Tips and Trick on When Do I Need Maternity Clothes

A lot of new mothers ofter ask this: when do I need maternity clothes? To answer such a question, we have prepared this blog post for you.

If you are pregnant, the first question is when do I need maternity clothes? The answer to that depends on your stage of pregnancy.

When Do I Need Maternity Clothes

You can wear normal clothes for a few months into your pregnancy but then there comes a time in which it becomes impossible to hide it anymore and if not wearing maternity clothes people will start asking questions about why you are wearing clothes that are too small.


Should I Breastfeed or Use formula milk on my baby?

Breastfeeding is one of the best ways to boost your baby’s immune system, give them nutrients for healthy growth and development, reduce their risk of developing allergies later in life.

Baby Formula Milks are safe alternatives that provide similar nutritional benefits as breastmilk. The decision between whether you should breastfeed or use formula milk can be difficult because both options have many advantages and disadvantages depending on various factors such as mom’s health/body type; mother’s work schedule; quality of available infant formulas etc.


If I am unable to perform duties at work do I get paid during pregnancy?

No, it’s illegal for employers to force women who are pregnant or have recently given birth into physically demanding jobs that may put their health at risk unless they provide written medical documentation stating otherwise beforehand.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) also requires employers to provide reasonable accommodations for pregnant women who need them on the job.

A woman is entitled to either paid or unpaid leave according to her needs and preferences during pregnancy, which must be provided by their employer if they are eligible under FMLA.

However, it’s important that you reach out sooner rather than later because your company has a set time frame in which they must extend this offer of employment so anyone not speaking up may lose these rights until after giving birth. It all depends on how far along you are when asking for maternity leave.


Can I apply for maternity benefits if unemployed?

Maternity benefit is available to any parent who has been employed and paid into social security for at least four of the six months leading up to their child’s birth.

Yes, maternity benefits can be applied if you are unemployed! You will need to apply as soon as your baby is born and before applying for job seekers allowance (JSA). To qualify, you must have been in employment or self-employed within 12 weeks ending on the 15th week before your expected due date or since having a baby.

To receive Maternity Benefit from December 2018 onwards – mothers must work at least 39 hours per week with an average weekly earning of €30 during this period which means that those working part-time cannot claim it.


Is it possible to have fertility treatments during pregnancy?

It is not recommended that women do any type of treatment for infertility while pregnant – consult a doctor before doing anything. It could be very dangerous.  What happens if the egg doesn’t fertilize? An unfertilized egg just passes out of your system each month and this is normal.

However, sometimes an embryo is formed but won’t attach itself to the uterine wall causing what’s known as a “chemical pregnancy” which means there was no actual baby created even though you had all the symptoms of being pregnant.

These sorts of pregnancies are very common and often go unnoticed by a woman. If you have been trying to conceive for some time, it is possible that this could be what has been going on with the “phantom” pregnancies.

If fertilization does not occur, can I still get pregnant? Yes! It is important to remember that sperm can live inside your body up to five days after intercourse. This means if you had sex four or more days before ovulating (when an egg leaves the ovaries) there may still be plenty of little swimmers alive and swimming when they reach their destination.


What type of bra should you wear when pregnant?

Some simple guidelines for what type of bra to wear when pregnant are less restrictive, supportive and breathable as well as wire-free! You will also want something seamless. Most people find the best results with a cotton style – but you can experiment and see which works best for your body during pregnancy!


What countries provide paid maternity leave?  

As of July 2013, Norway became the first country in history to offer dads their own two weeks off work on top of their partner’s time. Before this many companies including Starbucks offered up to 16 weeks off.


What states provide this benefit?

California or Rhode Island are two examples of states which do offer maternity benefits! Many companies including Starbucks also offer up to 16 weeks off.


Is paternity leave paid as well?

Paternity leave IS NOT PAID IN EUROPE – it’s covered under Social Security which you start to earn once employed.


What does the U.S have better than Europe for parental/maternity leave?

The United States has better maternity leave than Europe. The United States is the only developed nation that does not have any laws requiring employers to offer paid time off for new moms or dads.

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