When Baby To Stop Sleeping In A Bassinet? Answers!

When Baby To Stop Sleeping In A Bassinet? Many parents find themselves wondering what age is recommended for their baby to stop sleeping in a bassinet. The answer to this question depends on what circumstances the child is being raised in, and what type of bedding they are using.

If your baby was born premature or has any other medical conditions, you may want to keep them sleeping in a bassinet until they have reached an appropriate weight and height for their age.


Other times, it could be that the bassinet is too small for your growing baby to sleep comfortably in- meaning it’s time to get rid of the bassinet!

In this blog post, we will explore what factors play into what age would be best suited for your little one’s bedtime arrangements.


The Best Age To Stop A Baby From Sleeping In A Bassinet

When it comes to what age a baby should stop sleeping in a bassinet, the most important factors are what type of bedding they are using. If your baby was born premature or has any other medical conditions, you may want to keep them sleeping in a bassinet until they have reached an appropriate weight and height for their age. 


Things To Consider Before Stopping Your Baby From Sleeping In A Bassinet

  • Babies rolling to the side of the bassinet

The mesh sides of the bassinet are there to stop things from getting inside. Make sure your bassinet has a mesh.

Babies can’t hiccup, sneeze or turn their heads as adults do. This means they are more likely to suffocate because of the risk of moving around with an object lodged inside them while unconscious!

When your baby starts turning over in their bassinet, or at what age do babies turn over? As per the Helpmegrowmum.com website article “Infants and toddlers may need a little help to get back on all fours after being put flat against something such as a floor.”

At the age of 6 months, your baby will have its first major milestone. They’ll roll in both directions and can also turn over from tummy to back! So be sure to pay close attention between 4-6 months when you start preparing for this big change by getting them used to sleeping alone or moving onto a bed with rails so that they’re safe during sleep hours.

Parents should always make sure their baby is secure in a safe, cosy place. The best way to prevent them from rolling over onto their stomachs and becoming uncomfortable or even injured could be with an Anti-Rollover blanket!


  • Monitor the weight

All of the bassinet age range falls between 4 and 6 months, after that, you have to stop using it. Because your baby will not be comfortable in a small bed anymore once he or she grows up enough so as soon as their head touches the top pad they’ll start crying because it’s too high for them!

But, what if you have a premature baby? How much time will he need to outgrow his bassinet and how old can an infant sleep in one up until then? The same thing happens with weight limits.

Manufacturers recommend using them for babies weighing 15lbs or less (depending on design & material) but some may be able to accommodate heavier infants as well.

Babies can grow at different rates, meaning some may end up being more mature than expected and going over their weight limit before they’re ready.


Advice To Our Mummies

As a new parent, it’s easy to feel imposter syndrome. When your baby is still in his bassinet and not rolling over or sitting up on their own yet, don’t be so quick with making any decisions! Take some time to evaluate what you know about him now before deciding when he should move out of the crib- at least until then let them sleep where they’re comfy cosy (and warm!).


When Is Your Baby Big For Their Bassinet?

The baby is ready to be put in a crib after about 6 months of age. This does not mean that he needs his room, but rather you should move him from the bassinet and onto something bigger like a bed or floor for playtime.

The first few years are so important- they teach kids how much freedom grownups enjoy! So it’s best if at all possible try putting away your little one until toddlerhood when hopefully some common sense will start kicking in.


Can I Allow My Baby To Sleep in Their Bassinet Even When Rolling Over?

A baby should always feel secure in their environment. If you notice that the bassinet is rolling over too much, it’s best to get rid of this product and go purchase something with more stability for your child’s safety. However, if an infant has been sleeping well-before they’re even able to roll around on their own accord, then there may not be anything wrong at all!



The best time to get your baby into bed is when he or she can no longer sleep in the bassinet. You need to know how old they are, what size and weight category they fall under, as well their growth rate for this assessment so it will be easier on both you and them!

Bassinets come with different features like removable sides that make getting older babies out easily without having any gaps between sheets.

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