What To Wear To A Wedding Brunch: Best Outfits

If you’re unsure about what to wear to a wedding brunch, we’ll distinguish the attire for male and female guests to help you create an outfit. We will also talk about the expected dress code for brunch weddings and what to expect if the event happens at this time of the day. 

Brunch weddings usually happening at 11 am, or 1 pm will be ideal during summer because of the bright weather, especially outdoors. So why not read about what to wear to a summer wedding for additional outfit ideas?

what to wear to a wedding brunch


What Do You Wear To A Wedding Brunch As A Guest?


Male guests

Because brunch weddings happen late in the morning or early in the afternoon, you can expect that the affair won’t be as formal as evening wedding receptions. That being said, you can dress down your formal suit by losing the tie or opting for a blazer and trousers instead. 

You still don’t want to look casual because it’s a wedding. Furthermore, check the wedding invitation for the wedding venue as it can help you dress up or dress down accordingly. 

For example, outdoor brunch weddings will be comfortable with light-colored collared shirt and khakis. Another outfit to try for a wedding brunch is sports coat with trousers because the outfit looks smart but not too formal for brunch. 


Female guests

Like how male guests dress for a wedding brunch, female guests don’t need to dress as formally as they would in an evening dinner. It would be best if you had a balance between formal and casual while keeping the location of the wedding brunch in mind for comfort. 

A safe choice is going with a cocktail attire that is not too revealing or eye-catching. For example, a pair of dressy heels with a dress just above your knees should look classy for a brunch wedding. 

Women who prefer pants over skirts and dresses can also opt for a pastel-colored jumpsuit or even a dressy suit with formal flats for comfort, especially in an outdoor setting. Here’s a more in-depth guide on how to wear flat shoes to a wedding if heels are uncomfortable for you. 


What Is The Dress Code For A Brunch Wedding

The most common dress code for a wedding brunch is semi-formal, but some may also note that they’d want their guests in cocktail attire. That being said, always refer to the wedding invitation to help decide on an outfit better. 

It’s unlikely for a brunch wedding to be a black-tie event, but you should still dress up and put some effort into your outfit for the wedding. Here are some tips for dressing at a semi-formal wedding brunch:

  • Opt for soft and light colors over bold and sparkly fabrics for your clothes
  • Consider the season, where you want breathable and cool clothing during the heat of the brunch 
  • Avoid white or the designated color for the wedding party much like when deciding on what to wear to any wedding
  • Subtle prints look interesting for a brunch wedding attire as long as they won’t draw attention on you too much
  • Skip the sports attire and casual clothes
  • When in doubt, ask the couple about what you’re planning to wear


What Do You Wear To A Sunday Brunch Wedding?

Some couples opt to have their brunch wedding on a Sunday because of the more relaxed atmosphere, and some venues are even more affordable during Sundays. So what should you wear at a Sunday brunch wedding?

Semi-casual attire is the common theme on a Sunday brunch wedding. This means that patterns, pastel colors, and light fabrics are ideal for your outfit. 

If the brunch reception is in a garden, you can take advantage of floral patterns. The season can also help you decide on a color palette for your outfit. 

Here is what to wear to a spring wedding if the brunch is between March to June. 


What Do You Wear To A Dressy Brunch?

A dressy brunch means that you want an outfit that is not too casual but not something you’d wear at a black-tie event. This can mean semi-formal blouses, collared shirts, chinos, skirts, and dresses. 

You can also style a business attire to make it look more wedding-appropriate with the right accessories and jewelry. And of course, don’t forget to wear dressy shoes and a bag that’ll complement your clothes. 


Can You Wear A Black Dress To A Wedding Brunch?

You can wear a black dress to a wedding brunch because it’s easy to style up or down to match the cocktail or semi-formal dress code. Furthermore, note that you still don’t want to wear something too short or revealing, and it’s best to include other colors and not opt for a full-black attire. 

Some cultures might also correlate black to grieving, so always ask the maid of honor if this color will be appropriate for the wedding. And of course, don’t forget the weather because black can feel uncomfortable if it’s very hot in the wedding venue. 



And that’s it! We just found out what to wear to a wedding brunch, which usually has a semi-formal or cocktail attire recommendation for the guests. 

Check the wedding invitation for the dress code and wedding venue to create an outfit better. You can also opt for dressy clothes or style business attire to suit a wedding. 


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