When Do You Need To Start Wearing Maternity Clothes? A Guide

When do you need to start wearing maternity clothes? There is no magic number. When you start to wear maternity clothes it depends on how big your bump gets and whether or not you are growing around the hips as well.

The more curves, the earlier they come in! Maternity clothes can be pricey so many women wait until their regular pants just won’t fit anymore before they invest in some new ones.

When Do You Need To Start Wearing Maternity Clothes

This isn’t necessarily a good idea because there is nothing worse than having worn out “regular” clothes by this point which could lead up to uncomfortable situations at work.

If you need help with sizing check online for suggestions on what size to buy based on your pre-pregnancy pant size.

Another great piece of advice I was given was that if you buy one or two pairs of maternity pants that fit perfectly, it’s much easier to go back and get the right size when you need them.


How can I look stylish during pregnancy?

-Wear high heels with wedges or platforms to get a boost in height and create an elongated leg line.

-A strapless bra will pull the breasts up rather than flattening them out, making it easier for you to present your best side under fitted tops and dresses.

-Picking clothes that fit loosely around the waist is smart because they won’t cut uncomfortably into your uterus (which increases as pregnancy progresses).

-Loose fabrics like silk jerseys make you feel great even when there isn’t much room left for your expanding belly.

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-Find maternity pants that are well made so they last throughout all nine months of pregnancy – but still, look stylish! Look at jeans without buttons down low on one side – these sorts of pants are so versatile you’ll be wearing them long after your baby is born.

By the way, maternity jeans aren’t just for pregnant women – they’re great if you have a top that’s getting tight around your belly!


What should a pregnant woman wear in winter?

-Wear long coats, shawls and other loose clothing items.

-Use woollen clothes as they keep the body warm. -Choose dark coloured clothes over white ones. They do not show dirt easily thereby making them easier to clean after a messy day out with your baby in the winter season.

-Choose shoes that cover all of your feet up to at least half of your legs length so locking heat inside is possible. Sneakers are good for this purpose but avoid heels or else it could be difficult for you to walk fast on icy roads!


What to wear for winter maternity photos

Winter maternity photos can be tricky to plan. You’ll want to dress for the warmth of your photo location, but you also need something that looks good in front of the camera! What should I wear? Here’s my list:

Warm jacket or coat (it gets chilly) -light scarf -a cardigan with buttons -flattering sweater/sweatshirt combo (I love this one from Target & H&M!). Tights and booties (no heels please).

A warm hat like a beanie or infinity scarf is wrapped around your head. A medium weight puffer coat is great too if it’s not super windy out! If you are experiencing snow where you live, bring boots along too! Oh, and gloves!

Maternity leggings (I love these from Target) -oversized sweater/sweatshirt combo (H&M is my go-to for maternity clothes!) -booties with a small heel or flats if it’s not super windy out.

Sometimes boots are better suited in the snow than heels, so bring both along and see what works best where you live! Wide leg pants like this pair I found at H&M would be great too & keep your legs nice and warm.

Thick socks could also work well under wide-leg jeans or even sweatpants that look cute when paired with booties. Wear black tights underneath them if they feel too casual. Lightweight jacket or hoodie.

Lip balm, fur pom keychain, just a cute accessory that’s easy to find in your bag if you need it and takes up hardly any room at all! Some kind of lip colour or gloss for when he kisses away the windburn from being outside so much (my favourite is this one from Sephora).

Lotion because your skin will get SO dry, trust me on this!! Even though I have always been pretty good about moisturizing my skin daily, pregnancy has dried out my face like never before!

Your lips & cheeks will get chapped and red too so you’ll need some lip balm for sure! -sunglasses, because the bright winter sun stings your eyes when it reflects off of snow & ice.

Earmuffs or a hat with ear flaps, I love these hats from Target that fold up into their pocket. Perfect to keep in my bag all winter long just in case it gets frigid at night after skating (and also perfect if we go tubing later this month!).

They look warm but they don’t make me feel like I have a watermelon on my head which is always a plus!


How much does the average pregnant woman spend on maternity clothes?

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful moments in a woman’s life and it should be cherished. However, along with all the joys that come with pregnancy comes some added expenses.

The cost of medical care during this time can go up significantly and you may find yourself spending more than usual on doctor visits, tests and ultrasounds.

Moreover, maternity clothes are an additional expense many women don’t expect to pay when they get pregnant but once your baby bump starts showing up. You’ll learn quickly how expensive new outfits for each stage of your pregnancy can add up!

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