What To Wear Under Wedding Dress With Low Back

If you’re unsure about what to wear under wedding dress with low back, we recommend familiarizing yourself with different bridal backless and low-cut back styles first. Then, we’ll talk about the ideal undergarments for these wedding dresses to get the most of your wedding dress cut. 

But do you already know what style of wedding dress is for your body type? Brides differ in body shapes, so you must know what wedding dress silhouette will flatter you most. 

what to wear under wedding dress with low back


What Do Brides Wear Under A Wedding Dress With Low Back?


Wedding dresses with a low back

Wearing a low-cut wedding dress is a statement because it exudes confidence while still looking a bit mysterious. However, you won’t be giving justice to this strategic placement of showing off the skin if you’re wearing an undergarment that peeks out. 

So if you’re wearing a low-cut wedding dress, we recommend wearing a backless bodysuit. What’s advantageous with a backless bodysuit is it’s even lower at the back than most wedding dresses with a low back, so no undergarment is showing. 

Since the bodysuit is also shapewear, you’ll be smoothening bumps and bulges, ideal for a fitted low back cut of a wedding gown. Just make sure that the shapewear is seamless to maintain a smooth look, especially with the sheath style of the wedding dress


Wedding undergarments if the dress has a low back and open sides

You might fancy a wedding gown that has a low back, but the sides are also open. You don’t want a noticeable gap between the dress and your body at the sides, not just for modesty but also because it won’t look flattering. 

Therefore, you want an undergarment that will lift your bust and shape the chest area. While you can have cups sewn to the dress, you’ll have better support with an undergarment that can fill out the bust, such as a backless or open-back bra. 

It’s crucial to wear the correct size backless bra to fill the cleavage area when wearing the wedding dress with open sides. And since it has a low back, it should be a backless or open-back bra. 


Backless wedding dresses with a low back with cleavage support

If your wedding dress has a low back and is strapless, you want cleavage support to have a flattering shape. Then, of course, you can wear a strapless bra that will lift and fill out the chest area. 

However, being strapless also lessens its lifting feature. Therefore, it would be more strategic to wear boob tape with nipple covers instead. 

The advantage of adhesives for a dress with a low back is that you can follow the shape and style of the wedding dress to hide the tapes better. You also don’t have to worry about the dress has a low back. 


Backless wedding gown

But what can you wear underneath a completely backless wedding dress? Since a bodysuit or a bra will show, you’re better off wearing an adhesive. 

There are adhesive bras, but if you also need cleavage support, combine boob tape and pasties instead. This is especially helpful for women with bigger chests than brides who wouldn’t need support. 

If you don’t think you need lifting because of the neckline or style of the wedding dress, it’s even possible to lose any upper undergarments altogether for comfort. But, then, remember to maintain a straight posture and avoid slouching to make the backless dress more flattering when worn. 


How Do I Make My Backless Wedding Dress Look Good?

Try these tips to make the most of your backless or low back wedding gown:

  • Exfoliate your back with a gentle scrub the week before your wedding
  • Wear the right undergarment
  • Ask the seamstress for their recommendations on appliques and other details to add to the see-through back of the wedding dress
  • Consider opting for a back pendant necklace
  • Maintain a straight posture with shoulders drawn back, head straight, and chin tucked
  • Apply bronzer or highlighter on your shoulders and a thin coat of self-tanner on your back to even out your complexion
  • Use some concealer on dark spots if needed
  • Wear your wedding hair up and add sparkly hair accessories that show at the back


How Do You Fix A Wedding Dress That Is Too Small In The Back?

Is the cut of your dress too small that the back portion won’t close up? The seamstress may recommend turning the back of the wedding dress into a corset to add a couple more inches. 

Another option is to use a panel to expand the back of the wedding dress and a stylish ribbon to close it up. A quick solution is a removable gusset to replace the zipper and then close it up with a ribbon for added design on the back portion of the wedding dress. 

Please read how to measure for a wedding dress to get a perfect size and avoid issues. 



And that’s it! To recap what to wear under wedding dress with low back, you want backless or similarly-cut shapewear to smoothen your figure without showing on the back. 

You can also use a backless bra, adhesive bra, or even body tape for support. Again, the key is strategic placement, and also, don’t forget to wear the wedding dress with a good posture. 

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