What to Write in a Baby Shower Book? A Guid

What to write in a baby shower book? If you are looking for a way to make your baby shower book stand out, why not include a personal message of gratitude?

While it may seem like an obvious choice, writing thank you notes is one of the best ways how to make sure that guests feel special. Many different types of messages can be included in thank you cards but here are some examples:

What to write in a baby shower book
  • “Thank You So Much For Being Part Of Our Day! We Were Overwhelmed By All The Gifts And Kindness That Everyone Showed Us On This Special Occasion” – this type of message works well because it shows appreciation while being direct and simple at the same time.

Another example would be something more elaborate such as:

  • “Your Presence Was The Best Gift Of All! Thank You For Making Our Day So Special. We Are Grateful For Each And Every One Of You” – this type of message takes a little more time to write but it is definitely worth the effort.

It lets guests know that their presence was appreciated and that they are valued members of the family or friend group.

Both types of messages will help make your baby shower book memorable for all who attend! Be sure to take the time to write each individual a personal thank you note as well, letting them know how much their support means to you. Guests will appreciate the gesture and feel appreciated themselves!


How do you say thank you for money for a baby shower?

One way to say thank you for money given as a baby shower gift is to write a note that says “Thank you for your generosity! We are excited to use this money towards our new little one.” You could also include a picture of the baby if you have one.

Another way to say thank you is to put the money into a savings account specifically for the baby and then send a note saying something like, “Thank you so much for helping us prepare for our new addition! We are grateful.” whichever method you choose, be sure to express your gratitude!

When someone gives you cash as a gift, it can be tricky to know what the best way to say thank you are. Here are a few ideas:

The money will be put into an account for the baby, and we will send you pictures of him/her in action! Thank you so much. We’re truly grateful. This is wonderful news – thank you again! I can’t wait till they arrive next month 🙂 It’s such a nice feeling knowing that someone cares enough about our little one to give us something like this gift card or cash at their birth shower!”

If there are any other questions please feel free to ask me in the comments below :)” “You know what would make my day? A handwritten note saying ‘Thank You’ with your name on it.” Just by doing that simple task, it shows how much appreciation we have for all those who gave gifts during our baby shower season.”

If you are writing the note, make sure to include a thank-you gift as well. For example: “Thank You for your thoughtful gift of cash! We will use this money towards our new little one’s college fund.” Or if it was an Amazon card: “Your generosity is so appreciated! Thank you again from both myself and my husband,” etc.

Make sure that whatever type of gratitude letter or message goes along with any monetary donation – whether small or large – includes some sort of personalization such as adding their name(s) on top at least once throughout its entirety (even better would be two times).


Note: If a friend of yours requests you to send his/her little one a baby book, consider checking what to write in the baby book for guides and steps.


How long after a baby shower do you send thank you cards?

If you’ve been invited to a baby shower and received amazing gifts, it is your responsibility to thank the people who gave them. The question is: how long after? Is there an etiquette or rule of thumb when it comes to sending out these cards? Yes. And no.

Here are some guidelines that should help you decide whether now would be the best time or not (in other words, do they have any expiry date?).

The next day — You can send a quick email thanking someone for their thoughtful gift right away if there was no card attached to it at the event. This way, you don’t have to worry about forgetting who exactly gave what because all these details will be stored in your inbox, and you can refer to them when writing the actual cards.

Within two weeks — There’s technically no maximum time limit for sending out thank you notes after a baby shower because as long as people are happy about receiving them, as a gift-giver myself I think this is fine—just make sure that they get sent!

If it takes longer than expected due to unexpected circumstances (e.g., mother or child gets sick), do not hesitate to tell your guests so they won’t feel like their gifts were unappreciated if months go by without any word from either one of us—they deserve better treatment than what most companies give their customers these days! It would also help keep up with current events in your life (and theirs) as they’re waiting patiently.

If you can’t find a card — If this is the case, send an email or give them a call! Send out those thank-you cards while they still have fresh memories of what gift their friend gave them at that party last month so it doesn’t feel like forever ago when someone finally gets around to sending one.

Also, make sure if there was any handwritten note attached with each present—those should be included too on top of just saying “Thank You.”