Where Can I Buy A Mattress Bag? Best Buying Guide

If you wonder where can I buy a mattress bag, you have two main options in the market. We will also talk about what to expect from these sources and how you can make the most of your purchase. But why bother buying a mattress bag?

Whether you’re only carrying your bed at a short distance or you’re shipping it to another location, nothing beats the protection offered by mattress bags. Sure, you can use plastic and tape to wrap your mattress, but it’s not as secured and easy to use. All you need to do is find the right size for your bed, and you’re covered, literally. 


Where Can You Buy A Mattress Bag?


Home improvement stores

You can assume that you can find various mattress bags and covers in home improvement stores like Lowe’s Home Improvement and The Home Depot. UBoxes also have different mattress bags and mattress box kits, which isn’t surprising since it’s known for moving and packing supplies. 

If you don’t have these stores near you, you can ask around any home improvement shops or moving supply stores for a mattress bag. It should be easy to find the right size for your bed, but make sure that the dimensions match. You also want to consider if you want a traditional plastic mattress bag or a fabric cover, depending on how you’ll store or move your mattress. 


Online retailers

Being a large e-commerce platform, Amazon has a wide variety of mattress bag brands to choose from. If you have a specific company in mind, you can search for it and check if they will ship to your location. Other online stores should also offer mattress bags and covers, convenient if you can’t visit a shop yourself. 

However, the emphasis is necessary on double-checking the dimensions and features of the mattress bag you selected. While most brands follow the standard sizes, they might have a deviation in the measurement, or your mattress may require a particular size. A useful tip is to select a company with excellent customer service, so you can feel secure with what you’re buying or needing to replace if you chose the wrong product. 


Does Walmart Sell Mattress Bags?

If you have a Walmart near you, they also offer an array of mattress bags. You can use their website to refine your product search according to size, height, and material. For specific products, Walmart even offers free shipping.


Does Target Sell Mattress Bags?

Target sells mattress bags ranging in prices to suit every customer. You’ll find zippered mattress storage bags, washable mattress protectors, and even covers that protect the mattress from temperature. However, most of the products are protectors and not dedicated storage or moving mattress bags. 


Why Do You Need A Mattress Bag?

Mattress bags are easy to find, and you can get the exact product for your bed because of the variety in the market. But why do we need to get a dedicated mattress bag for moving or storage? If you know the main benefits of using a mattress bag, you can select the right product to buy. 


Protects against damages

When we’re moving a mattress to a different location, it risks getting ripped and torn, regardless of the distance. It can get poked or ripped at the stairs, furniture, or even during the shipping. You don’t want to deform the mattress because it ruins the supportive and comfortable structure. 


Protects against dust and bugs

The mattress bag should keep dust and bugs from accumulating on your bed. You can keep your bed in your storage unit without worrying about dust settling on the nooks and crannies. The mattress bag will also keep bed bugs out since it is sealed well. 


Protects against odors

Finally, you can keep your mattress smelling fresh with a mattress bag. The cover will prevent the material from absorbing the smell in the storage area or during travel. Say goodbye to musty smells!


How Do You Cover A Mattress For Storage?

Start by removing everything from your mattress and then clean it. Once it is refreshed and dry, stand it by a wall and place the mattress bag at the top. Slide the cover downward and zip the opening close. 

You can reinforce the mattress bag with tape if needed and select a controlled room for storage. It shouldn’t have fluctuating temperature and humidity, so avoid basements and garages. The ideal orientation is to lay the mattress flat without any items over it, but you can roll it if you have no space. 

Experts also recommend letting your stored mattress breathe every six months to prevent odors and to maintain the material’s integrity. 



There are many benefits of using a mattress bag when moving or storing your bed. But if you’re curious where can I buy a mattress bag, it should be easy to find in home improvement stores and online retailers. You can visit the shops themselves or have the product shipped for convenience. 

However, always check if the bag size and material are suitable for your mattress and intended usage. The size should cover your bed securely, and the material is ideal for moving or storing. Once you’ve checked these factors, follow our usage guide above, and your mattress is ready!