When To Send Wedding Save The Dates

The answer to when to send wedding save the dates is a year before your intended wedding day. And if you’re curious how early is too early or if it’s even necessary to send them, continue reading this complete guide regarding save-the-dates. 

Since we’re on the topic of sending save-the-dates and invitations, you might also benefit from knowing when should RSVP be due for the wedding. This way, you’ll have the final guest count early and avoid miscommunications with the wedding vendors. 

when to send wedding save the dates


When Should You Send The Wedding Save The Dates?


12 months before the wedding

The ideal time to send out your save-the-dates for the wedding is 12 months before the wedding day itself. Save-the-dates are sent out much earlier than the wedding invitations, so your guests will have an idea about your upcoming wedding. 


6 months before the wedding

This will help them decide if they can come and make the necessary arrangements with their schedule once they receive the wedding invitations with RSVP. And if you’re having a small wedding, you can also send the save-the-dates six months before the event. 


8 months before the wedding

Another reasonable time to send the wedding save-the-dates is eight months before the wedding because you have probably secured a wedding date and venue during this time. This will prevent misunderstandings if something causes the wedding date and location to change.


Right after the engagement party

Some couples only start sending out their save-the-dates right after the engagement party to secure their guests early. This is especially helpful if your wedding is during the peak season when your guests might also be invited to other events. 


When to send save the dates for destination wedding

While it’s possible to send the save-the-dates for your wedding 6 to 8 months before the wedding, you must send them much earlier, at 9 to 12 months before the wedding, if it’s going to be a destination wedding. Since the wedding will require guests to take a long trip and book accommodations, they must be notified about your wedding and where it will be for at least a year before it. 

This way, they can plan the travel and accommodation arrangements and ensure that they’ll arrive at the location on your wedding day. By sending the save-the-dates early, you can also send the destination wedding invitation six months in advance, and your guests won’t be shocked. 

Here is what to include in a destination wedding invitation to inform your guests. 


How Early Is Too Early For Save-The-Dates?

The earliest time you can send the wedding save-the-dates is a year before the actual wedding. Sending them earlier than that time won’t be ideal because your guests might misplace or even forget about the wedding. 

Furthermore, remember that some wedding elements like the date and venue may change because of unforeseen reasons. Therefore, only send out the save-the-dates 6 to 8 months or 9 to 12 months before the wedding so everything will already be sure. 

Related to the topic, you must also learn how early is too early for wedding invitations. They’ll be sent out after the save-the-dates, so they shouldn’t be given earlier than them. 


Are 2 Years Too Early To Send Save-The-Dates?

Two years is too early to send the save-the-dates because a lot can still change during that period before the wedding day. You don’t want the guests to schedule or book accommodation or a trip, then suddenly tell them that the wedding venue or date has changed.

The wedding might also be postponed, or you have a sudden change in the number of guests and who to invite. So only after you’ve settled the venue, date, and guests of the wedding, then can you send the save-the-dates. 


How Long After Save-The-Dates Do You Send Invites?

The save-the-dates are sent 6 to 12 months before the wedding; then at 2 to 4 months before the wedding, you can send out the more detailed wedding invitations. The save-the-dates have already notified the guests of your desired wedding schedule and venue, so they shouldn’t be surprised about the event and the arrangements they’ll need to attend it. 


Do You Have To Send Save-The-Dates To Everyone?

It’s essential to send the save-the-dates to everyone you want to attend the wedding. Don’t depend on word of mouth as some people might forget about the wedding accidentally. 

Note that if you send someone a save-the-date, it would be distasteful if they suddenly get uninvited. Secure your guest list with your partner to ensure who and how many to invite. 


Is It Okay To Not Send Save-The-Dates?

Small and short weddings may not need save-the-dates. However, it’s essential to send them for bigger weddings with many guests. 


Is It Rude To Send A Save-The-Date And Not An Invitation?

You must send both a save-the-date and wedding invitation because the former notifies the guests, while the latter confirms that the wedding will push through.



And that’s it! To recap when to send wedding save the dates, do it 9 to 12 months before the wedding, especially for a destination wedding. 

It’s also possible to send them 6 to 8 months before the wedding. However, don’t send save-the-dates earlier than a year before the wedding so you can secure the wedding date and venue. 

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