When Do You Put Downy In The Washer? Awesome Facts You Must Read!

When do you put Downy in the washer? For old models of washers, you usually have to put the fabric softener or Downy at your laundry’s final rinse cycle. Whereas for modern types and models of washers, the fabric conditioner is added to the laundry automatically.

Who doesn’t want to get their clothes soft and fragrant? Well, I know everyone does. Making yourself look presentable doesn’t start with wearing the clothes. It begins when you wash the clothes.

When do you put Downy in the washer

So it is important to know what you should do to make your clothes softer and fragrant.

On that note, fabric softeners like Downy are added to the clothes to make them softer and smell nice. Although when should you add it especially if you are using a washer? Well, lucky for you, this article has it all in that matter. So get ready to have nice comfy and fragrant clothes then let’s get started.


Fabric Conditioners

There are many reasons why we use fabric conditioners in every laundry, one of which is out of habit. To be honest I use fabric conditioners every time I do the laundry. It makes the clothes feel comfortable to wear and there are fewer wrinkles after drying. For one, fabric conditioners contain substances that include lubricating ingredients where they coat the fabric and make it softer. These substances soften the fibers of your fabric in liquid form or dryer sheets. The substances in the fabric conditioner help fight wrinkles and reduce static that becomes soft to the touch. They soften the fabric and give off a nice fresh new scent to your laundry. Overall, a fabric conditioner is a cleaning agent that makes the fabric softer and more fragrant. It also provides another layer of protection to your fabrics from wear and tears in a smoothing and fragrant way.


Using Fabric Conditioner

So, when do you put Downy in the washer? There are two types of washers for fabric softeners. One is the new models with automatic dispensers, and another is the manual or old model. In the new model, you won’t have to worry about adding the fabric conditioner to the laundry. All you have to do is to fill the dispenser and close it. The dispenser will automatically add the fabric conditioner at the right time.

Whereas in old models, the fabric conditioner must be added manually. So you have to get the timing right in adding the fabric conditioner in. It is usually added at the last rinse cycle of your washer. 

You could also choose whether to use a liquid fabric softener or a powdered type. Either of the two, you should fill the tub of water to prevent the detergent from washing the softener off. There are instances that fabric conditioners or softeners often cause stains, so it is also essential to know how to remove one. Well, removing it is simple and easy.  


When Do You Put Downy In The Washer?

Downy works well in top load washers. All you have to do is follow a few simple steps. The first is to use Downy’s cap to measure how much Downy you should add to a load. Next is to pour it down the dispenser, usually found on the central column, then let the washer do its job on the last spin cycle. In some cases where your washers have no automatic dispensers, you can add the Downy on the last rinse cycle of the washer. Adding at this time will make the fabric softeners more effective since the laundry detergent is washed off. It may be a good idea to know how to use oxiclean in top load washer and when to put fabric softener in washer.

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Fabric Softener Vs. All Laundry Types

Having a fabric softener to soften your laundry doesn’t guarantee to work on all types of fabric. Fabric softeners are best to use in cotton-based fibers or on most natural fiber items. The lubricants found on the fabric softeners are designed to leave a film of protection behind, protecting certain materials in your fabric like in gym clothes.

Yes, fabric softeners are effective, but that depends on the type of fabric you use. Sometimes, some material does not require adding fabric softeners. Some of these fabrics are found in athletic clothes such as gym clothes. 

The fabric in most athletic clothes is a moisture-wrecking type that moves the sweat to the outer layer of the clothing. So the softening agents won’t do a good job, but they could worsen its effectiveness by clogging onto the fabric’s pores. You may want to steer clear of the water-resistant clothes, too, since these fabric softeners could tear down its abilities and reduce the fabric’s absorbency. One of which is the microfiber or those made from terry cloth.


It’s A Wrap!

I always find it satisfying and rewarding to feel that the clothes I wash make them comfortable to wear. Clothes are pleasant to wear, especially if they are soft and fragrant because they can boost your self-confidence to know that you are wearing clean and fragrant clothes. So if you are still thinking about “When do you put Downy in the washer?” it depends on the washer you use. If your washer has an automatic dispenser, all you have to do is fill the dispenser in, while in manual or old modeled washers, you can add the Downy at the last rise cycle. You may also want to read about how to use laundry detergent pods correctly.

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