Where Can I Buy Pillow Inserts? 4 Amazing Shops!

“Where can I buy pillow inserts?” is a question you should consider when looking for a pillow.

We can all admit that we would look first to their design and color when we buy pillows, if it fits your taste, and disregard the pillow’s size.

Where can I buy pillow inserts

You see, having a right-sized pillow insert for your pillow sham would be essential because it will not look good; it will either be too big or too small for the pillow sham of your choice.

Regardless, you want to read on to learn more.


How To Determine The Right Pillow Insert Size?

If you want to determine the appropriate size of inserts to your pillow sham, you want to measure the pillow sham itself.

Use a measuring tape and measure from one side seam to the other.

A pillow insert that is one size larger than the cover will result in a firmer and plumper pillow feel.

The ideal ratio for a filling would be 75% to 90% feathers and 10% to 25% down, giving a decent softness and firmness feel to your pillow.

Yet, it would still depend on you as some people would find it too soft for their liking.

Moreover, fillings are not only limited to feathers; if you are allergic, you can choose polyester or memory foam,

Zippers can break if the inserts inside your pillow sham are too thick, which use much pressure when inserted.

You see, some pillow shams are delicate repair would be challenging when damaged.


It can be quite a challenge

With lots of manufacturers producing pillow inserts, the amounts of fill and the type will also differ.

It will not only give you a hard time choosing which is best for you, but some manufacturers would also sell half-full pillow inserts. Which is a bummer, for sure.

But don’t worry, because I am here to help! Having a perfect pillow insert will help you improve your sleep and comfort.

So, where can you buy pillow inserts? Read on!


Where You Can Buy Pillow Inserts

Where can I buy pillow inserts? Here are the 4 amazing shops you can look at:


#1. Crate and barrel

The manufacturer produces pillow inserts made from polyester fiberfill, perfect for those who have allergies to feathers.

The inserts are available in different shapes and sizes, ranging from 12” to 36” to decorate your bed, couch, armchair, or bench.


#2. Restoration hardware

Their pillow inserts come with 100% cotton twill cover, filled with 95% feather and 5% down fill.

The insert will give your pillow shams life and beauty as you decorate your interior with it.


#3. Pottery barn

The pillow inserts are filled with synthetic polyester and covered with a smooth cotton cover.

Available in different sizes and shapes, you can use their pillow inserts for your throw pillows, decorative pillows, or for sleeping.


#4. Wholesale pillow inserts

Their pillow inserts are hypoallergenic, filled with soft polyester fiber for more fill power.


#5. Utopia bedding gusseted pillow

The polycotton pillow inserts, filled with poly fiber filling, are perfect for side, stomach, and back sleepers.

These five shops are what you want to look for when buying pillow inserts.

The shops provide a variety of options in size, shape, and fill. I decided to choose my top 5 since people have different preferences.

Fill and size are the factors you want to consider to achieve the desired feel you want for your pillow.

Feathers and polyesters are the type of pillow fillings you can choose.

Now, what size insert should you get from these shops?


Size matter

As I suggested earlier when buying a pillow insert, purchase a 2x more oversized insert to put in your pillow cover.

It will ensure your pillow to be fluffy and firm.


  • Smaller pillows (18×18) and lumbar would work better with pillow inserts 1″ larger than their size
  • Extra dense inserts, which are seldom preferred, might not be thick enough for your liking, so it would be best to purchase inserts that are the same size as the cover
  • More oversized pillows (24×24 and larger) would work better with inserts that measure around 3″ to 4″ larger than the pillow cover you will be using


What Feather/Down Ratio Should You Choose?

Choosing the right feather/down ratio depend on what you want your pillow to feel.

Some buyers would purchase pillow insert with a higher percentage of down, which sometimes can be too soft and unsupportive.

If you’re looking for a decorative pillow, 10%-25% down and 75%-90% feathers are the preferred ratio.

But if you have another in mind on how you will use the pillow, check the list of ratio to know what would fit your taste:


For a good night sleep

I recommend the 50% feather / 50% down (50/50) ratio for your inserts. It’s soft and lightweight; it won’t give you much support.

But it is comfortable and not recommended for decorative pillows as it will require you constant fluffing to prevent the pillow from looking flat.

So, better use if for sleeping.

The best option for throw pillows

75% feather / 25% down (75/25) ratio comes with a higher price range due to a higher percentage of down.

This insert is softer than pillows 90/10 feather and down ratio.


For your decorative pillows

90% feather / 10% down (90/10) are firm but still flexible; inserts with this ratio are softer than pillows with 95/5 inserts but firmer than 75/25 inserts.


For your eyes only

95% feather / 5% down (95/5) has the highest firm density but the lowest priced option for pillow inserts.

The pillow can be too stiff and prickly because of the high percentage of the feather.

Best used as a decoration or for people who prefer firm pillows.


Let’s Wrap Up!

Pillows are essential. So, buying a pillow insert that you find perfect for your sleep or as decoration would create a big difference in your pillow’s appearance and feel.

That is why this article “Where can I buy pillow inserts?” was made to help you search for the best pillow inserts available on the market.

Moreover, we all have our preferences, so having more options to cater to our wants will surely help a lot!

Nevertheless, thank you for reading this article, and I hope you check every store that I suggested.