What To Wear To A Wedding Shower: Best Dress Codes

To know what to wear to a wedding shower, you must be familiar with formal and casual looks. Even if it’s a more laidback celebration before the wedding, you still want to look appropriate as a guest. 

And if you’re curious about what is a wedding shower, please read our separate discussion regarding this joint party. It is different from a bridal shower, so it would help you understand what it is. 

what to wear to a wedding shower


What To Wear To A Wedding Shower As A Guest

Before anything else, refer to the theme and dress code of the wedding shower. Then, depending on the event, it may or may not send out invitations. 

You can be informed by invitations sent four weeks before the wedding shower, but if there are no invites, the maid of honor or best man might contact you via social media or email. While you’re at it, make sure to ask all your attire questions to whoever invited you but not to the couple since it’s a surprise for them. 


Formal wedding showers

Some friends or relatives prepare a formal wedding shower for the couple. Usually, the dress code for this type of party is formal, and some might even request a black-tie event, especially if it’s a dinner at a fancy hotel or restaurant. 

Females guests can opt for long evening gowns, and male guests can wear suits or vests. You can also check if there is a specific wedding theme to know what colors the hosts want on the wedding shower.

Since formal wedding showers are usually held in the evening, dark colors should be acceptable, even black. But, then, don’t forget to wear the right accessories and shoes to match the formality of your outfit. 


Casual wedding showers

Since wedding showers are usually a surprise party, the hosts might hold them in someone’s backyard or garden. This type of event is more laid-back, and the dress code is typically casual. 

You should still wear something nice, so avoid gym outfits or those that are pretty revealing. Instead, female guests can consider a nice jumpsuit, while male guests can choose a good-fitting buttoned shirt and plain jeans. 

Flowy midi or maxi dresses are also comfortable, and male guests can try a more casual jacket or coat. And since it’s more relaxed, a clean pair of sneakers or sandals are more acceptable. 


What Is The Dress Code For A Wedding Shower?

The dress code for a wedding shower will depend on the host and the theme and venue for the party. However, it’s usually semi-formal to casual, so everyone can mingle freely and do fun activities to celebrate the future newlyweds.

Cocktail attire is also appreciated since it balances formal and casual. You can also indulge in fun colors and prints, depending on how festive is the overall theme and atmosphere of the wedding shower. 

When unsure, you can always ask the hosts to dress up more appropriately. And, of course, don’t overlook comfort since you might be walking, standing, and dancing all night. 


Can I Wear Jeans To A Wedding Shower?

You can wear jeans to a wedding shower as long as the invitation doesn’t indicate that it will be a formal event. However, it’s best to opt for the plain black or blue jeans rather than prints or distressed features to match the occasion. 

You still don’t want to look very casual or eye-catching in a celebration that’s meant to highlight the future of newlyweds. Additionally, denim shorts should be avoided unless it’s a beach wedding shower where it might be acceptable to wear short outfits for swimwear. 

And in a semi-formal event, you can always dress up your jeans with the right top plus heels for the ladies or boots for the men. Read how to wear pants to a wedding for more tips. 


Where Should A Wedding Shower Be Held?

The wedding shower can be held wherever the hosts want. However, it would be great if the place is somewhere sentimental to the couple, such as where they first met or a shared favorite location to make it more memorable. 

You also want to consider your budget since the wedding shower is typically thrown as a gift by the wedding party. The maid of honor, best man, bridesmaids, and groomsmen can all chip in to help you find a gorgeous place for the wedding shower. 

Additionally, keep in mind the location so those invited can comfortably come. You want the important people for the couple to arrive to make their celebration more enjoyable. 


Who Gets Invited To The Wedding Shower?

Since the wedding shower is for the bride and groom, their close friends and family can come to the celebration. The wedding shower is also not gendered restrictive like the bridal shower where only female guests can come. 

When creating a guest list, consider who you think the couple would want to be there. It would also be best to avoid inviting people with conflicts to prevent an awkward atmosphere or potential quarrels. 



Was this style guide helpful? To recap what to wear to a wedding shower, it will depend on the party’s theme. 

Some will want formal attire, especially an evening event, while backyard casual wedding showers are less strict with what to wear. You can also consider what you’d wear to a party and then style it up or tone it down according to the wedding shower’s venue, time, and theme.  

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