When Do Crepe Myrtles Bloom In Florida

The flower that is the crepe myrtle should be part of the greenhouse, and when do crepe myrtles bloom in Florida state must be a fun information to look at. In this edition of the blog today, we will go through the time of year that the crepe myrtles bloom, and more gardening tips you have always loved.

Florida is a state that is promising for both gardeners and plant enthusiasts alike — in particular cultures in the world, with some in Asia, they call themselves “plant aunties and uncles.” This U.S. state found in the southeastern-most part of the country has the Atlantic on one side and the Gulf of Mexico on the other end. 

When Do Crepe Myrtles Bloom In Florida

Beaches are what the state is proud of, more than anything, and the Miami city is known for a diverse Latin-American culture, seen in the arts, nightlife, and even in theme parks, such as Walt Disney World.

What Time Of The Year Do The Crepe Myrtles Bloom?

At this time, we say that the crepe myrtle must be part of your greenhouse growing. What is the crepe myrtle, and how do they bloom? 

The crepe myrtle may also be spelled as crape myrtle, and refers to the genus of approximately 50 species of your evergreen and deciduous trees native to the subcontinent of India, as well as in southeast Asia, Oceania, north Australia, and in the warmer areas worldwide.

When Do Crepe Myrtles Bloom?

The crepe myrtle’s flowering season begins in June going toward July and may depend on the variety as it goes forward until the fall season. The florals are available in various flower colors, with each of the longer clusters of the panicle or flowers comprising about two-inch of the colors of lavender, purple, white, and pink.

The Time Of Year

The crape myrtle in the bud form springs alongside the growth of the present year, compared with the formation during the past season of growing. The plants can sprout in summer, and take note that the blooming may just last for some time. 

When Must You Cut Back Crepe Myrtles In Florida?

January And February

The best months to prune or cut back Florida crepe myrtles are in January toward February. Remember that each state may have different requirements for cutting back, depending on the climate, and may be adjusted a few days or weeks apart. 

It must be before the beginning of new growth, so the tree may develop appropriately during the summer season. This can ensure its natural aesthetics and can display once it is vigorous and healthy. 

Having to prune the crape myrtle tree while it is dormant may not interfere with the blooming because the form of the buds may formulate new cultivation. What you can do is to prune branches that are deceased and older seed pods left during the previous summer. 

Height Of Crepe Myrtles

The height of your crepe myrtle may depend upon the tree’s size, so in general, it should be halfway upwards.

What you need to carry out is to remove branches in your canopy, which are crossing against the other branch. To alter this, cut off the branches that grow inward about the centerpiece of your tree. 

The entire cuts should be done, so the trunk or the side branch faces out.

How Long Do Your Crepe Myrtles Bloom In Florida?

A hundred days — this crepe myrtle is among the prettiest and most famous flowering trees in the state of Florida. It has been known as the “lilac of the South,” and the plant is known to be strong and elegant, yet it is adaptable. The blooms are big and last long, until a hundred days, with the tree that offers fantastic fall color and bark that is attractive. 

Thus, you must choose the cultivar that is appropriate with the mature sizing of the spot where you want to plant this. Many nurseries in the vicinity may label their florals and plantations with these details, which is just as significant as the color of the florals and the appearance of the bark. 

When grown, greenhouse owners may commercialize or sell them to mall owners for more profits. The flower is a plant that does not require too much maintenance and without pruning more so if planted with the full sunlight and away from the main roads and walkways. 

Once the crepe myrtle is placed where it requires the activity of pruning, so it blends well with the surroundings, for instance, under the roofing, gardeners should be able to replace this with smaller growing ones. 

Will Crepe Myrtle Bloom If Not Pruned?

Shakespeare, author of “Hamlet” and “Merchant of Venice,” may ask to prune or not to prune when it comes to the crepe myrtle bloom. In the older variants of the plant, the pruning from the tips may stimulate and begin new florals. 

However, note that this should be unnecessary in newer varieties and cultivars that may bloom in repetition without requiring any pruning. Generally, your pruning from the tips shall never interfere with the time and how long the crape myrtle florals appear. When do crepe myrtles bloom in Florida? It’s time that you garden in the greenhouse with the right strategies.


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