When To Start Growing Easter Lilies In Greenhouse

If you’re not sure when to start growing Easter lilies in the greenhouse, you can do it very early in spring or fall. Easter lilies or trumpet lilies are one of the most sought-after perennial plants because of their gorgeous flowers. From the name itself, it blooms at Easter and even from June to July. 

It thrives well in zones 4 to 8, and using a greenhouse will ensure that you’ll maintain the optimal environment for your lilies. Like other perennials, you can even start them in the greenhouse so your plants will be strong enough before transferring them to the garden.

When To Start Growing Easter Lilies In Greenhouse

When To Start Growing Easter Lilies In Greenhouse And How To Do It Correctly

You can start growing Easter lilies in the greenhouse very early in spring or fall. Depending on which you think is suitable for you, you can plant from bulbs or existing potted plants. Let’s start with bulbs since most greenhouses use them for starting Easter lilies


Starting from bulbs

You want to use the same depth the bulb was previously in the pot when you plant it in the greenhouse. Mulch around the roots and cut the leaves and stem that will eventually turn brown. You’ll notice a new growth at the base after this, but leave the plant to grow during the first year. 

You can expect that your Easter lily will turn yellow in the fall when you must cut it at the soil level. Top-dress with fertilizer and mulch for the winter before removing it in spring. Then, fertilize your Easter lilies to encourage growth. 

Do not be discouraged if your plants take time to flower. As mentioned earlier, Easter lilies will bloom from June to July. You might expect to see flowers by Easter, but be patient with your plants and let them establish themselves to set healthy flower buds. 


Starting from potted plants

It’s also a common practice for greenhouse gardeners to use potted plants in the greenhouse to keep them blooming. If you opt for this method, the most common cultivar is Nellie White. So how can you use the greenhouse for potted Easter lilies?

Prolong the life of the blossoms by removing the yellow anthers of the flowers. Maintain the greenhouse at around 65°F at day and cooler at night, and choose a location that is out of direct sunlight but is still bright enough. Remove the dead flowers, and be careful not to overwater them. 

You can also do this practice if you want to move your plants outside later on. Be careful not to transfer the plants if there is still frost to prevent any damages. Afterward, choose an area with full sun and well-draining cool soil.


Transplanting Easter Lilies

A typical reason why gardeners grow Easter lilies in the greenhouse is for transplanting outdoors later on. If you start the plants indoors, you’ll end up with stronger Easter lilies that can withstand the more unpredictable outdoor conditions. So how does one transplants Easter lilies successfully? 

Over time, you have to clip the flower stem near the base when you notice that all of the blossoms have faded. This is a good sign that it’s time to transplant the lilies outdoors. Choose an area that receives full sun and make sure that the plants have enough to grow as Easter lilies get tall.

You can choose any soil as long as it is not heavy clay for transplanting, but remember to improve its drainage and nutrient quality before planting. More than the height, Easter lily plants must also have enough space for their roots, so dig a wide and deep planting hole. Adequate spacing for transplants is at least 12 inches among each other. 

Another common practice for Easter lilies is using the bulb after the plants finished blooming. The bulbs are useful for outdoor planting once the soil is workable. Remove the old flowers and wait until fall to cut back the stem. 


Do Easter Lilies Bloom Yearly?

You can expect that the plants you forced to bloom in the greenhouse during March will also bloom again in the summer season. Afterward, the Easter lilies will return in June to July. The fact that Easter lilies will still be useful even after Easter is what makes them a favorite among gardeners. 

Easter lilies are meant to bloom only once a year, but it’s possible to rebloom them to maintain the ideal conditions. Using a greenhouse will ensure this, and with reasonable care, you can enjoy the reblooming of Easter lilies. Remember that they will need to store enough energy in the flower bulb to be able to rebloom. 

Therefore, expect that the plants that you transferred outdoors will only rebloom next year.



Easter lilies are not only beautiful in Easter, so why not jump in the trend and cultivate these gorgeous flowers yourself. With the help of indoor gardening, you must know when to start growing Easter lilies in a greenhouse to create vigorous plants. The best time to do so is very early in spring or fall. 

Another great thing with Easter lilies in the greenhouse is that even though they are meant to only bloom once, it’s possible to have them rebloom. With proper conditions and planning, your flowers will not be only enticing at Easter. 


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