When To Buy Wedding Bands: The Best Time

If you’re unsure when to buy wedding bands, do it after the engagement. You will also know how early you can buy your wedding rings and the expected waiting period until they come in. 

But if you don’t want to buy and prefer to be more involved, you can also check out how to make a wedding ring. It’s possible to make the ring with easy-to-find materials. 

when to buy wedding bands


When Should You Buy Wedding Bands?

The best time to buy wedding bands is after the engagement. However, some also recommend getting the wedding bands before the engagement, so the remaining time after the engagement can be dedicated to wedding planning. 

Getting the wedding band early can also help keep the couple excited as they’re preparing for the wedding. Furthermore, the last thing you want is not to have the wedding bands ready as the wedding day gets closer.

Other duties to fulfill before the wedding will be another cause of stress if there are issues with the wedding bands. Don’t forget that they are essential as part of the ceremony, so getting the wedding rings should be at the top of the list when you’re about to get married. 


How Far In Advance Should You Buy Wedding Bands?

You can buy the wedding bands as early as four months before the wedding. This is ideal than finding wedding rings just one month before the wedding where a lot can happen. 

There might be potential issues with your chosen wedding bands, or you might encounter other problems related to the wedding. Here are the different reasons why you must buy the wedding bands early:


It might be wedding season

You might be having your wedding during peak season, making it extra hard to purchase everything related to the wedding because of the high demand. If you prefer something specific, it’s likely to be unavailable because other couples might’ve bought the wedding bands before you.  


Your desired wedding band style is out of stock 

Regardless of whether it’s peak season or not, some wedding bands take time to be manufactured. Ordering wedding bands early will allow for waiting time, so you’ll get your dream rings without settling for something you don’t want because the wedding is near and you need the wedding bands. 


You need the wedding band customized

Time is the most influential reason it’s best to buy wedding bands early. You might be having the rings customized from sentimental materials, or you’re getting them engraved. 


You need time to test the bands

Buying wedding bands early also means you can test them as soon as possible. This way, you can have them modified or exchanged if the design or size is not ideal. 

Speaking of size, learn how a wedding ring should fit to ensure that it will be comfortable and look good when worn. 


Your wedding budget will be used up

Remember that there are many expenses for a wedding. If you buy your wedding bands late, you might need to compromise because your budget is already used up. 


Who Is Supposed To Buy The Wedding Bands?

Traditionally, the wedding band is bought by each person to give to the other person. This means that the bride or her family will buy the groom’s ring, and the groom or groom’s family will buy the bride’s ring.

But nowadays, it’s also possible for only one person or family to pay for both bands. Furthermore, another option is to shop as a couple to help with the budget as you combine your money while also ensuring that you’ll get something that each person likes. 

You can know more about the expectations of who buys the wedding bands or who buys the man’s wedding ring with our separate discussions. 


Is It Okay To Buy Cheap Wedding Rings?

It’s okay to buy cheap wedding rings as long as you’ll still get value for money. However, remember that it will cost more in the long run if your wedding rings need to be replaced often. 

Invest in durable wedding rings because they’ll take time to be damaged or worn out. After all, wedding rings are not supposed to be replaced or removed easily. 

Do you prefer gold for your wedding rings? Read what karat gold is best for wedding rings to help you find the best one according to budget and expectations. 


How Long Do Wedding Bands Take To Come In?

After ordering, you can have your wedding bands, depending on the specific rings you ordered. In general, you can get them after five days to a week, but some may take longer to come in, especially when the bands are personalized or custom-made. 

It’s ideal for shopping for wedding bands months before the wedding, where two months would be the closest you can get. This gives you enough time to try the wedding rings and then send them back if needed. 



And that’s it! We just learned when to buy wedding bands, which can be after the engagement or as early as three months before the wedding. 

Doing so ensures that you’ll get the ring you want, especially if it’s peak season or you have it custom-made. You can also test the bands and return them if they need modifications. 

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