a long time. 

Furthermore, you can ensure that what you’re getting will maintain its loft. Down is a fantastic option for those fond of natural pillows and those who like cuddling pillows because of its softness. The only downside to consider is that the down shouldn’t get wet, or it may damage its structure. 



If down is too pricey for you, you can combine it with feathers. However, feathers don’t provide the same softness as down because of the quills that can poke through. You also want to identify if you’re potentially allergic to these bird products.

Another issue of buyers with down and feather is if the source was humane. To solve this worry, check for the company’s associations with various councils that follow animal welfare laws. This quality feather and down products should also be clean and hygienic.


Down alternative

If you don’t mind human-made pillow stuffings, you should also find down alternative stuffings in the market and platforms like Amazon. This material feels as fluffy as down at a lower price point and a lower risk of allergies from the name itself. But being polyester, the down alternative will eventually clump and require replacement. 


Buckwheat hulls

Back to nature’s pillow stuffings, one of the easiest ones to acquire is buckwheat hulls. These are breathable materials that create a supportive pillow, perfect for those requiring elevation. Additionally, buckwheat hulls are known for their durability and will last for many years compared to our discussed stuffings. 

Buckwheat pillow companies offer hulls by the bulk so that you can adjust your pillow to your liking. The only negative you might note is that the pillow ends up heavy and makes a rustling noise as you move around. Nonetheless, buckwheat hulls are not very expensive, and their firm shape and airflow are worth these tiny setbacks. 



You can always replace your pillow filling or replenish the materials to restore its structure. But first, ask yourself, where can I buy pillow stuffing? Amazon and various pillow companies offer different materials to suit all your needs. 

The article above talked about what to expect and noted the characteristics you might consider before buying a stuffing.