When To Wash Hair Before Wedding

If you’re unsure when to wash hair before wedding, do it the night before. We will discuss why this is the best time to do so in more detail. 

You may also like to know how to style box braids for a wedding. It would be helpful if you have thick hair or just want something unique other than a classic bridal updo. 

when to wash hair before wedding


When Should You Wash Your Hair Before A Wedding?


Clean hair

The best time to wash your hair for a wedding is the night before. This way, your hairstylist won’t be working with hair that might be full of grime and dirt. 


Manageable texture

The products and the hairstyle itself should adhere effectively. And since your stylist won’t be working with freshly washed hair, it would still have some texture, which is ideal for a hairdo. 

If the hair has dried naturally and is still clean, it’s more manageable to style. You will also have a healthy sheen, and your waves will be more defined. 


Better time management

Finally, another reason why washing your hair on the night before the wedding is optimal is it saves you time on preparation on the morning of the wedding. Here is how long wedding hair and makeup take to plan your schedule for the next day. 


Should I Wash My Hair Before Wedding Day?

Some brides swear on not needing to wash the hair before the wedding day because they find that slightly dirty hair has a better texture. However, skipping cleaning your hair and going with hair that’s not washed a day or night before the wedding means that it will also be grimy.

It won’t be easy to style, and it might even weigh down the hairdo. However, wash your hair the night before the wedding and not before you walk down the aisle. 

Freshly shampooed hair tends to feel dry, which is also unmanageable to style. In addition, it won’t hold the waves, and it will also be too slippery for bridal hair accessories. 

Wash your hair the night before the wedding and then the next day, brush it well to distribute the natural oils from your scalp through your hair. Your hairstylist will usually use various products such as a hair mousse to improve volume and texture. 


How Should I Prepare My Hair For My Wedding?


12 months before the wedding

A year before the wedding, visit your trusted hairdresser and discuss how to condition your hair. Perhaps you want to get trimmed regularly, or you want a specific color for the wedding day. 

It might seem too early, but preparing your hair will have it in optimum condition hassle-free. This will also allow you to change decisions in case you don’t like the resulting haircut or color. 

You’ll have enough time to change and adjust before the wedding day. And while waiting, spend the months including hair-friendly diets to your regimen. 

It would be best if you improve your hair health with essential fatty acids, or you may even take a vitamin supplement to support your hair, skin, and nails to look the best at your wedding. But of course, consult your doctor regarding their recommendations. 


6 months before the wedding

Six months before the wedding, you can create a plan with your hairdresser. You have probably decided on the length and color you truly want for your wedding day during this time. 

You may need to get your hair started on a treatment schedule, usually monthly. And regardless of whether it’s a preparation for a wedding or not, do not overexpose your hair to heat, sun, chlorine, or saltwater. 


3 months to a month before the wedding

Some brides understandably get stressed as their wedding day approaches. As a result, you might be noticing signs of stress on your hair, so you may need to increase your hair treatments.  

Your hairdresser should give you tips on caring for and styling your specific hair type. However, you don’t want to cause damage to it because of some practices and products. 


1 week to several days before the wedding

On the week before the wedding, your hair should be ready, meaning it’s on the length and color you want. Before the wedding, use shampoo and conditioner to clean and reveal a softer texture. 

Allow your hair to dry naturally and avoid heat products, making it more workable on the big day. 


How Can I Make My Wedding Hair Last All Day?

Your wedding hairstylist will know the best products and techniques to have your bridal hair last all day, with minimal touch-ups. But of course, proper preparation, as discussed above, is essential for workable hair. 

The hairstylist will usually use a holding spray before doing the hairdo. Then, volume is added using backcombing with a volumizing product.

For some haircuts, especially when the bride opts to have her hair down than in an updo, the stylist will use a texturizing spray on the hair strands. Finally, you must have good hairspray for your specific hair type to get the best hold.



And that’s it! You just learned the best time on when to wash hair before wedding: the night before the big day. 

This will clean your hair but not strip down its moisture. As a result, it will be ideal for styling and holding the hairdo and accessories. 


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