Where Can I Buy Air Conditioner Coil Cleaner? 4 Best Places To Try!

Do you ask yourself, “Where can I buy air conditioner coil cleaner?” Well, there are about blank stores or brands you can buy this solution. And you should always consider the quality of a specific product you are going to buy.

The quality always affects the equipment, such as your AC, where you’re going to apply or spray it. For example, poor-quality coil cleaners might not dissolve molds or clear up dirt particles in your AC components.

Where can I buy air conditioner coil cleaner

What’s worse is that the artificial chemicals might make the coils rust or turn them into something less usable. But have no fear; we’ve got you covered. So, stay tuned!


What Is A Coil Cleaner?

A coil cleaner is a solution used to clean your air conditioner units, particularly tight and hard-to-reach areas. It could also save you much time in cleaning coils and fins.

They are also very essential if you have growing molds in your unit. You can spray it to the particular areas and leave it for a couple of minutes.

And voila! You freed your unit and your home from molds and dust particles in a short period. It’s like magic, but it all depends on how efficient and reliable the chemicals used in that product are.


Establishments That Sells Various Brands Of Coil Cleaners

Choose a cleaner that is easy for you to use. And by the amount you need, these cleaners either come in a spray can or 1–gallon jug. Also, some of the solutions form foam, but some look like water.

There are particular ways to make this process easier. And the number one way is to consult an air conditioner expert or technician. They can advise what brand of coil cleaner works the best or what is suited for your AC.

We should now tackle the stores and brands that answer your question, “Where can I buy air conditioner coil cleaner?”


Store #1. Hardware stores

This store is the most common establishment where you can find various types and brands of coil cleaners. And you can also find other home supplies here! It sells all the basic stuff and stuff that you don’t realize you need.

However, this store will provide you a lot of different brands of coil cleaners. And you will have a hard time thinking of what’s the best among them. So here are some of the best brands of coil cleaners in the market.


Brand #1. Nu-Calgon

You can leave your air conditioner after spraying with this without even rinsing. This foam evaporator coil cleaner rapidly dissolves dirt and grime, making your coils hygienic and efficient. However, its price could be higher than others.


Brand #2. WEB

This brand designs its product to have a 360-degree nozzle, which allows you to spray any areas in various directions. And it does not release any toxic odor whenever you sprinkle it. Plus, one bottle can cover your entire unit.

Always double-check before purchasing it because some customers gave a bad review because the can does not spray.


Brand #3. Frost king

It can remove dirt and grease from your coils effortlessly. Plus, it’s affordable and has a self-rinsing solution.

The price of Nu-Calgon is about three times the price of this product. But they have the same effect on your AC coils.


Brand #4. ComStar

You can stick to this brand if your AC doesn’t have molds or any dirt that is hard to remove. However, unlike Nu-Calgon and Frost King, this brand could not function efficiently, but it’s budget-friendly and is not toxic to your home.


Store #2. Online shops

You can find anything you need online these days, specifically the perfect coil cleaner for your AC.

When purchasing online, there are several variables to consider. One of these is the reliability of the shop or seller. So, always check the customer reviews.

You might also pay a higher amount because you have a shipping fee. And everything in your transaction can go wrong, such as the delivery, scammer seller, malfunctioning spray, and many more.


Store #3. Appliance store and services

You can find this store anywhere such as the malls, on the side of the road, or the downtown. However, some of them rarely sell coil cleaners because you can mostly find appliances here.

But you can find many AC professionals here. So, you can ask them for advice regarding the type and brand of coil cleaner suited for your AC. They might be a huge help.

And since you can find different brands of ACs here, you can also ask if the type and brand of AC matters in buying coil cleaners. Or you can ask if what’s does your AC brand prefers for coil cleaners.


Store #4. Air conditioning repair services

Unlike hardware stores, you don’t mostly find this anywhere, but they can help you the most. Of course, you also have the option to bring your AC in their place and let the professionals work.

They also sell coil cleaners, specifically the brand that the repair services use. And you can use this as a reference to use for your AC unit.


Wrapping Up

And this part is where the article, “Where can I buy air conditioner coil cleaner,” ends.

Note that it’s essential to consider the type and brand of cleaner you’re going to buy. And also research about what those products can offer.

Cleaning your AC will become much effortless with this product, so we should use it wisely to have better AC and excellent air quality. Have a nice day!

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