What To Wear With Purple Dress To Wedding

If you’re unsure about what to wear with purple dress to wedding, we will provide ideas on what shoes to wear, the ideal accessories, and even the best bag and makeup for this gorgeous color. 

This styling guide also applies wedding etiquette for guests. And for other fashion tips regarding unique wedding colors, consider browsing our blog. 

what to wear with purple dress to wedding

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Complete Guide On What To Wear With Purple Dress To Wedding



You can consider classic colors for your shoes when wearing a purple dress to a wedding. Some fantastic examples are black, silver, gold, nude, or purple. 

And depending on the length of the dress and the wedding location, you can select between flats and heels. The emphasis is necessary on never going overboard with the style of your shoes as it’s always of good taste to look subtle as a wedding guest. 

Do you also need to wear tights or stockings with your purple dress? It would look classier for a wedding to wear your shoes bare instead of combining them with tights and pantyhose. 



Since you are dressing for a wedding, it’s best to limit yourself to the number of accessories you’ll use. You don’t want to stand out and steal the spotlight from the bride. 

Furthermore, purple itself is already eye-catching compared to neutral colors like beige. And if you’re deciding what jewelry and accessories to choose, you can take inspiration from your shoe color. 

For example, wear a gold necklace or earrings with your gold-colored shoes. But again, keep modesty in mind, especially with the size of your accessories.

Feel free to read how to accessorize a navy blue dress for a wedding if you are wearing this color instead. 



Deciding on what bag to use when attending a wedding depends on practicality and style. With purple, the best color bags to use are neutrals to avoid a tacky-looking contrast. 

Opt for nudes and neutrals like black, silver, or even brown for your bag with a purple dress. And since you’re going to a wedding, consider the venue. 

Avoid oversized bags with outdoor weddings, so you can move around easily. Some best bags for weddings are handbags and shoulder bags that you typically use on formal to semi-formal parties. 



Remember to maintain softness when doing your makeup for a wedding. It can be tempting to wear a bold look with a purple dress but remember that it’s the bride’s day, so your makeup shouldn’t be more intense than hers. 

Consider a light purple shade or nude pink for your lipstick for a purple dress. Then, you can opt for browns and light pinks for your eye makeup. 

Be mindful of your mascara and eyeliner, as they can drastically change the overall look of your makeup. But, then, the time of the wedding should also be considered since an evening reception can call for something a tad darker than what you’d wear at a daytime wedding. 


Is It Okay To Wear Purple To A Wedding?

It’s okay to wear purple to a wedding, especially if it’s part of the wedding’s color scheme. You can check the colors on your wedding invitation or ask the couple themselves. 

However, the wedding party or the bride herself might be wearing purple, so it’s best to opt for another color as a guest. With these considerations taken and you found out that you can wear purple, remember that darker shades are always preferred to bright ones.

It’s always tacky to wear eye-catching and bright colors to weddings as a sign of respect to the couple. All eyes should be on the bride at weddings, so please maintain modesty.


What Color Goes Best With Purple Dress?

In general, colors that go well with red and blue should also complement purple as it combines the two. These colors include white, black, beige, gray, pink, and even blue. 

You can play with contrasts depending on how light or dark the type of purple that your dress uses. Furthermore, it’s best never to go overboard when styling a purple dress. 

Consider two to three colors only with your purple dress to maintain class. For example, if you’re doing a wedding and your bridesmaids are wearing purple, they will look good with groomsmen wearing gray with purple boutonnieres or ties. 


What Colors Go With Lilac Clothes?

Lilac clothes will go well with cool purple tones and neutrals. In addition, neutral colors like black, white, or even gray are excellent for highlighting the soft shade of lilac. 

On the other hand, you can also combine lilac clothes with purple for accents. For example, at a wedding, the florist can add some purple flowers on the corsages and boutonnieres if the wedding party is wearing lilac. 


Does Purple Look Good On Guys?

Purple looks good on guys, so if you’re thinking of this color for the groomsmen, there’s no reason for you not to go through with it. Of course, it’s a unique color for guys, but it can be flattering as long as you choose the right shade. 



And that’s it! You found out what to wear with purple dress to wedding by incorporating nudes and neutrals on your shoes, accessories, bag, and even makeup. 

You should generally stick with two to three colors only and maintain subtlety when styling your purple dress. Apply the wedding etiquette of never upstaging the bride. 


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