What To Write In A Cookbook For A Wedding Gift

If you’re unsure what to write in a cookbook for a wedding gift, try these four tips to know what to put. We will also discuss if a cookbook is a better wedding gift than others. 

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what to write in a cookbook for a wedding gift


The Best Wedding Present: What To Write In A Cookbook For A Wedding Gift


Know what dishes to put in your cookbook wedding gift

Deciding the dishes to write and include in your cookbook wedding present is typically the most challenging part because it can be overwhelming. But since this is a wedding gift, it will be more appreciated if it’s sentimental, so why not collect recipes from the bride and groom’s families?

The bride and groom might have dishes they love growing up, so you can begin your cookbook with them. If you have known the couple for a long time, you probably have an idea of their favorite dishes. 

If you go on dates together, consider the menu they typically order. You can even include a recipe of your own or a dish they remind you of for added thoughtfulness and sentimentality.


Organize the recipes you’ll put in the cookbook

After you have collected and decided what recipes to write in your wedding cookbook gift, you should organize them based on how you will put them in the book. An exciting idea for cookbook wedding gifts is writing the recipes as a timeline. 

You begin with the couple’s favorite foods before they met, when they dated, during their relationship, and suggest recipes to try during the marriage. They can also be funny and quirky recipes that you’ll write a mini-story or short quote in the introduction. 

You can also organize this recipe book wedding present as if you’re taking the couple on a trip worldwide. It can be as immersive and interactive as you want. 


Add photos to make the cookbook wedding gift more immersive 

Besides writing the recipes on your cookbook wedding gift, don’t forget to put pictures on the pages before the recipes. This will make the wedding present more interactive and enjoyable to browse.

You can also include photos of the couple themselves and make the recipe book as quirky and customized as you want. Pictures are also welcome if some recipes are enjoyed with family and friends. 

Besides the recipe food photos, you can also include other pictures in the wedding cookbook. Be artistic and make it unique for a truly memorable wedding present. 


Customize your wedding gift cookbook

After you have organized the cookbook recipes and prepared the pictures to use, you can begin constructing the book. First, choose between a hardcover or softcover recipe book, depending on how many pages it will have. 

You can also write dedication pages and get creative with the colors and fonts. Don’t forget to write a clever title for your wedding present on the front. 

Can you print this wedding gift cookbook at home? It’s possible and even cheaper to print at home as long as you use compatible papers for your printer. 


What Do You Put In A Cookbook As A Wedding Gift?

Like other wedding gifts, it would be more thoughtful if you write something personal on your cookbook wedding present. So more than the recipes, try these tips on what else to write in the book:

  • Include short messages from other friends and family of the bride and groom
  • Use a dedication page to give the couple a sentimental letter
  • Give a short story or interesting quotes for every recipe in the cookbook wedding gift
  • Include inside jokes and quotes given by the couple
  • Write interesting facts about each recipe
  • Discuss why each recipe is chosen for your wedding gift


Is A Recipe Book A Good Wedding Gift?

A recipe book is a thoughtful and sweet wedding gift, especially if you compiled special recipes for the couple. You have also taken the time to do and personalize the wedding present. 

As the couple enters the new chapter of their lives in marriage, they can use the cookbook from time to time. And if you had fun doing it, it will be a special present because the thought behind it is sentimental. 

Are you unsure when to give the couple their personalized wedding gift? Read when to send a wedding gift for the ideal timing. 


How Much Does It Cost To Have A Wedding Cookbook Gift Made?

The materials you’ll use and if you print the wedding cookbook present at home will determine the total costs. It can be around $20 and up, or you can find companies specializing in custom cookbooks that will price you per page. 



Was this guide helpful? You just learned what to write in a cookbook for a wedding gift by considering four tips. 

To recap, you will gather recipes from multiple sources, organize them, add pictures, and personalize the cookbook for added sentimentality. The couple will surely appreciate this thoughtful gift and feel free to add suggestions below that you want to share when making a DIY wedding gift.

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