When To Cut The Cake At A Wedding

The answer to when to cut the cake at a wedding is after dinner, but we will also talk about the practice back then where cake cutting signifies the end of the celebration. We will also discuss some other facts regarding this tradition. 

Are you also curious about who cuts the cake at a wedding? Read the separate article about it and know the proper way to cut the wedding cake.

when to cut the cake at a wedding


How To Know When To Cut The Cake At A Wedding


At the end of the reception

Traditionally, the cake is cut at the end of the wedding celebration. This is also why it indicates that the wedding party is over. 

Back in the day, wedding parties didn’t last as long, and you could even use the cake cutting as a signal that it’s okay to go home without seeming disrespectful. Cake cutting is also helpful for guests who can’t stay longer, such as older guests, and it should still be socially acceptable for them to go without any pressure. 

However, it’s worth noting that nowadays, wedding parties differ in how the program flows at the reception. You don’t want to noticeably leave when the couple slices their cake, especially if the party is only about to start. 


After dinner

The most common time to cut the cake at a wedding is after dinner. This is because the cake is often treated as the dessert for the meal and some weddings don’t offer other types of sweets. 

Furthermore, slicing the cake after dinner will also provide pictures since the wedding photographer or videographer will be there already. Just make sure to talk to the caterer regarding the top tier if you want to follow the tradition.

But why do you save the top tier of the wedding cake? Read more about this tradition and decide if it’s something worth following or breaking.  


Do You Cut The Cake Before Or After Dinner?

The wedding cake is usually cut after dinner, and it’s even considered the last “event” for the evening. It happens before the party or dancing, which allows some guests to take it as a cue that it’s okay to leave.

You also don’t need to immediately serve the cake after dinner as the guests are still full. However, it can be treated as a source of energy right before they start dancing. 

Nonetheless, couples can still cut the cake before dinner because it ensures that all the guests will be there. For this instance, you will slice the cake after your grand exit and right before speeches. 


Is The Wedding Cake Cut Before Or After The Speech?

You can cut the wedding cake before the speeches, but it’s more common to do it after the speeches. This way, you have everyone’s attention, and the speeches usually happen between courses anyway. 

Once the maid of honor and best man finished their speeches, it’s much easier to bring everyone’s attention to slice the cake. You can also cut the cake much later and closer to the end of the dinner after the final speech, usually done by the couple to thank their guests for coming. 


Which Time Is Best For Cake Cutting?

There is no right or wrong time for cake cutting, but the best time would be after dinner. Some guests might be unable to stay the whole night, and they’re trying to find a polite time to exit. 

The cake cutting can signal these guests that going home is okay. The cake will also serve as a dessert for the guests before the dancing starts. 


What Comes First Toast Or Cake Cutting?

The toasts usually happen before cake cutting as it’s often included during dinner or after dinner. You can invite the speaker to take the stage to toast at the end of the meal. 

However, it’s also possible to make the toast before cake cutting as it ensures that you’ll get all the guests’ attention. You can even have the toast after the first course. 


How Do You Introduce The Cake Cutting At A Wedding?

After dinner, the cake cutting will be announced to the guests by the MC. This will get their attention for the celebration, and the staff can also begin cutting the cake to serve it after the guests finish their dinner for dessert. 

The DJ will also play a specific tune you selected for this part of the program. Afterward, the MC can announce that it’s time to dance and party. 


What Is The Tradition Of Cutting A Wedding Cake?

The cake cutting at a wedding symbolizes the bride breaking through her womanhood. But nowadays, cake cutting is a tradition representing the couple’s first activity as a couple. 

Depending on what they agree with, the couple can feed each other cake or smash it on each other’s faces. The former is seen as more endearing, while the latter should still be acceptable for couples with a sense of humor. 



And that’s it! We just found out when to cut the cake at a wedding, which can be after dinner or at the end of the celebration. 

It is usually done before the dancing, so some guests can go home if they need to. But, overall, you want to do the cake cutting when you have the guests’ attention. 


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