What To Wear To Son’s Wedding: Dress Etiquette

If you’re unsure about what to wear to son’s wedding, use this attire guide and examples of outfits for the mom and dad of the groom. Knowing what to wear to weddings can always be tricky, but as the parents of the groom, you can follow etiquette. 

We will also discuss below if the bride and groom’s parents have to match their wedding outfits. Then, you can familiarize yourself with what to give your son on his wedding day

what to wear to son's wedding


What To Wear To Son’s Wedding: Attire Guide And Outfits


Mother of the groom’s wedding outfit

The wedding attire of the groom’s mother should be at the same level of formality as everyone else. However, she will be distinguished from the other guests because her outfit is slightly more extravagant. 

For example, the bride can choose to bring her partner’s mom and her mom to shop with her when trying on wedding dresses. Then, you can guide the mothers with the wedding’s theme and color palette, so they can pick their dress or two-piece outfit. 

If the groom is also bringing his grandmother to the wedding, his mom and grandma can have dresses that have similarities in styles. Regardless, do not underdress or go overdressed when attending your son’s wedding. 


Father of the groom’s wedding outfit

As the groom’s father, what you’re wearing should follow the theme and dress code of the wedding. You can even try different outfits you can wear and ask your son if he thinks what you picked is suitable. 

Sometimes, the groom’s dad can go with the groomsmen when they shop for suits and tuxedos. However, you don’t have to match the exact color and style of the groom’s wedding party. 

Your son might also select a specific attire for you so you and the bride’s dad have the same level of styling and formality for the wedding. And in some weddings, the son even picks his father as their best man, so you should look somewhat similar to the wedding party. 


What Color Does The Mother Of The Groom Usually Wear?

The groom’s mother can be wearing a color that is coordinated with the bridesmaids’ attire. However, she can also pick a color included in the wedding color palette herself. 

At some weddings, the mothers of the groom and bride may also wear the same color, so they’ll be distinguished from the wedding party. But of course, it’s etiquette not to wear white and related colors as it’s reserved for the bride.

Popular colors you can wear to your son’s wedding include blush, purple, blue, green, and pastel shades. You can also wear gem colors if it suits the wedding theme. 


What Color Does The Father Of The Groom Usually Wear?

When deciding the clothes to wear to your son’s wedding, you can use the wedding outfits of the groomsmen as inspiration. You don’t have to wear the same suit color as them, but it should be related, so you’re not the same as the other guests.

For example, you can wear another shade of blue if the groomsmen are wearing blue suits. You can also ask your son if he has an idea for your wedding attire style. 

Some popular colors that dads are wearing to their son’s wedding include brown, black, blue, and gray. You can also wear a specific boutonniere or bow tie similar to the bride’s dad. 

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Does The Father Of The Bride Wear The Same As The Groom?

The father of the bride can wear similar attire to the groom, but of course, the two outfits should not look like carbon copies of each other. The style of the suit, inner shirt color, suit color tone, pocket square, boutonniere, or even the necktie or bowtie can make the two outfits look different but still cohesive with the wedding’s theme. 

However, it’s not surprising that the dads of the bride and groom wear the same outfit at some weddings. This will look good in photos, especially in portraits, to discern the parents from the bridal party.


Do The Parents Of The Bride And The Groom Match The Wedding Party?

The attire of the bride and groom’s respective sets of parents can match the wedding party. However, it’s more trendy nowadays to have the bridesmaids wear different dresses in the same color. 

The mothers of the bride and groom can also wear the same colors as the wedding party’s attire. So the style of what they’re wearing will be different but still fitting to the wedding theme. 

The fathers of the bride and groom can wear the same suits as the groomsmen. But, then, provide a different boutonniere for them as a sign of honor


How Do You Dress Parents And Stepparents At A Wedding?

Your parents and stepparents can wear the same outfits. You can also provide them with outfit ideas to select what they want.



And that’s it! To recap what to wear to son’s wedding, the style and color scheme of the wedding party can be your inspiration.

You can also ask your son as he may have picked some outfit ideas for you. Overall, follow the dress code and wedding theme, but dress with class in mind. 

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