When Are Maternity Photos Taken? Tips And Tricks

When are maternity photos taken? Finding out you are expecting a child and watching your body change as the pregnancy progresses is an experience that will never be forgotten.

As time goes on, excitement builds until finally there’s no stopping the due date from arriving! You’ll spend whole days excitedly preparing for this momentous occasion- buying outfits in anticipation of dressing up like a baby girl or boy depending on what gender they turn into at birth.

When Are Maternity Photos Taken

Now, wouldn’t it be nice to own the spotlight before your life makes a 360-degree turn? Well, you can do exactly that by having your maternity photos professionally taken.

A professional photo session is an excellent way to document how incredible and capable motherhood has made not only you but also all those around you! In these pictures, we see what’s ahead in store for both mommy and baby.

When to take pregnancy photos? It’s such an interesting question! You might be wondering when the best time is. And frankly, I have no idea myself – every mom-to-be will have different answers for her own situation but in this post, I will share with you some tips that will guide you on when to take these all-important photos.


So when is the best time to take maternity photos?

The time of your maternity photo session is important because it will capture the changes that happen in pregnancy. A good rule of thumb for when to schedule this type of shoot would be between 26 weeks and 34 weeks (around 7th-8th month). Once you reach beyond 35+1/2 months pregnant, there’s a chance that any pictures taken could contain mistaken information.

If it’s a first-time mom, then don’t worry, the pregnancy will appear later and so you have all the time to take pictures at the later end of the pregnancy. For people who have given birth before, the pregnancy appears faster and so you can take it early into pregnancy.

Generally, It is not always easy to know when you are ready for a maternity photoshoot, but the 7th or 8th month works well. The time of your pregnancy will depend on how different every woman and their body reacts in similar conditions like hormone levels during pregnancy.


When is the best time to take maternity photos if I am expecting twins?

Expecting twins? Your maternity photo session will have to be scheduled earlier than most expecting mothers. It’s recommended that you book a picture shoot around 24-28 weeks into your pregnancy with these precious bundles of joy on board, if not sooner.


Is it okay to book a maternity shoot at 35 weeks?

A lot of women experience discomfort during their preggie maternity sessions. This is because you may be having a harder time walking around and just generally feeling more uncomfortable at this point in your pregnancy than before! For that reason, I recommend booking an early session so that you can plan ahead. However, everyone has different needs when it comes to maternity shoots, some decide to do it very late and so it boils down to personal choices.

If you’re looking to schedule a photo session soon but are worried that it’s too late, don’t worry. Getting your photos done late is better than never getting them at all! If this will be hard for some reason and make walking difficult for you, you can try finding an indoor location with little or no distance between poses.


Is 25-week too early for a Maternity shoot?

Some moms are already showing enough to get their maternity photos taken this early, and some aren’t. It’s better if you have a more defined baby bump but if for whatever reason need them before 35 weeks then there are ways to make your belly pop in pictures.

You can arch your back or bend one leg and that will help define it even further! You could also put emphasis on yourself by using both hands while posing so they focus solely on the area where people typically notice.


What is the best earliest time to take a maternity shoot?

My favorite time to book my session with you is after 12 weeks. I usually suggest this because that’s when most pregnant bellies start looking like they’re about ready for a baby! If it won’t work out, try sooner rather than later; during the fall season in particular — as September-October can be quite busy year-round



Maternity photo sessions are all about capturing the incredible changes with your body, it’s so important to capture life moments. What is one thing you should know before taking your maternity photos? It won’t always be perfect timing!

When do YOU feel like this may have been a great time for them or not- sometimes we’re just in-between stages of our pregnancy and don’t want any evidence that can show on camera (like weight gain/loss).

The best advice I could give would be 30-36 weeks as an ideal range but again every woman has different preferences which means there isn’t really a specific answer here.

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