What To Wear Under Strapless Wedding Dress: Best 3

If you’re unsure about what to wear under strapless wedding dress, consider three bridal undergarments for different types of wedding dresses.

We’ll also share tips on wearing strapless wedding dresses if you’re worried about modesty or style. But to get the most of your dress silhouette, we recommend reading what shapewear to wear under a wedding dress

What To Wear Under Strapless Wedding Dress


Bridal Secrets: What To Wear Under Strapless Wedding Dress


Adhesive bras

A pair of adhesive bras are the best bridal underwear to wear with a strapless wedding dress or gown. These sticky silicone pads will work for any wedding dress, not just a strapless wedding gown. 

This is because there are no straps at the back, and some are even designed to support your chest. Therefore, adhesive bras are perfect for a strapless wedding dress with a sweetheart or any stylish neckline since the bride’s cleavage will be supported.

You can also combine the silicone adhesives with body tape to conceal and style according to the design of the dress. For example, some strapless wedding dresses have lace or see-through features on the side. 


Strapless bras

If you find adhesive underwear uncomfortable or know that the wedding will be sweaty, opt for a strapless bra to wear with your wedding dress. Please select the perfect fit for your body type, so your cleavage is supported well. 

And if you are wearing a strapless and backless gown, you can always use a strapless and low-back bra so the band won’t show. Wearing a nude strapless bra will also conceal it, making your bridal look perfect. 

For practical brides, you can also buy a versatile bra that works with straps. This way, you can reuse the wedding undergarment, not just your wedding dress. 


Strapless bodysuits

The final secret for wearing a strapless wedding dress is a strapless bodysuit. Depending on its style, it will also enhance your body shape, perfect for silhouettes like mermaid, trumpet, or strapless sheath gowns.

If you wear underneath shapewear, you will get a slimmer figure and enhance the waist. It will also smoothen the bulges if you’re conscious of your fitted wedding dress.

Brides wearing a backless and strapless wedding dress can also choose a deep-back bodysuit so it won’t show. And if there are mesh panels on the body of the strapless dress, then select a white or nude-colored bodysuit. 


What Do You Wear Under A Strapless Backless Wedding Dress?

Adhesive bra, nipple covers, or body tape can be worn under the wedding gown if its style is strapless and backless. This way, nothing will show above the chest or behind the strapless dress, and you’ll highlight the gorgeous shape and detail of the wedding dress.

You can style the body tape differently so no parts of it will show with your strapless and backless gown. If you also have an outdoor or summer wedding, you will sweat more, and the adhesives may come off.

Finally, test the adhesive undergarments first, as some brides might have sensitive skin. Then, when removing, use body oil to loosen the stickiness and prevent irritating your skin. 

For more tips with backless and low-back gowns, read what to wear under a wedding dress with a low-back.


Do Brides Wear Lingerie Under Their Dresses?

Brides are not required to wear lingerie under their wedding gowns. However, they might choose if the comfort and style of the lingerie suit the wedding dress.

Some brides wear lingerie underneath the wedding dress to feel more confident and sexy. Remember that it’s also common nowadays to have a boudoir photo shoot in the morning while preparing for the wedding. 

But in general, especially with the popular backless or strapless wedding dress, it might be more practical and convenient for the bride to wear seamless underwear, shapewear, or even adhesives. Feel free to check what to wear under a wedding dress for a more in-depth discussion. 


Can You Wear A Strapless Wedding Dress?

Besides understanding what to wear underneath strapless gowns, should you be wearing strapless bridal attire? The answer depends on the type of wedding, venue, and season. 

Remember that traditional weddings, religious venues, and outdoor weddings that might get too cold are considerations when selecting a wedding gown style. Strapless wedding dresses might seem too revealing, especially if it has a deep neckline. 

The bride might also be uncomfortable if the venue is cold, so she can wear a strapless dress with a bridal bolero or ask the seamstress to add sleeves. Ultimately, only wear a strapless wedding dress if it’s respectful for the wedding type and venue and if you feel confident in them.


How Can I Make My Strapless Wedding Dress Look Better?

  • Make sure the dress is perfectly fitted for you
  • Wear the best undergarments for the strapless dress style
  • Practice moving around with the wedding dress while wearing your wedding undergarments and shoes 
  • Consider getting a spray tan to even out your skin tone
  • Play with the bridal hairstyle 
  • Ask your wedding makeup artist to contour and highlight your chest and shoulders
  • Wear statement earrings 



And that’s it! You just learned what to wear under strapless wedding dress which are adhesive bras, strapless bras, and strapless bodysuits. 

We hope our tips help you look your best; let us know below what other bridal tricks you want.

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