What To Wear With A Blue Dress To A Wedding

If you want to know what to wear with a blue dress to a wedding, consider what jewelry, shoes, and bag will go with this color. Then, we will talk about the etiquette of wearing blue to remain classy for a wedding. 

Is your blue dress too simple for the occasion? Here is how to dress up a plain dress for a wedding to further help your fashion style. 

what to wear with a blue dress to a wedding


Outfit Ideas On What To Wear With A Blue Dress To A Wedding



Selecting jewelry and accessories such as belts, hats, and cover-ups for a blue dress should be easy. Considering you’re attending a wedding, your dress is probably darker, making it more neutral and easier to combine with other colors. 

When selecting jewelry, maintain a theme, so the overall look is tasteful. For example, combine your pearl necklace with pearl drop earrings or wear silver dainty hoop earrings with a silver chain bracelet. 

Besides pearl and silver, gold and sparkly stone accessories should also look great with a blue dress. Then as for the other accessories such as belt, shawl, or cardigan, you can never go wrong with neutrals like beige, brown, black, or another shade of blue as long as they complement the specific type of blue your dress has. 

Will you be wearing a navy blue dress? Here is a more specific style guide on how to accessorize a navy blue dress for a wedding.



The pair of shoes you’ll wear with the blue dress for a wedding will depend on the style of dress you have. For example, shorter dresses will pair nicely with strappy sandals, while maxi dresses can go with closed heels. 

As for the color, black or white are the safest shoe colors for a blue dress as they’re still subtle enough for a wedding. However, if you’re feeling extra bold and the wedding color palette has it, yellow is also a nice touch of contrast to a blue dress. 

However, you must also consider the type of wedding you’re attending. For example, is it a beach wedding where heels will be difficult for walking in the sand, or is it a destination wedding where you might be standing for extended periods?

If heels aren’t an option, learn how to wear flat shoes to a wedding to maintain formality without sacrificing comfort. 



As for the bag to bring with a blue dress to a wedding, keep the location and formality of the wedding in mind. Also, of course, you want the right size to contain all your essentials, but it shouldn’t be oversized that it’s a drag to carry around from site to site. 

Try an orange clutch bag, a patterned shoulder bag, a brown handbag, a black bucket bag, a metallic tote, or even a gray purse for some specific ideas. Of course, they should also complement the other items you’re wearing on your outfit. 

And since you’re attending a wedding, make sure that the bag speaks classiness and sophistication, so you’ll look more appropriate. Avoid baggy and oversized bags as they can also draw attention to you. 


Can I Wear A Blue Dress To A Wedding?

You can wear a blue dress to a wedding as long as it’s not the color that the bride, bridesmaids, or the couple’s mothers are wearing. You should also follow the couple’s requests on their invitation as it may include the color scheme they expect for the guests.

Speaking of which, assess the style of the blue dress if it’s under the dress code of the wedding. You can always style the dress to make it more formal or semi-formal to fit the occasion. 

And of course, it’s common knowledge to avoid wearing dresses that show too much skin. This is just tact for the wedding, and some wedding venues may even prohibit showing certain body regions.  


Can I Wear A Royal Blue Dress To A Wedding?

Royal blue has the tendency to look bright, which can make it inappropriate for a wedding. Remember that you don’t want to stand out and steal the spotlight from the bride. 

Furthermore, if blue is the wedding theme, you must check with the bride if her bridal party is wearing a royal blue dress. You don’t want to match what they’re wearing as a wedding guest.

When in doubt, always ask the couple to avoid accidentally disrespecting their requests for the guest outfits. And if you want to wear blue and it’s among the colors of the wedding, consider something darker like navy for a more lowkey look. 


Is Light Blue Okay To Wear To A Wedding?

Light blue should be okay to wear to a wedding as long as it’s not too light that it almost looks white. Remember that brides traditionally wear white, and it’s only of good taste not to wear white or anything that looks white. 

You can also accessorize your light blue outfit with darker blue, purple, or even light neutrals like gray. In addition, male guests can wear a light blue inner shirt with a gray suit as long as they don’t match the groomsmen. 



And that’s it! We just learned what to wear with a blue dress to a wedding, where you can never go wrong with neutral colors. 

You can also experiment with other shades of blue or interesting colors like orange. Just maintain modesty and subtlety to let the bride shine through in her wedding. 


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