What To Wear To A Wedding Rehearsal Dinner

If you’re unsure what to wear to a wedding rehearsal dinner, there are two considerations to help you. First, you will find out the importance of understanding the invitation and the dos and don’ts to follow the rehearsal dinner etiquette when deciding what to wear. 

But for the event earlier in the day, you might be interested to learn how to run a wedding rehearsal. The dinner follows this practice, so you should also know how the rehearsal runs. 

what to wear to a wedding rehearsal dinner


What Should You Wear To A Wedding Rehearsal Dinner


Check the invitation

Before anything else, please check the wedding rehearsal dinner invitation for the dress code or theme. Even rehearsal dinners have invitations, but they are less formal than wedding invitations, so be sure to read any potential online invites or answer phone calls regarding the dinner. 

Besides the dress code on the wedding invitation, the time and venue for the rehearsal dinner should give you an idea of what to wear. For example, a traditional 8-pm rehearsal dinner is usually more formal than those held earlier. 

As for the venue, fancy sites will, of course, expect classy evening outfits than rehearsal dinners done at the couple’s backyard. Nonetheless, you can always check with the couple’s family or other guests if you’re unsure what to wear to the rehearsal dinner. 


Maintain etiquette 

After determining the dress code, it’s time to understand the outfit etiquette for wedding rehearsal dinners. Much like in the wedding itself, it’s best to avoid white and other related colors for your outfit. 

Unless you’re sure that the couple won’t mind, it’s assumed that white is reserved for the bride. It would help if you also were mindful of the wedding party’s colors and avoid them even at the rehearsal dinner.

However, there’s no need to be overdressed, especially if the rehearsal dinner is semi-formal to casual. You still don’t want to stand out from the rest of the guests, even at the rehearsal dinner. 


Do You Have To Dress Up For Wedding Rehearsal?

The dress code will dictate how you dress up or down when attending a wedding rehearsal dinner. Usually, the rehearsal dinner is looser with formality than the wedding itself. 

For example, a semi-formal wedding will most likely have a casual wedding rehearsal dinner. You can also check when it will be held since those that will happen earlier in the day tend to be more casual. 

If you’re unsure about what to wear, a safe outfit choice is business casual. Male and female guests can consider clothes they’ll wear to a work event because they wouldn’t be too casual or formal.


Can You Wear Jeans To A Wedding Rehearsal?

You can wear jeans to a wedding rehearsal since it’s likely to be more casual than the wedding itself. Male guests can pair jeans with a button-down shirt, while female guests can match jeans with a cardigan or blouse. 

However, select the best-looking and fitting pair of jeans and avoid ripped ones to look more tasteful for the event. Furthermore, some wedding rehearsals are still formal, in which case, jeans would not be appropriate. 


What Groom Wears To Rehearsal Dinner?

Grooms should match the formality of the bride at the rehearsal dinner. You can always ask her about what you should wear so both of you will complement each other’s outfit. 

It’s best to discuss the colors and remember the unspoken rule of allowing the bride to be the best-dressed in the wedding rehearsal. And if you’re following a dress code, then dress accordingly for the rehearsal dinner.

A black-tie rehearsal dinner requires a tux, formal dinners can be done with suits, and semi-formal dinners can lose the ties. Casual dinners will be the most relaxed, so the groom can possibly wear a button-down shirt with a good pair of jeans. 


What Bride Wears To Rehearsal Dinner

Like weddings, the bride should be the best-dressed in the rehearsal dinner. However, you’re not required to wear white or even a dress if you prefer pants. 

Some outfit ideas that you can wear to a rehearsal dinner include a jumpsuit, pantsuit, or a dress of your choice. Just keep the dress code and venue in mind and talk with the groom, so both of you complement each other. 

Do you also hate wearing heels? Read how to wear flat shoes to a wedding for style inspirations that you can apply for the rehearsal dinner. 


What Is The Etiquette For Rehearsal Dinner?

  • Send the rehearsal dinner invitations four to six weeks before the event
  • You can send the rehearsal dinner invitations online, via post, or even by calling 
  • Immediate family and close friends are expected to be invited to the rehearsal dinner, but the list can always be expanded
  • The rehearsal dinner is traditionally done on the evening before the wedding and after the rehearsal practice
  • It’s ideal to do the rehearsal dinner at a location close to the ceremony site or where the guests are staying  



And that’s it! We’ve just learned what to wear to a wedding rehearsal dinner, where it’s essential to check the dress code and apply wedding outfit etiquette to your final outfit. 

You can check if it’s a formal, semi-formal, or casual event and further modify your outfit based on the dinner’s venue and time. However, remember not to wear something that will upstage the couple. 


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