Your Comprehensive Guide on When to do Maternity Pictures

Maternity pictures are a great way to document the beauty and uniqueness of pregnancy. If you’re pregnant, when should you schedule your maternity shoot? We have compiled a list of when many people choose to do their maternity shoot so that you can have some ideas for when you want yours done.

In the last three months of pregnancy, many people choose when to do their maternity shoot because it is when they are most likely showing and when there will be a significant difference between how you look with clothes on vs without them. It’s important not to wait until after baby comes so that your body can have time to recover from giving birth before having a professional photo shoot done.

When to do Maternity Pictures

Depending on when exactly you want your photos taken during this period, we recommend scheduling at least two or three weeks apart from one another as well since women grow at different rates when pregnant and might need more time in between sessions for their bellies to catch up!

Ways To Prepare Office Before Going on Maternity Leave

As the due date approaches, there are several things that you can do to ensure a smooth transition when taking maternity leave. This blog post provides valuable information on preparing an office before going on leave as well as tips for returning after time off.


What is my return-to-work plan?

While it may be difficult to think about what your return plan should entail before actually being pregnant or giving birth, having some kind of outline in place will help minimize stress and maximize the chances of success during this challenging period. There are many factors involved with crafting such a plan; however, by reading through this article you will learn various ways that you can adjust your life upon returning from maternity leave while also maintaining career momentum along the way.

  • Get back into the swing of work
  • Making up for lost time
  • Tips to help it all go smoothly
  • Enjoying your new baby and keeping in touch with colleagues while you’re away.


How do I get started?

When should I begin planning my return to work, exactly? These are two questions that many women also ask themselves before giving birth or going on leave; however, sometimes putting together a plan is easier said than done. There isn’t one universal timeline that works best for everyone because each woman’s situation varies greatly depending upon what type of maternity leave she takes (full vs partial), how long she plans on staying at home with her child following delivery as well as how her employer structures their leave policy.


Here are a few things you can do to help get your mind in the right place before going on maternity leave:

Step 1. Envision what life will look like with a newborn baby. Think about how much time and energy this new little person is likely to require from you, which might make it difficult for you to take phone calls or respond promptly to emails should they come up at work while you’re away; therefore, be sure that everyone who needs critical updates knows when not to expect them from you during this period.

You may even want to consider asking for an out of office reply program such as Boomerang (a Gmail plugin) that automatically sends a response back home after some pre-determined amount of time.

Step 2. If you can, try to get your employer’s support in writing for this leave before it starts so that you have something to show them if they question what is happening or why there are gaps in your response times when emails come up at work while on maternity leave.

Step 3. You may also want to consider asking a colleague who works remotely and has some flexibility with their schedule (and assuming they enjoy their job and don’t mind the extra workload) if they could be responsible for getting back to people should certain issues arise during those first few weeks home with the baby; then let them know about the plan ahead of time so that any questions can be addressed immediately instead of having someone catch wind after several days’ worth of unanswered emails.


How much maternity pay will I get?

Maternity leave is usually paid by your employer for up to 35 weeks at 55% of your average weekly earnings; this amount does not include any vacation pay that you might have accumulated. You should consult with your Human Resources department regarding their specific policies and procedures. The maximum yearly insurable earnings used to calculate these benefits were increased from $39,000 to $50,000 for the 2012 taxation year.


How much water should a pregnant woman drink in summer?

Water intake during pregnancy depends on many factors such as exercise level or climate conditions but a general rule of thumb would be around 32-64 ounces per day (or about two litres). Pregnant women can safely enjoy seafood like sushi in moderation unless they are either allergic or at risk for foodborne illness.


What time of day should babies eat breast milk?

Babies will sleep anywhere from 18-20 hours each day. As long as that means about 12 hour night stretches then this ok for a baby. Babies should be eating every three hours.


Is beer good for pregnant women?

Beer is not considered safe to drink when you’re pregnant because it may contain high levels of alcohol and also pose certain health risks.


How many maternity clothes do you need?

It is not necessary to buy a whole new wardrobe and you should instead choose clothing items that coordinate with your existing wardrobe.


What food can make childbirth less painful?

Cherries, ginger tea, pineapple juice and massage may help reduce pain during labour as well as ease backaches after delivery. Some women also find comfort in wearing supportive garments such as maternity bands or girdles. These are available at most pharmacies or online retailers like Amazon Maternity Clothing.


It is not necessary to buy a whole new wardrobe and you should instead choose clothing items that coordinate with your existing wardrobe.

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