When To Get A Spray Tan Before Wedding

If you don’t know when to get a spray tan before wedding, do it two days before the date. This article will also discuss tips regarding having a spray tan on your big day. 

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when to get a spray tan before wedding

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How Many Days Before My Wedding Should I Get A Spray Tan?

It’s best to get a spray tan two days before the wedding day since it gives you some time for touchups if needed. Several showers can also soften the color, which will be the perfect tone for the wedding. 

Getting the tan days before the wedding also allows it to set. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about color transfers which will be very noticeable, especially on a white wedding dress. 

It will even remove any bronzer found in most tanning solutions. 

But before you go through with your spray tan, remember these additional tips:

  • Book a trial tan from your chosen salon several weeks before going through with a spray tan on your wedding day
  • Determine the best color for the tan, the days post-application where it will look best, and the quality of the tan itself regarding color transfer
  • After confirming that you would like a spray tan on your wedding day, prepare your skin 24 hours before the appointment
  • Shave and exfoliate well before the tanning session, so the tint looks perfect, and your skin can hold it longer 
  • Avoid putting other products like lotion and makeup on your skin several hours before the tanning appointment 


What to do after getting a spray tan for a wedding

Since you’ll get a spray tan two days before the wedding date, you must take care of it after the session to ensure that it will look perfect on the wedding day itself. With proper after-care, the tan should fade evenly, and you might even wear it nicely for up to two weeks more. 

  • Do not get the skin wet for 5 hours after the spray tan (e.g., avoid activities that introduce moisture such as sweating from working out and even showering)
  • The showers before the wedding day itself should be cold as hot water can strip the tanning solution 
  • Avoid exfoliating the skin when you got a spray tan before the wedding
  • Keep the skin healthy by moisturizing with an oil-free moisturizer and protecting it from the sun with sunscreen


Should I Fake Tan Before My Wedding?

The decision is entirely on the bride’s personal preference regarding getting a fake tan for her wedding day. If you feel more confident with a tanned skin tone, you can get a fake tan. 

When done right, you can achieve a pretty glow and even skin tone that would help highlight your wedding dress. In addition, tanning can help soften tan lines, add some contouring, and make you look healthier in general, especially if you find your skin too pale. 

However, getting a spray tan before a wedding is not required. Taking care of your skin and communicating well with your makeup artist and hairstylist should be enough to make you look your best. 


How to get the perfect tan for a wedding

  1. Exfoliate and remove body hair a week before the wedding or 24 hours before your tanning session
  2. Stick to one tanning application with a customized color so you won’t look flat 
  3. Use the right tools to achieve an even tan
  4. Multiple sessions are unnecessary for color buildup, but you can self-tan at home in between days for an added boost 
  5. Check for mistakes and necessary touchups
  6. Moisturize on the day of your wedding and have your artist add some bronzer or tinted lotion on the areas that need polishing 


Do Spray Tans Go On Wedding Dresses?

A good quality and color of a spray tan should look great with a wedding dress. If you achieve the correct tone, it can help the wedding dress pop up more, especially for those with a pale complexion. 

However, you must know when to get a spray tan before the wedding so the solution can settle. This will help soften the look and also prevent color transfers on the dress. 

Furthermore, have a test session far from the wedding date itself. This way, you’ll know if you need to get a darker or lighter shade for the tan. 


How Many Days Before An Event Should I Fake Tan?

Get a fake tan two to three days before the event. By having extra days before the occasion, you can have several showers in between to soften and allow the color to develop ultimately.



And that’s it! The answer to when to get a spray tan before wedding is two days before the event. 

By doing so, you can wash off some of the solutions and achieve a more natural tone. This will also help the product to settle and prevent transfers on the dress. 

We hope this tanning guide helps; leave us a question if you have any. 

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