What To Wear To A Wedding When Pregnant

Those who have no idea what to wear to a wedding when pregnant can consider two factors. This outfit guide will tackle styling tips and hacks for the pregnant guest, a bride dressing a baby bump, or the pregnant bridesmaid who doesn’t want to look too obvious. 

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what to wear to a wedding when pregnant


What Can I Wear To A Wedding When Pregnant


Be practical

Start by determining the dress code to know the proper attire for the wedding you’ll attend. From there, you can select the outfits that would look flattering for your silhouette without sacrificing comfort. 

Pregnant wedding guests can consider a dress that is cinched under the bust, so you’ll still have a shape, but you won’t feel constricted on the baby bump. You can also consider a wrap-around top and flowy skirts that would match the formality of the wedding.  

Then, don’t forget to consider the fabric of your outfits. Cotton and chiffon are ideal for pregnant women because they are comfortable with some stretch. 

Finally, please read this guide on how to wear flats to a wedding because it’s never a good idea to wear heels when pregnant. However, flats can still be suitable for formal to semi-formal events like weddings, and they are the safer footwear for pregnant women to avoid putting pressure on the joints. 


Adjust accordingly

Once you have built an outfit in mind, you can modify the pieces accordingly to ensure they are wedding-appropriate but still comfortable for your pregnancy. For example, you can talk with a trusted sewist to better fit a maxi dress. 

A well-fitted clothing piece will always help the wearer look more classy. And because every pregnant woman’s body is different, you may need to get some alterations on your chosen maternity wedding outfit. 

You also want to consider the location of the wedding to ensure that you’ll be comfortable throughout the day. Different areas experience seasons uniquely, so read the wedding invitation to know what to expect. 

For example, outdoor weddings can get chilly in the fall than indoor ones, so you can always bring a shawl for added warmth. Here are some examples of how to wear a shawl to a wedding


How Do You Dress Bump For A Wedding?


Best wedding dresses for pregnant brides

Pregnant brides can consider different styles and silhouettes of wedding dresses to dress up their bump and look the best on their wedding day. If you’re pregnant, examples of flattering wedding dresses include a slip dress, A-line dress, or an empire-waist dress.

A slip dress is very comfortable, especially for brides already in their second trimester. If the bump is still small, you can also consider an A-line wedding dress because it’s flowy underneath the breast to hide the stomach. 

Finally, an empire waist can be fantastic, especially if the wedding dress style is flowy. Make sure that you’ll also opt for dresses with darker colors, details, prints, or embellishments to distract the attention away from the bump. 


How to accessorize a wedding dress when pregnant

Before the outer accessories, start with wearing the right undergarments for your wedding dress when pregnant. Women in the early stages of pregnancy can still wear a Spanx, but those that have bigger bumps must select comfortable underwear to avoid feeling suffocated. 

As for the jewelry, wear a layered necklace or those with an interesting pendant to draw the attention away from your midsection. You can even wear sleeves or a cape to make the dress look more interesting. 


Can I Wear A Regular Wedding Dress While Pregnant?

You can still wear a regular wedding dress when pregnant, but expect some modifications to make the dress more comfortable for the bump. Again, it’s best to visit the bridal salon and talk with the designer about how you want to look. 

The dress will be customized according to your body, and you may need several fittings to anticipate the upcoming changes in your body shape as the wedding day approaches. Please consider researching different dress shops because some designers even specialize in making maternity wedding dresses, and don’t forget to book an appointment in advance. 


How Do Bridesmaids Hide Pregnancy?

  • Consult the bride regarding the style of dress you can wear; some silhouettes are looser under the waist that will make the bump less noticeable
  • Check with the bride about the color palettes for the bridesmaids to know if you can have a darker shade
  • Avoid accessories that draw attention to the torso 
  • Opt for flowy and breathable fabrics for the dress and never those that sit tightly to the body
  • Be strategic in holding and positioning the bouquet you’re holding if you have one



And that’s it! You just learned what to wear to a wedding when pregnant by considering practicality and the formality of the wedding. 

It’s best to wear loose dresses and flats because they can still match most wedding dress codes without sacrificing comfort. And if you’re the bride and pregnant, talk with the designer and choose from styles like A-lines and empire waist gowns. 

Finally, pregnant bridesmaids can always talk with the bride about outfit specifications, especially when the pregnancy has to be hidden at the wedding. 


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