When Is The Best Time To Buy A Sofa? 3 Best Months

Those who don’t know when is the best time to buy a sofa can check this cheat sheet. If you want to save more and get the best deals, we recommend shopping in the winter, summer, and holiday months. So get your calendar ready because we will be sharing some secrets for buying furniture on a budget. 

It’s also worth noting that you know what are the best sofa manufacturers. We have discovered the top six, and you can take note of them during the months below:

when is the best time to buy a sofa


When Should I Buy A New Sofa?


Winter months

It’s advantageous to buy a new sofa in the winter months if you want to save money. First, this is because brands and manufacturers offer low prices during the winter. Second, homeowners typically buy their sofas during spring, so manufacturers have to make up for the lower sales in winter. 

You’re more likely to get discounted furniture in the winter or even towards the end of winter. However, you are not limited to shopping at the end of the year when it comes to sofas. Be aware of the common practices of some brands, especially when releasing new styles. 


Summer months

While it might seem contradictory to the hack of getting sofas during winter, the summer months can also become the best time to get new furniture. This is because brands often release new models and styles in the summer, so you’ll get their other couches at a lower price. Of course, you also want to start visiting furniture stores before the new styles are offered before spring and fall. 

Typically, the furniture industry follows a biannual schedule. So you can begin shopping by the end of summer around August and September to get discounts and offers on their old stocks. You might be able to get deals as much as 60% off when the timing is right. 



Consider checking your calendar for the holidays because businesses typically have sales, especially on holiday weekends. You can expect promotions during Labor Day, July 4th, Black Friday, and so on. A helpful trick is to check their online stores whenever there’s an upcoming holiday to know if the brand will have events for their indoor furniture. 

The only disadvantage of buying a sofa during the holiday season is the demand and availability for some models. If you’re eyeing a specific couch, it’s best to add it to your cart or go to the physical store early to ensure that you’ll get it. Remember that you’re not the only one waiting for a fantastic promo in pricey items like sofas.  


How Do I Get A Good Deal On Furniture?


Know what to expect

If you already have a brand or manufacturer in mind, it would be advantageous to sign up for their newsletters. This will help you keep track of when they will have sales. Furthermore, you can set up alerts and notifications about a specific model and similar items if the brand will promote it. 

Almost all furniture stores have an online shop where you can browse their items. Consider putting the sofas you like in your cart to better compare and know what to expect once you checked it during a store visit. You might even find yourself a promo code from the retailer to help you push through the online purchase. 


Know what to ask

Sellers are prepared to negotiate with buyers that visit their stores. This is because of the availability of online shops where buyers know the features of the sofas. But if you know how to ask about samples and other potential special offers, you might get the furniture at an even better price.

Don’t forget to also ask about the inclusions and furniture warranties with the model you’re getting. For example, you might save more if you utilize the trial period of the sofa before committing to it. Furthermore, some sofas that are discounted might not allow a return if you end up not wanting it. 


Do You Negotiate At A Furniture Store?

Did you know that you can still negotiate at a furniture store despite them having in-store prices?  It would help to dress in the middle when you visit the shop so that the salesperson assumes that you can pay for the sofa’s full price. Then, you can start asking for a 20% discount because even if the shop doesn’t budge, lower than 20% will still be a good deal.

If you shop during the months where brands and manufacturers push for more sales, they are more likely to include extras to entice more buyers. Consider haggling for other offers like free delivery or assembly. Even if you can’t get the sofa at 60% less, you’re still saving a couple of bucks with extra offers. 



Sofas can be pricey, but there are ways to get better deals. In this article, we have talked about when is the best time to buy a sofa and it’s revealed that it’s during winter, summer, and holidays months. During these periods, you can expect sales, discounts, and offers as brands and stores want to make up for purchases or lose their stocks before new models arrive. 

We also recommend that you know how to buy a sofa that will last to get the most of your purchase. After all, the couch is an investment, and it’s better to know that it will be useful for a long time. 


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