When Is International Pillow Fight Day? 3 Awesome Facts To Know!

Do you know when is international pillow fight day? Well, we celebrate the international pillow fight day every first Saturday of April every year.

Or perhaps, you don’t even know that there is such a celebration.

when is international pillow fight day

If you don’t know that, then you have missed participating in the most tender and squishiest battle ever!

Yes, there is a fight that brings joy rather than sorrow.

Most of us had experienced pillow fights with our siblings and cousins back when we were younger.

But can you imagine the difference if numerous people are doing such activity?

Just the thought of it makes me run in circles because of overflowing excitement. If you have an opportunity to join, why not participate in this craze?

In this article, we will discover fun and important details about international pillow fight day.


When International Pillow Fight Day Is: More Facts!

When is international pillow fight day?

You may be surprised to know that you often neglect the very thing after it comforts you in the night is being featured in an international event.

Pillows are not just beneficial to your physical body, as it significantly positions you in your sleep, but it is also a tool for the inclination of your emotional health.

This event that happens only once a year has proven to release your piling stresses. Take this opportunity to laugh your heart out and have a well-deserved break.

At this point, to understand more about the said event, we will slowly look at some facts about it.


#1. The date

If you are eager to join this occasion, I believe that the first thing you would like to know is when it happens.

There is no specific day assigned for it, but it has been decided that it’s got to be celebrated yearly on the first Saturday of April.

If you have just known this, I suggest you sweep off your schedule for that day and choose to have fun just for a short period. Again, it happens just once a year.

As to how it went like that, there is no great history to find a profound answer. However, one of its significant backgrounds that have been recorded is that the first international pillow fight day happened in March 2008.


#2. The happenings

The name of the event itself points out the most important tool you need to join here. You got it right; pillows!

Like any other event, this is also regulated by professional organizers. Even if the weapon seems weak, accidents may happen that would cause a lot of damage.

Yes, it is one of the international events, but the mass gathering in a specific place to fight with their pillows is not just the only way to celebrate.

You can participate by just doing it within the four corners of your home with you and your family members as opponents.

If you’re in the mood to lead a group, you may initiate organizing such an event in your area. You can invite some of your friends -who are also in the mood like you – to help you manage the diverse people who joined.

In general, this event must be guided by necessary rules if you don’t want to ruin the fun.

Some of them include:


Bring a softer pillow

Who would want to be hard hit? The fact that you run from being smashed by that “soft” pillow, you will surely run faster away from a hard one.

International pillow fight is participated by a wide variation of ages. The majority of the people who join here are children.

You may not be aware that probably, there are participants who have skin conditions such as easy bruising.

Bringing a soft – better, softer – pillow is the best precautionary measure that must be observed.


Know your opponent

You must observe your surroundings before you hit. There are persons present in the event but not participating in the “actual event.”

These persons include photographers and non-participants – because this event is mostly held on the streets.


Help clean upon finishing the event

In most cases, organizers tell the participants to bring garbage bags.

This event is free of registration – unless otherwise stated – and as a result, it is right and just to give a hand for cleaning the mess after being joyfully exhausted.


#3. The effect on your body

There are lots of things that may comfort you during your darkest days. One of which is the pillow.

Observe that its comfort does not just come in the night but also during the daytime. A single pillow would be enough, but what about thousands of it?

During this moment, you are free to laugh, run, and hit your desired challenger; this will allow your body to release worry that has damaged you for a very long time.


Final Words

At the end of this article, I hope you did not just know when is international pillow fight day but also the staggering facts of the event.

May you choose to release that pain you’ve been keeping for so long. Just make a time for this day. It’s just one out of you 365 days.

I feel so honored that you have reached the last page of this article. Your time and effort are much appreciated!