What To Write In A Religious Wedding Card

Those unsure about what to write in a religious wedding card can consider religious wedding wishes, Christian wedding wishes, religious wedding congratulations, and hopeful religious messages. Faith is crucial to some couples, and when writing on a wedding card, we must consider this to let them know our support for their marriage. 

You will also know what makes a good wedding card greeting to help you write the best congratulations or wishes for the couple. And if you include it in your gift, you can read what to write on the wedding gift envelope

what to write in a religious wedding card


What To Write In A Religious Wedding Card: Examples Of Messages And Wishes For The Religious Couple


Religious wedding wishes

You don’t need to write a lengthy message with your wedding card. Instead, you can simply say that you wish the couple the best blessing when writing on the religious wedding card. 

  • [Names of the couple], may God bless you every day and guide you in your journey in this married life.
  • May God bless you with a happy married life. Best wishes and know that you’re always in my prayers. 
  • Always praying for your married life. May God protect you through the ups and downs of life. 
  • Always seek His guidance, and may God bless you every day with good health. 
  • Stay in love and health. Wishing you a lifetime of happiness, and God bless you. 


Christian wedding wishes

If you attended a Christian wedding, understand how Christians view marriage. This should help you know what to write on the wedding card and show the couple your love and support for their union. 

  • Congratulations on this gift from God. May you always find love, and I wish you a lifelong and happy married life.
  • Wishing you a blessed marriage, and may you always experience the power of prayer.
  • Remember to commit yourselves to one another, and may you find support in God’s holy words. 
  • Sending you prayers for a God-ruled married life together. 
  • Congratulations [names of the couple], know that you will always find peach and love in God’s word. 


Religious wedding congratulations

Cards for weddings are perfect for sending your congratulations to the newly married couple. You can also write a bible verse on your wedding cards if you don’t know what to write. 

  • Congratulations [names of the couple]! Remember, “Whoever lives in love lives in God.” I John 4:16
  • May God bless your loves with joyous memories. Remember Jeremiah 31:3 “Love yesterday, today and forever.”
  • I am so happy to see you two getting married. Remember, “The two will become one.” Ephesians 5:31
  • May God bless you with love and wisdom, and remember John 15:12
  • One of my favorite bible verses is Song of Solomon 3:4 “I have found the one whom my soul loves.” Congratulations, you two, and I’m sending you prayers for the best married life. 


Hopeful religious messages

One cannot have hope without faith, which is you can show your love and support to the couple by implying hope for the best future for them with your religious wedding card greeting. Wedding cards are also meant to wish the couple well; showing them you’re looking forward to the best would always be sweet. 

  • Remember to seek help from God whenever you need it. God will always be the bond between you two, and there’s no doubt that you have many blessings prepared for you two.
  • Congratulations and best wishes [names of the couple]! I know that God will always be there to protect and guide you to handle all the challenges that may come.
  • Congratulations on getting married! I hope for a lifelong happy and healthy marriage, and remember always to pray. 
  • Never stop believing that you can conquer all the challenges in life together. You will always be strong, and remember that God will always be there to protect you. 
  • There’s no doubt that you’ll have a blessed married life. Congratulations and best wishes [names of the couple]!


What Is A Good Wedding Message?

There are many examples of what you can write on wedding cards for your message to the couple. For one, it can be a casual or slightly formal congratulations for their union. 

You can also send them your best wishes and hope for the best lifelong happiness. If you attended the wedding, you could write about how you enjoyed the event and your congratulatory message. 

What makes a good wedding message is if it’s real and personal. You don’t need to write an essay on wedding cards, but it shouldn’t sound robotic and bland. 

Here’s what to write in a wedding guest book as well.  


What Do I Write In A Wedding Card Blessing?

When you attend a religious wedding, you should understand that faith is essential to the couple. Therefore, you can mention a bible verse or talk about the importance of God when you write a blessing wedding card. 

Understand the meaning of marriage for the couple’s religion. A simple “may God bless you” should also suffice, especially if you’re not close and unsure what to say on the wedding card.



Were these suggestions helpful? You just had ideas on what to write in a religious wedding card by sending your congratulations, best wishes, or even understanding the importance of faith in the couple’s marriage. 

You don’t need a lengthy wedding card message, but the bottom line is to be sentimental and genuine. 

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