When Can Cannabis Plants Be Put Outside In Summer In Mini Greenhouse

If you don’t know when cannabis plants can be put outside in summer in a mini greenhouse, start marking your calendars in late summer. Around this time or early in fall will encourage your plants to start flowering because of the shorter daylight. However, if you want to avoid premature flowering and want to continue growing the plants in a vegetative phase, the end of June is the best schedule for moving cannabis plants outside. 

A mini greenhouse works well for starting cannabis plants because you can control the environment until they start flowering. You will be able to maintain the ideal temperature for them and encourage good yield. Simultaneously, people with limited space can use a mini greenhouse to cultivate cannabis plants because of their size. 

When Can Cannabis Plants Be Put Outside In Summer In Mini Greenhouse

When Can Cannabis Plants Be Put Outside In Summer In Mini Greenhouse: Gardener’s Guide

As mentioned previously, you can put your cannabis plants outside in late summer or at the end of June. The expanding market for cannabis and its legalization in different places of North America and Canada have made cannabis production a rapidly growing industry. To make the most of your mini greenhouse, you need to know when to take them out based on your desired effect to reap the yield benefits of being outdoors. 


Late summer for flowering

The main reason you’re taking cannabis plants outside the greenhouse in late summer is to encourage flowering. This is because the short daylight hours during this time will initiate flowering since cannabis is a short-day plant. However, because you’re using a mini-greenhouse, it’s worth mentioning that changing your lighting schedule can also trigger flowering. 

Did you know that there are also auto-flowering cannabis strains? Compared to other plants that will only begin flowering when the days are getting short from the upcoming winter, auto-flowering cannabis plants will flower on their own at two to four weeks of germination. 


End of June for further growth

Depending on your location, summer can span from June to August. Therefore, it’s worth noting that the end of June is also a notable schedule for your calendar to further the growth of cannabis plants. This can be another reason why gardeners consider moving the plants outside in summer. 

Compared to the first scenario, you will be moving cannabis plants outdoors to continue growing them and preventing them from premature flowering. And for this to happen, the daylight conditions should be long enough to encourage their vegetative phase. However, do note that failure to meet these timings might lead to re-vegging, which will negatively affect your yield. 


Mini Greenhouse For Cannabis Plants

If your state permits the cultivation of cannabis plants, but you have limited gardening space, the mini greenhouse is the solution to your problem. You shouldn’t be doubtful in using this structure because many growers have mentioned indoor cultivation for the successful production of cannabis plants.

Mini greenhouses make it possible for the gardener to extend the growing season because of the control you have on the conditions. You also don’t risk damaging your plants because the temperature doesn’t fluctuate indoors. Additionally, you can care and maintain the cannabis plants from dehydration, weeds, and pests year-round much comfortably in a greenhouse. 

Ventilation plays a significant role in the health of the plants. More than temperatures, you can have full control of the indoor ventilation using the mini greenhouse as a tunnel and opening both ends. This way, you can guarantee that all plants will have a steady development. 


Protecting Cannabis Plants From Greenhouse Overheating

Since this article tackled the topic of putting cannabis plants outside in summer, gardeners must also learn how to use a mini greenhouse correctly to avoid overheating in the summer. Because of its structure, the heat of summer can get harsh in the mini greenhouse. As a result, cannabis plants may wilt and get dehydrated, making it difficult to grow and be productive. 

You can use a cooling system or open the greenhouse using the door or windows until the temperature cools down. This will also help the hot air escape, but since you don’t want to invite insects, you can use fine wire mesh on the doors. Additionally, using shading paint can relieve the greenhouse of heat. 

Since you’re using a mini greenhouse, you can also buy a small oscillating fan to help with air circulation during the summer. For dehydration, consider using an automated watering system and try seaweed kelp extract. The latter can help the plants recover from heat stress if needed.  



The mini greenhouse is a useful way to cultivate cannabis plants more comfortably and efficiently. If you choose to use it for starting the plants, do you know when cannabis plants can be put outside in summer in a mini greenhouse? If you need to encourage flowering, late summer is the best time.

Since summer spans from June to August, the end of June can also be useful for taking the plants out because the conditions encourage further growth. Overall, unless you’re using auto-flowering strains, the timing of putting the plants outside can affect specific life cycles. Remember that cannabis plants are light-sensitive, so timing is crucial either by manual transplanting or lights. 


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