When Should You Send Out Wedding Shower Invitations

The ideal time of when should you send out wedding shower invitations is four weeks before the wedding shower. We will also discuss the earliest time you can send them to secure your guest list accordingly. 

And, of course, it’s worth knowing about the etiquette of wedding shower invitations, which you’ll see in more detail below. But first, you might be interested to know who plans the wedding shower

when should you send out wedding shower invitations


Exactly When Should You Send Out Wedding Shower Invitations

The best and most ideal time to send out your wedding or bridal shower invitations is four weeks before the bridal shower. This is also applicable to other types of celebrations, like the bro-dal shower, which is a popular bridal shower modification that is centered around the groom. 

Some couples opt to combine their showers into one wedding shower. And for this event, you want to send your invitations to the guests four weeks in advance.


How early can you send out wedding shower invitations?

The earliest time you can send your wedding shower invitations is six weeks before the wedding shower. This is early enough to give guests time to clear their schedules and send their responses to help you know how many guests to anticipate. 

Furthermore, six weeks is not too early, so the guests won’t forget about the invitation. If you have guests who are out of town or country, you can send them the invites six weeks in advance compared to those who live nearby so they can plan their transportation. 


How to send wedding shower invitations

Like wedding invitations, the host will send the wedding shower invitations via the mail. But for intimate celebrations or those who are limited with their wedding shower budget, sending the invites online is also acceptable. 

Just ensure your guests will see the invitations, and they can conveniently send their responses back. Of course, you can always request the RSVPs via phone if some guests have not replied. 


Do You Send Wedding Or Shower Invites First?

Since the wedding shower will happen before the wedding day, the wedding shower invites will be sent first. Therefore, the wedding shower invitation is sent four weeks before the shower, while the invites for the wedding day itself are sent 12 weeks before the big day. 

The time for the wedding shower will vary on the availability of the couple and the guests. It can happen as close as three weeks before the wedding or as early as three months before the wedding. 

Your schedule for the wedding shower will determine when you’ll be sending the invitations for them. But for comparison, here’s how early is too early for wedding invitations


Is It Okay To Send Bridal Shower Invitations Before Wedding Invitations?

It’s typical to send invitations for the bridal shower before the wedding invites. However, remember that bridal showers or wedding showers will happen before and not after the wedding. 

The etiquette for sending bridal shower invites applicable for brodal and wedding shower invites. Consider potentially busy schedules and travel limitations when planning bridal or wedding shower dates. 


Do You Send Wedding Shower Invitations?

Like any other pre-wedding event, you will send invites for the wedding shower. You’ll mail them to the guests that you think the bride and groom would like to be there celebrating with them. 

There are no specific rules on who should be invited to the wedding shower. But since it’s a combination of a bridal and brodal shower, it’s typically expected for the wedding party and other close relatives and friends to be there. 

Should you invite the bride and groom’s parents to the wedding shower? The choice is up to the couple since some might want a different celebration with their parents. 


How Far In Advance Should You RSVP For A Bridal Shower?

If you receive a bridal shower invitation, it’s best to send your response back as early as possible. This will help the host plan for the guest list much more comfortably. 

It would not be polite if they needed to contact you to know if you’ll go or not. And even if you’re not going to the bridal shower, you should still RSVP

Some assume that not going to the bridal shower means they don’t need to send out their responses. This is terrible etiquette because you’re not confirming with the hosts. 


Is It Rude To Invite Someone To A Bridal Shower But Not The Wedding?

It would be considered rude to invite someone to a bridal shower but not the wedding if you did not explain the reason. Nowadays, it’s acceptable and even common for couples to elope or have a micro wedding to save on costs or because they prefer an intimate wedding ceremony. 

Therefore, they will have a wedding shower to celebrate with more friends and family. You can explain this to some people at the wedding shower invitation. 

Plan the wording to explain that you will have a micro wedding and that you’d celebrate with more guests at the wedding shower instead. You can also ask your closest friends and relatives to spread the word. 



Was this guide helpful? You just found out when should you send out wedding shower invitations, which is between 4 to 6 weeks before the wedding shower. 

It’s essential to still send invites to help guests clear their schedules and send their responses.

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