What To Wear To A Wedding In Jamaica

Those unsure about what to wear to a wedding in Jamaica should consider two factors to choose their clothing accordingly. A wedding in Jamaica does not automatically mean you can opt for beach wear as a wedding guest. 

The dress code and time of the wedding should help you decide what to wear. But generally, you can also read what to wear to a destination wedding

what to wear to a wedding in jamaica


Guest’s Guide On What To Wear To A Wedding In Jamaica


Follow the dress code

To help you know what to wear to a Jamaican wedding, check the dress code indicated on the wedding invitation and the couple’s website. They’re likely to mention the wedding attire and might even bring some examples of what the guests can wear. 

Even if the wedding happens in the Caribbean, do not assume that your wedding attire for the Jamaican wedding is automatically beachwear. You might need to dress it up even if the venue is by the beach. 

If it’s a place of worship, female guests might even need to bring a coverup to add modesty to their strapless or sleeveless outfits. And of course, if it’s formal, then men should not wear denim clothing to the Jamaican wedding. 

You can always wear outfits that are considered beach formal or resort chic if unsure when attending a Jamaican beach wedding. Bright colors are also usually enjoyed in Caribbean weddings, so get inspired with tropical colors without losing formality. 


Consider the time of the Jamaican wedding

The wedding time is the second clue to ensure that your outfits for the Jamaican wedding are appropriate. For example, formal attire is likely requested for an evening wedding, while the beach welcomes more laidback clothes for a morning or afternoon wedding. 

The colors of your wedding clothes can also be affected by the time of the wedding in Jamaica. This means that beach wedding attire for a destination wedding in Jamaica can be in bright colors for a morning ceremony and darker colors for an evening ceremony. 

Some specific examples include classic wedding suits for male guests and chic dresses or two-piece outfits for female guests. For instance, daytime weddings in Jamaica can have men in light-colored suits, while an event in the evening can have you wearing something dark like navy or black to look more sophisticated.

A daytime wedding wear for female guests can mean floral flowy maxi dresses, while a solid-colored cocktail dress or a sleek jumpsuit might be more appropriate for an evening or nighttime event. But of course, remember that you’re a wedding guest and you must never outshine the bride and groom. 


What not to wear to a wedding in Jamaica

Weddings in Jamaica will follow the etiquette of any other type of destination wedding when it comes to knowing the appropriate outfits for the guests. However, it would also be best to ask the couple or someone close to them if there are specific outfits to avoid.

  • Never wear white outfits as such color is reserved for the bride
  • Even if it’s a casual beach wedding, avoid attire that can be seen as too laidback for the wedding
  • Denim outfits are too casual to wear for a wedding
  • Be mindful of the color and style of what to wear to a Jamaican wedding, so you remain lowkey as a wedding guest
  • Be respectful of the venue and religion of the couple and opt for modest clothing
  • Consider comfort with your attire, especially at a Caribbean beach wedding 

To maintain comfort, especially with the tropical conditions in Jamaica, here’s what to wear to a hot wedding


What Is Jamaica’s Dress Code?

To further understand Jamaica wedding clothes, here’s what people typically wear at the wedding. Of course, you can also carry extra clothes to change into, depending on the time and venue of the wedding in Jamaica. 


  • Casual

Even if the dress code is casual, you should still dress up with your clothing for the Jamaican wedding. This means a button-down shirt and dress pants for men and summer but stylish dress for women. 


  • Cocktail or semi-formal

Cocktail or semi-formal dress codes are outfits that are between formal and casual. Of course, you can never go wrong with suits for men and a cocktail dress for women. 


  • Formal/black-tie optional

Formal Jamaica wedding clothes mean suits or even tuxedos, especially for black-tie. Women, on the other hand, can opt for evening gowns or even sophisticated pantsuits.  


  • Beach formal

Most couples who do weddings in Jamaica will have them at the beach. And for a beach formal wedding, you should still wear suits and dresses, but opt for comfortable fabrics and colors for Jamaica’s tropical weather. 


  • Beach semi-formal

If you’re attending a wedding with a beach semi-formal dress code, this means you don’t need to wear suits and dresses. Instead, dressy jumpsuits for women and buttoned shirts with slacks for men would be ideal. 


  • Tropical 

A tropical wedding attire means you must wear outfits inspired by the tropics. Think of colors like green, blue, or yellow and materials like cotton, linen, or chiffon for your clothing. 



And that’s it! To recap what to wear to a wedding in Jamaica, consider the dress code and time of the wedding. 

Jamaica’s beach venue and tropical weather should also influence what you’ll wear. And, of course, understand the dress code of your wedding. 

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