When Should I Take Maternity Pictures? The Ultimate Guide

In this article, we will discuss when I should take maternity pictures as well as the different types of maternity photography available today!

When should I take maternity pictures? This is a question that many pregnant women ask when they are nearing the end of their pregnancy. The answer to this question depends on when you want to have your baby, how much time you have left before delivery, and what type of images you would like to take. 

When Should I Take Maternity Pictures


When to take Maternity photography:

The perfect time to take maternity photos is when you are between 35 and 40 weeks pregnant.

If possible, try not to schedule your photo session during or after the end of your third trimester, as this will give you more time with the baby once s/he arrives! This also allows for any pregnancy changes like swelling in feet & hands (which can be exacerbated by long hours wearing uncomfortable shoes) and skin discoloration (from pressure on blood vessels).

Additionally, many women experience hair loss due to high hormone levels during these final stages leading up to delivery; most stylists recommend waiting until at least two months postpartum before getting professional pictures taken. When scheduling a maternity shoot, a good rule of thumb: if there’s anything that makes you uncomfortable when looking at your pictures, trust that feeling!


How soon can I book my photographer?

You don’t have to wait until the second trimester is finished. Most photographers are available for booking year-round. Some even offer limited availability during the first trimester because women look their best in pregnancy without any physical changes or fatigue from carrying a baby around.

Plus, now’s the perfect time for creative planning of location and wardrobe options, so there aren’t any surprises once babe makes their appearance! If you’re keen on having mom & dad photographed together, but they live separately, it might be easiest to book a photographer when you’re in your first trimester and then have daddy come to the photo shoot when the baby’s born.

What should I wear for maternity pictures? Maternity pictures are one of those areas where it pays off big time to do some creative planning ahead of time! If possible, try on outfits before determining what you will wear for your session, so there aren’t any surprises when mommy sees herself in full-length images or standing up from a seated position.

It also helps determine when mom & dad can join the picture taking fun if a wardrobe is an issue (for example, mama might need daddy’s help getting into certain clothes). For inspiration, find looks that work well with photos during different seasons; think lightweight pieces like chiffon when it’s warm and cozy knits when the weather cools down.


What are some excellent postpartum exercises for new moms?

Many women find that they do not have time or energy after having a baby. It can be very hard on a mom’s physical, mental, emotional, and social well-being as she adjusts from pregnancy/birth experiences to taking care of her newborn infant.

A brisk walk outside with your caregiver accompanying you will improve your mood and help you sleep better at night. If walking isn’t an option due to weather concerns, try going up and down the stairs in your apartment building several times a day instead!

This helps boost muscle tone by using more muscles for more extended periods and also helps with pelvic floor muscles by strengthening them. If you are already active before having your baby, try continuing to do what you enjoy doing as long as it is comfortable for you throughout the postpartum period.


What are the benefits of using pillows during pregnancy?

Pregnancy is typically not associated with many physical comforts or activities that relieve discomfort, but pillows are standard for support. There are several types of pregnancy pillows, including full-body, lumbar, and wedge styles.


What is the difference between a maternity pillow and other pillows?

Maternity pillows provide targeted relief that can help reduce discomfort in areas where your baby will be pressing on you while sleeping or feeding throughout your pregnancy.

The shape of a typical bed pillow cannot provide this kind of custom-fitting comfort because they all have the same basic size and shape structure and weight limitations due to how much material goes into their construction.

Maternity-specific styles also offer more functional benefits over standard ones, such as additional head elevation options, which allow you to sleep comfortably without having to strain upwards from being too flat or too high. They also help to reduce tension in your neck and back while keeping unwanted pressure off of the areas where you need it most.


What positions should be avoided during pregnancy?

It is best to avoid sleeping on your back during the later stages of pregnancy. This position can prevent blood flow and increase pressure on prominent veins, leading to severe complications for you or your baby.


What kind of exercise should I do while pregnant?

Swimming, walking, yoga, pilates are all great options if you are looking for low-impact workout routines that will keep you feeling good throughout this particular time!