When To Buy Maternity Clothes? A Must Read for Mom’s

When to buy maternity clothes? As soon as you notice the first hint of a baby bump, it’s natural to wonder when pregnant women should start buying maternity clothes.

You’ve probably scrolled past and admired that Instagram fashion blogger with a perfectly shaped pregnancy belly who makes dressing their bumps look effortless- not just in front but also outwards at an angle where they show off those famous hips. In this post, we will look at When to buy maternity clothes. Let’s get started!

When to buy maternity clothes


So when should I shop for maternity clothes?

You’ll find that expectant mothers start wearing maternity clothing at all different times during their pregnancies. Some women start as early as 8-weeks pregnant, while others wait until about 12 weeks before they show any signs of being with a child.


You’re probably ready to buy maternity clothes if You feel bloated all day, Your bump starts to peek out of your shirt and you can’t button the top button on any more than one or two buttons remaining open and you now prefer Spandex as your favorite cloth because it stretches with you as pregnancy progresses.


What are the essential maternity clothes I should Buy?

  • T-Shirt: Buy a few stretchy maternity tanks in white, gray, and black! You can’t go wrong with this most basic of basics when it comes to outfitting combinations for pregnant women out there who need some extra comfy tops around their expanding belly’s midsection area.


  • Mom Jeans: When your body changes in ways that you never thought possible, it can be hard to find clothes for all of those new curves and angles. But when we say “mom jeans,” they’re not just any old blue or black denim number- these are super comfy maternity jeans designed with comfort at their core. Expecting moms like me need extra room because there’s baby stuff growing inside them.


  • Leggings: For the days you want to stay comfy, Leggings are an excellent choice. They mold themselves perfectly around your body and provide comfort that cannot be found anywhere else.


  • Underwears: Your underwear should be comfortable and pretty. You’ll want a couple of styles that make you feel good in them, but also look great with anything else on top or underneath it! Investing in these small changes can have big impacts when paired together for every other piece of clothing throughout your day-to see results now. Maternity bras double as nursing bra’s which saves money because they’re one-stop shopping at their most intimate layer.


  • Maxi: Maxi dresses are the perfect choice for women who want to cover up those problem areas without having a cookie-cutter figure. The most flattering part of this style is its form-fitting design which allows you some extra room as your body changes over time!


  • I love that Maxies come in many different lengths and can easily be layered so they’re great year-round too – no need to buy new clothes just because it’s winter outside.


  • LBD: You’ll need a little black dress or two during your pregnancy that you feel confident in and can wear to an event, like a wedding. These should be the MVPs (most valuable pieces) of your wardrobe because they’ll get more use than any other item.


  • Blazers: You will always look chic no matter what the season is with an oversize blazer as a second layer. This piece can be worn year-round and it’ll adapt to your changing shape throughout pregnancy, making you feel just as elegant when she’s pregnant.


Factors to considers when buying maternity dress:

  • Flexibility: When you’re pregnant, the clothes that fit best will allow your expanding bump to stretch and move with ease. For example, anything made out of a flexible fabric like polyester or nylon should be great for moving around in all three trimesters because they don’t restrict any part elasticity; whereas if something has thicker cloths than these two materials then it might make some limited movements difficult.


  • Sheerness: If you are looking for some new maternity clothes, it is important to test out the clothing in the store. One way of doing this would be by bending over and feeling around with your toes on the floor while asking an employee if anything should feel strange or tight when worn. Make sure there aren’t any see-thru textures that go sheer under sunlight.


  • Ruching: A key element to look for in your maternity wardrobe is the ruching. This allows your clothes to grow with a pregnant body and can be used by any single type of person, even if they have bought something pre-first trimester when it will still work perfectly well because it flexes according to shape.


  • Think beyond Maternity: Investing in your maternity wardrobe is more than just buying a few dresses. “Think beyond the pregnancy,” Greenstein says. “Maternity clothes should be investments that you can wear after giving birth and while breastfeeding.”



A lot of people are always confused about when to buy maternity dresses and that is what inspired this topic. Although this will depend on individuals, we have discussed some hints that will help you know when to start shopping and what to shop for.


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