When Does A Baby Outgrow An Infant Car Seat? A Guide

When does a baby outgrow an infant car seat? When it’s time to move up from the infant seat, there are a few things to consider.

First of all, make sure your baby meets the height and weight requirements for their new seat. If they do not meet these minimum requirements you should keep them in an infant car seat until they outgrow it or reach their maximum weight limit (usually around twenty pounds).

When Does A Baby Outgrow An Infant Car Seat

A good rule of thumb is that when your child reaches one year old they have probably reached at least ten per cent of their adult height so this would be a good indicator that it may be time to purchase a convertible car seat instead.

For some children, you might need to wait even longer than one year depending on how quickly they grow compared with other kids their age.


I need a safe convertible car seat for my child! Where do I start?

Start by looking at Amazon reviews, as these are detailed and thorough; then check out YouTube videos for further insight into what other people think about each product.

Once you have found yourself an option that has received high ratings across multiple platforms, this will be one step closer to purchasing something safe for your children’s use in any vehicle!

The safest way to purchase is through reading online reviews from trusted sources such as Amazon where many parents leave their opinions of specific products they’ve purchased before making a decision on which would work best. This means it’ll provide all the information needed right away!


Does the car seat come with a base?

Yes, it comes with one for use in your rear-facing vehicle seat. No additional purchase is required when installing this safety seat in most vehicles; however, you can also buy an extra-base if needed to fit another child restraint system into your second family vehicle.

Puffy Lux

To install using basic LATCH (Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children), simply press on each orange button located at the end of every lower anchor strap that will attach to your vehicle’s safety belt buckle or anchor points so they pop out before attaching them to their corresponding anchors within your car’s upholstery.

Once all four straps are attached securely, press each orange button again to make the straps retract back into their storage compartments. Then, tighten each strap by pulling them as much as possible without putting too much pressure on your baby before locking the metal buckle in place and securing it with a seatbelt lock-off if necessary.

Finally, remember that you can always purchase an additional base for another vehicle or replacement purposes so that parents have one available whenever they need it most!


Does it have cup holders?

Yes! It comes with two cupholders – one on each side of the outer shell near where you would put them to buckle your baby into place. They can be used when forward or rear-facing which makes this convenient for either parent no matter how they prefer to drive.

There’s plenty of room to store snacks, toys, wipes etc., inside the hood too so you’re not digging around underneath trying to find something essential while driving down the highway.


Is the Doona easy to install?

Yes! The seatbelt installation is super simple and it even has a lock-off so you don’t have to worry about using the LATCH system. While they do recommend that you use your vehicle’s top tether if available, most parents can get away without doing this with no problems.

When used correctly, there are no gaps for the baby to wiggle through or cause injuries in an accident. It fits great between two regular car seats as well – something many convertible car seats struggle with.

You can also purchase adapters for Graco®, Chicco® & Maxi Cosi™ infant car seats which work really good too but aren’t required. If you’re looking for a car seat that will last from infant to toddler, the Doona is a good choice for you.


Is it safe?

Yes! The design of this lightweight stroller/carseat combo has been tested in both NHTSA and IIHS crash tests which makes us feel confident when using it on our own kids no matter where we drive.

It’s super easy to get your child in and out of the seat whether they’re sleeping or awake too so there’s less risk of waking them up while trying to buckle them into place quickly before pulling away from traffic lights etc.

This product received an overall score of four stars (out of five) by their Child Passenger Safety Technicians and was a “Best Bet” by the IIHS and TOP SAFETY PICK (when used as a carseat).


What is it made of?

The outer shell has an aluminium frame, which makes this product lightweight for easy carrying. The fabric itself is water-resistant and wipes clean with ease so you can feel good about your child sitting in their seat even after they’ve spilt milk all over themselves during lunchtime.

It also comes with two safety harnesses to keep them from rolling around too much while inside the Doona® stroller/carseat combo. Overall, parents love how comfortable and sturdy this product feels when using it day-to-day and we’re confident that your family will think so too!

You might not want to take it apart for storage though as there is a bit of an assembly process involved – something that isn’t too bad once you get the hang of it.

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