Grow Plants Successfully: When to Plant Lettuce in Texas

Knowing when to plant lettuce in Texas is extremely important if you want to achieve and harvest healthy lettuce. Wherever you are in the Lone Star State, you can easily plant lettuce either in your garden or the greenhouse. Growing one is relatively easy as long as it’s planted in an environment where it’s cool enough.

Gardeners in Texas consider themselves blessed because they can plant their lettuce in two seasons: spring and fall. However, each season requires you to give special care for it to achieve the best results. But if you want to grow it all year long, you can always use a greenhouse and cultivate it there.

Grow Plants Successfully: When to Plant Lettuce in Texas

There are a lot of varieties of lettuce you can plant in Texas. Whether you’re planning on planting red, green, or big round lettuce leaves or small and frilly ones, the only way to achieve the best results is if you grow it in the right environment.

Best Seasons to Plant Lettuce

Lettuce is a type of cold-season crop that is best planted in early spring and fall between the temperatures 60°F to 65°F. The best temperature for the germination of lettuce seeds is 75°F. It’s essential to make sure that the lettuces are planted in the right soil temperatures to make sure that you get to enjoy a healthy harvest.


Planting Lettuce in the Fall

Although lettuce is a cold-season plant, most types do not survive extreme cold.  So, it’s better to start planting your lettuces in late August or early September so you can harvest it sometime in October. Fall in Texas has a temperature of 60°F to 70°F during the day and 45°F and 55°F in during night time which are the ideal temperatures for germinating and growing lettuces.

Aside from that, be sure to know your area’s hardiness zone. This will help you predict when the frosting will start in your area and helps you estimate when you should start planting your lettuces. Too much cold could cause the lettuces to rot, especially if the variant you grew isn’t cold-resistant, so be sure to harvest them before the winter season officially starts.


Winter Lettuce

There are also variants of lettuce that can survive the winter in Texas. With the right care and protection, Texas gardeners can successfully plant lettuces in their gardens. If they have a greenhouse, they can also grow their lettuce inside so they can have full control of the temperature of the environment to produce healthy lettuce.

If you’re planting lettuce in the winter, you also have to make sure to give extra care to it. Plucking out weeds around the plant should be the topmost priority as it can compete with the nutrients that the lettuce badly needs.  Moreover, as the night approaches during the winter, it also helps to cover the lettuces with horticultural fleece to keep the plants warmer.


Spring Lettuce

Planting lettuces in the early spring is also ideal in Texas. This is because the summer heat could start as early as February, and as the heat becomes stronger, it could damage the entirety of the crop. With that, you have to make sure to plant your lettuce as early as possible in spring to enjoy a good harvest by the time the summer heat starts to creep in.

The temperature in Texas during spring ranges between 68°F and 80°F during the day and between 40°F to 50°F when it’s nighttime. This could still be a suitable temperature for lettuce to grow as long as they’re given extra care. Moreover, once the summer heat starts, it’s essential to always make sure that the lettuces are watered regularly to avoid drying and ensure steady growth.


Extra Care Tips for Growing Lettuces

If you want to enjoy maximum yield and high-quality lettuce, there are some tips that you can follow. Here are some of them:


Tip #1: Place them in a shaded area

When temperatures exceed 65°F, you can place a shade over your lettuces, or if they’re in a container, you can transfer them to an area where there is a shade to avoid exposing them in extreme heat.


Tip #2: Make sure that the soil is kept moist

If you’re planting a seedling or transplanting grown lettuce, it’s important to keep the soil moist. Water the soil you’re going to use for planting or transplanting at least 24 hours before. Keep the soil evenly moist at all times to avoid drying, which can damage or kill the lettuce.


Tip #3: Harvest in the morning

When it’s time to harvest your lettuce, do it early in the day. Studies show that lettuce leaves contain twice as many nutrients in the morning than late in the afternoon.


Tip #4: Grow different types of lettuce

Plant different varieties of lettuce. Some can survive extreme heat or cold. By having different varieties, you’ll be sure to enjoy lettuce all year long.


Why Use a Greenhouse for Growing Lettuce and Other Vegetables?

Greenhouses are designed to house almost any type of plant. With one, you can control the environment inside, thus, making sure that your plants will have the ideal temperature and produce high-quality crops. Yes, including lettuces.

Lettuces are very specific when it comes to temperatures. A greenhouse lets you tailor an environment that’s most ideal to the type of lettuce you’re planning to cultivate. With one, you’ll get to control factors like sunlight, ventilation, humidity, heat, and temperature so you won’t have to worry about whether or not it’s the right season to plant your lettuce.


Learn When to Plant Lettuce in Texas to Enjoy High-Quality Crops!

Now that you know when to plant lettuce in Texas, you might be eager to start working on your garden. But before you start, keep in mind that you have to make sure that the temperature outside is ideal for the growth of these plants. If you have a greenhouse, start setting it up to create a temperature that will foster the growth of these plants.

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