When To Wax Before Wedding: Dos And Don’ts

You can consider two days when unsure when to wax before wedding. It’s essential that you time it correctly, so your skin looks the best during the wedding. 

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when to wax before wedding


When To Get Waxed Before Wedding


If you have waxed before

You can get a waxing appointment two to three days before the wedding. However, this is only recommended if you have done waxing before. 


If you used other hair removal methods

If you’ve been doing other hair removal methods like shaving, you want to wax ten days before the wedding since your hair needs to adapt to the waxing cycle. You might get uneven hair growth on your first session, so you’ll need another appointment two days before the wedding. 


If you have never waxed before

What if you’ve never tried other hair removal methods ever? You want to try waxing first if your skin will react nicely to it.

Book a waxing trial appointment a month before the wedding to see if you’ll get the results you want. Then, you can nourish and rehydrate your skin for waxing two days before the wedding to get smooth skin throughout your honeymoon. 


How to prepare for a wax before the wedding

Make sure that your body hair is about ¼ inches long because anything shorter makes the wax ineffective in adhering to the hairs. You also want to exfoliate your skin the day before the waxing appointment. 

This will ensure that you’ll get the best waxing results as exfoliating removes the dead skin cells around your hair follicles. As a result, your skin will feel smoother, and you can prevent the chances of ingrown hair. 

A gentle exfoliating scrub should do the trick. Make rotating motions with a washcloth without applying too much pressure. 

Then, prepare your skin further by keeping it moisturized. Ideally, the skin should be moisturized and hydrated well a week before the waxing appointment, then skip moisturizing on the day of the waxing itself. 


What to do after waxing before the wedding?

The waxing salon should teach you the practices you must do or avoid after waxing. But in general, you must avoid sun exposure or even high temperature and sweaty activities like saunas, exercising, steaming, or hot showers. 

You shouldn’t also wear tight clothing for the 24 hours after your waxing appointment. And for the next week, do not scrub the waxed areas to avoid irritation. 

The waxing professional might recommend creams to slow down hair growth, and other products to keep the skin in an optimal condition, such as moisturizers. Then after a week, gently scrub the waxed areas to prevent bumps or ingrown hair


Can I Wax A Week Before Wedding?

You can wax a week before the wedding, and some even recommend this timeline for the arms and legs to get waxed. You may even consider a final facial wax and an eyebrow wax session if you did them months before the wedding. 

The key is not waxing on the day of the wedding itself, especially when it’s your first time. The area will get swollen and tender, and some people might even be sensitive to some waxes. 

If you’re thinking about waxing for the first time, do it three months before the wedding to get used to it. The salon can build you a schedule so the hairs will grow evenly and keep track of when the irritation from waxing subsides. 


When To Get Eyebrows Waxed Before Wedding

Schedule an eyebrow waxing appointment two months before the wedding if it’s your first time. This will ensure that you’ll get the eyebrow shape you want before the wedding, and you have time to adjust if it’s not what you want. 

You don’t need to wear those brows at the wedding in case of errors. Then, get a final eyebrow sculping session a week before the wedding. 

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When Should I Wax My Armpits Before My Wedding?

It’s best to build a schedule and start waxing your armpits six months before the wedding. This will address the different hair growth cycles, and your skin will also get used to the waxing. 

As you wax for a long time, you’ll notice that you’ll have longer waiting times before the hairs grow long. The hair tips will also be thinner and softer, and some people can take four to six weeks before needing a new waxing session. 


What Is A Honeymoon Wax?

Some waxing salons offer couples a special wax treatment package before their wedding or honeymoon. It can be a single price for the bride and groom or different body parts for the groom and bride at different prices. 



And that’s it! We just found out when to wax before wedding, where it will depend if it’s your first time or you’ve done it before.

First-timers must wax months before the wedding to establish an equal growth cycle for their hairs. Then, you can get an appointment two to three days before the wedding when you’re regularly waxing. 

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