Where Are Casablanca Wedding Dresses Made

The answer to where are Casablanca wedding dresses made is at their own manufacturing facility. We will also discuss where Casablanca gowns have their headquarters. 

And if you’re interested in a Casablanca bridal gown, you will find out below where you can buy it and the expected price for the gowns. And speaking of a designer bridal gown, feel free to browse our blog to where to buy, how much, or where some wedding gown designers made their dresses.

where are casablanca wedding dresses made

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Exactly Where Are Casablanca Wedding Dresses Made

Casablanca wedding dresses come from Casablanca Bridal’s manufacturing facility. Unfortunately, their website mentions no specific address, but you can try reading about their location in Newport Beach, California. 

According to them, a Casablanca gown differs from others because Casablanca’s own plant manufactures it. They don’t subcontract their dresses to different plants, and their own facility can produce Haute couture-quality at a reasonable price. 

Because they privately own their factory, they can design and manufacture wedding dresses according to consistent standards. Therefore, you can feel confident that your Casablanca-made wedding gown does not come from mass production. 


Where is Casablanca Bridal’s headquarters?

The private company of Casablanca Bridal is located in Anaheim, California. According to their LinkedIn profile, the office includes their warehouse with a shipping department, customer service department, marketing and sales, and accounting. 

Casablanca Bridal also has independent sales representatives worldwide. Furthermore, they have a faith-based nonprofit organization affiliate, Celebrate Forever. 


Who Owns Casablanca Bridal?

Casablanca Bridal was established in 1997 by Kevin and Gloria Lu. They have more than a thousand domestic and 80 international retail partners where you can purchase a Casablanca wedding dress. 

Their wedding dresses are handmade and hand-beaded using the best quality fabrics, beads, and laces. The bride can also enjoy her dream dress as she can customize the design. 

And best of all, the wedding dresses from Casablanca Bridal come at a reasonable cost. According to Casablanca, their primary niche is to offer a wedding dress customized to a bride’s needs at competitive costs. 


How Much Is Casablanca Bridal?

If you’re interested in trying wedding gowns from Casablanca Bridal, you can use their store finder. Then, you can contact the nearest authorized retailer in your location so they can assist you and guide you on the prices to expect.

And if you can’t find a specific Casablanca dress among the wedding gowns offered in the retailer near you, Casablanca Bridal can ship it to them. In addition, you can view all of Casablanca’s gowns on their website or ask for a catalog from an official retailer. 


Where To Buy Casablanca Wedding Dresses?

Using their store finder, you can buy Casablanca wedding dresses from an authorized retailer. Note to only purchase a bridal gown from an official boutique or shop to avoid potential inconsistency with the quality or fit of the Casablanca wedding dress. 

Otherwise, buy at your own risk, as the Casablanca gowns offered from an unlisted retailer may not be monitored or manufactured by the designer. Furthermore, all questions regarding the shipping of your custom-made wedding gown should be given to the authorized retailer. 

Note that Casablanca Bridal is only the bridal gown manufacturer and retailer. They work with their retailers but don’t ship or sell the gowns themselves.


Are Casablanca Wedding Gowns Worth It?

Casablanca wedding dresses are worth it because they are produced from the designer’s private plant. Therefore, the quality is consistent, and the materials used are monitored. 

Furthermore, the various bridal styles from Casablanca are exciting and will suit all kinds of brides. The gowns are described as feminine romance, modern sophisticate, timeless classic, vintage sensation, country essence, rustic boheme, and notably nostalgic. 

The wedding dress silhouettes also come in A-line, fit and flare, mermaid, sheath, short, ball gown, baby doll, and trumpet. Then, you can choose the neckline, waist, and sleeve style to get the most flattering bridal look on your big day. 

Please read what style of wedding dress for my body type to know what silhouette and designs will suit you specifically. 


How Would You Describe A Couture Wedding Dress?

One of the coveted but understandably pricey types of wedding dress is couture. If a wedding designer calls their gowns couture, they are custom-made. 

They feature hand-made or hand-sewn elements and the materials used are luxurious, expensive, or of the best quality. What makes couture bridal gowns the dream of most brides is that they are designed and made exclusively for them compared to cheaper mass-produced wedding dresses. 


What Does Off-The-Rack Bridal Mean?

Different bridal boutiques vary in describing off-the-rack wedding dresses. This means that you can purchase ready-made clothing “off the rack”, or it’s an aisle-ready piece. 

Overall, you’ll buy the exact dress you try as it’s ready for purchase. Some pieces are also discounted because they refer to sample designs. 



And that’s it! You just learned where are Casablanca wedding dresses made, which is from their own manufacturing plant.

But compared to other wedding dress designers, Casablanca sells through their authorized retailers. So if you want to browse and find Casablanca wedding gowns, use their store locator and contact the nearest one to your location. 

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