What To Write In A Wedding Shower Thank You Card

To know what to write in a wedding shower thank you card, consider two factors to come up with the best phrases to thank those who attended your bridal shower. We will also provide wording examples that you can use as inspiration for your wedding shower thank you notes.

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what to write in a wedding shower thank you card


What To Write In A Wedding Shower Thank You Card


Look back on the bridal shower gift you received 

  • The easiest way to put appreciation on your wedding shower thank you cards is to use the gifts you received as inspiration
  • By looking back on the wedding shower gifts, you can come up with more personal and genuine phrases to thank the guests who went
  • It might also be helpful to ask your maid of honor or best man to help you keep track of all the gifts and who sent them; some couples opt to have a wedding shower, which is a combined celebration for the bride and groom instead of just the bride or groom
  • Note that there are guests who might’ve sent their shower gift early on, so don’t forget to write their thank you card as soon as you can after receiving their gift not to forget it
  • Write the wedding thank you cards and make sure you’re not using generic phrases; please send wedding shower thank you cards to everyone who attended, even if they didn’t give a gift 


Show gratitude in your note

  • Ultimately, your bridal shower card should convey gratitude genuinely
  • While it’s better to be personal with your note, the main point of the thank you card is to express your gratitude for their support of the wedding and for coming to the event 
  • Make sure you’re using the correct names and addressing each guest properly; you don’t need to write an essay, but you can always include some short inside jokes 
  • Write the thank you phrases for the wedding shower in a separate paper first, then read them out loud to know how they can be interpreted
  • Ask your partner to help you with crafting the thank you notes, especially if they’re close to whoever you’re sending them to


What Do You Say In A Wedding Shower Card?

Besides knowing how to write the wedding shower thank you card, here are some shower wording examples of exactly how you can say “thanks” to each guest. Of course, please modify them accordingly, so they don’t sound generic and inauthentic. 

You can change the pronounces to “we” since wedding showers are for the bride and groom. You might also like to thank multiple people for hosting the wedding shower or if they share a gift. 

Read what is a wedding shower to know more about this combined celebration. 


Thank you card to the guest who hosted/helped with the wedding shower

Dear [name],

I am so happy with the wedding shower you hosted for me! The experience was really special, and I am very thankful for everything you’ve done to make the wedding shower memorable. Thank you for the food, the gorgeous room, and for inviting everyone I love. I am always going to remember this experience. Thank you!

Love always, [your name]


Thank you card to the guest who gave a physical gift

Dear [name], 

I just want to tell you how much I appreciate your wedding shower gift. I can use this on [convey its uses], and it’s perfect for [plans for the item.] Thank you so much for being in the shower as well! 

Warmest thanks, [your name]


Thank you card to the guest who gave a monetary gift

Dear [name], 

Thank you so much for your thoughtful shower gift! I am beyond grateful as I can save it for [wedding plans, honeymoon expenses, or married life responsibilities]. Please know that your generous gift will be put to good use.

Sincerely, [your name]


Wedding shower thank you card anatomy

  1. Address the person you want to thank
  2. Thank them for the gift and how you’ll use it
  3. Appreciate their presence at the wedding shower
  4. Add a personal sentiment
  5. End with your name 


Alternatives to saying thank you 

  • I’m very thankful for…
  • I’m so grateful for…
  • I highly appreciate…
  • I am really touched…
  • I’ll always remember… 


How to end a wedding shower thank you card

  • Warmest thanks,
  • All my love,
  • With love,
  • With thanks,
  • Gratefully, 


What Do You Write In A Thank You Card For Wedding Shower?

  • Personal message to the bride and groom
  • Congratulate them on their upcoming wedding
  • Share your excitement about their union
  • Mention what you loved in the wedding shower
  • Add a personal anecdote


Do You Send Thank You Cards After Bridal Shower?

You will send wedding shower thank you notes to show appreciation to the guests. You can send them within two weeks after the wedding shower. 



And that’s it! To recap what to write in a wedding shower thank you card, please acknowledge the gift and appreciate their presence.

You can also use our thank you card wording examples as inspiration when constructing your thank you notes. Let us know below if our tips help. 

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