Where Can I Buy A Feather Pillow. Read this First

If someone asks where can I buy a feather pillow, you can lead them to Amazon. It’s not surprising that this large e-commerce platform offers various pillow types, such as those made with feathers. However, you must also know what qualities to look for in a feather pillow to get the best one in the market.

The charm of feather pillows is in their overall feel. They are noticeably soft and breathable compared to other pillows. You can even make a feather pillow yourself if you want something more customized. 


Where Can I Find Feather Pillows

As one can expect, you should easily buy feather pillows from Amazon. The e-commerce platform offers various feather pillows, and some even have down in their materials. Remember that both down and feather are recommended by experts because the resulting pillow is uniquely soft yet still supportive. 

A popular feather pillow in the market is the JA Comforts goose feather down pillow. It comes with a 90-day trial, and you can choose from standard and queen sizes. You can even use a machine to wash and dry it, and both side and back sleepers can use it comfortably. 

If you have more budget, you can try the Malouf Z TripleLayer down pillow. It uses 90% feather and down layers and comes with a 3-year warranty. While it is more costly than other pillows, you’ll notice how soft and breathable it is, and you can use it for all sleeping positions. 


Who Should Use A Feather Pillow?

The form of feather pillows is ideal for back and side sleepers. The softness is also suitable for those who like cuddling their pillows, and you can easily mold it to your position. More so, feather pillows are breathable for hot sleepers and those in sweltering climates. 

Who shouldn’t use a feather pillow? Consider other materials if you sleep on your stomach because the loft won’t be supportive of proper spine posture. Some people are also allergic to feathers and the odor, so it’s better to choose hypoallergenic options like bamboo and cotton. 


What Is The Best Feather Pillow?

When choosing a feather pillow, you want to check its overall structure. You can expect the feather pillows in the market to be lightweight, depending on their materials. And speaking of which, the fill can affect the softness and moldability of the feather pillow. 

Check if you want to reform the pillow’s loft and if it’s soft enough to be comfortable and supportive for your sleeping position. You also need to check the feather pillow label if you’ll find it convenient to clean it correctly since this can dictate the pillow’s longevity. And finally, the pricepoint should be achievable for you without sacrificing the pillow’s quality. 


What Feather Down Ratio Should You Choose?

When looking for feather pillows, some brands offer a combination of down and feather. You can assume that having a higher percentage of down will feel more luxurious and pricier. However, you don’t want to get it too high because the pillow will lose support. 

A good ratio is 25 to 10% down and 90 to 75% feathers if you want something not too firm nor soft. If you choose a 50:50 ratio, you’ll get a lightweight pillow with soft density. However, you could get increase the feather ratio if you require more support. 

A 95% feather pillow is affordable and will feel firm. However, it might be too stiff for some sleepers, and the quills might feel uncomfortable as they poke through the pillow. You can consider 10% down or 25% down if you want flexibility and support without sacrificing firmness or softness. 


Are There Laws That Protect Animal Welfare In The Feather Industry?

According to the American Down and Feather Council, the food and agriculture industry has animal welfare laws, and even the suppliers of feathers and down abide by these rules. You can check if your feather pillow’s producer is a member of industry organizations that support humane practices. 

The European Convention for the Protection of Animals Kept for Farming Purposes also ensures that feather harvesting is only during the molting season. This is a humane method of feather and down collection because molting is when birds naturally change their feathers. You only need to gather the fallen down and feathers or gently comb down the loose ones. 


What Can I Use As Feather Alternative?

If you’re allergic to feathers, there are other materials that you can try out. For example, some sleepers use cotton and polyester fibers since they provide the same feel as feather pillows. High-quality fibers are as soft and fluffy as feather pillows without the risk of allergies, and they even come at a lower price point. 



When it comes to durability and softness, feather pillows will always get a high rank among other pillow types. But where can I buy a feather pillow? You can find various kinds on Amazon, ranging from budget-friendly to luxurious price points. 

Choosing the best feather pillow will depend on your priority characteristics and budget. You can always check the overall quality, comfort, and support that the feather pillow offers and if it is within your budget. You can also consider getting feather pillows with down for a softer and breathable feel.