What To Wear To A Vietnamese Wedding: Guest Guide

Those who are unsure about what to wear to a Vietnamese wedding should understand the do’s and don’ts for wedding guests regarding what to wear at a traditional Vietnamese wedding. 

We will discuss the etiquette for the clothes and what outfits you must wear for the ceremony, reception, and tea ceremony. And if you’re attending other Asian weddings, feel free to browse our blog for specific attire guides.

what to wear to a vietnamese wedding

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Here Is What To Wear To A Vietnamese Wedding

Before anything else, please check the dress code of the Vietnamese wedding you’re attending. Will it be formal, or the ceremony itself is not as traditional? Ask someone close to the couple regarding the clothes that are expected of the guests. 


What you should wear when attending a Vietnamese wedding ceremony

The wedding clothes that guests must wear for a traditional Vietnamese wedding ceremony are pretty similar to other traditional weddings. You should also keep the etiquette of not upstaging the bride in mind, especially for female guests.

You shouldn’t match her wedding dress color, and no guest must wear something too extravagant that they look like they’re the ones getting married. Typically, you can wear the traditional ao dai to show respect and modesty at the Vietnamese wedding.

Male guests can also wear suits for formality, where you can have a light shirt, vest, tie, and trousers to pair with your suit. For older men, it’s not surprising to see them wearing ao dai and scarves. 

However, most Vietnamese weddings are not that strict and require guests to wear ao dai. If you’re not part of the wedding party, you can wear anything that matches the event’s formality.


Traditional Vietnamese wedding clothing of the bride and groom

The Vietnamese bride traditionally wears the ao dai, Vietnam’s national costume. It can be in red, white, gold, or pastel colors, so keep this in mind when selecting an outfit to wear as the wedding guest. 

On the other hand, the groom will also wear traditional clothing called the ao gam. It is designed to complement the bride’s outfit, but do not be surprised to see Vietnamese grooms wearing a white dress shirt and suit during their wedding ceremonies. 


What to wear to a Vietnamese tea ceremony

Besides familiarizing yourself with traditional Vietnamese clothing, you should also know Vietnamese wedding traditions. One of the most significant ones is the tea ceremony, so here is the etiquette of what to wear when attending one as a guest. 

You’re likely to receive information about what to wear for the tea ceremony, or you can ask the couple themselves. However, it’s common to wear the same formality or attire to the tea ceremony as what you had for the wedding ceremony. 

Guests can wear the ao dai, but the bride will stand out because she’ll have the most extravagant outfit. She also typically wears the Khan Dong, which is a Vietnamese headdress. 


What to wear to a Vietnamese wedding reception

Bright colors are preferred for the guests when attending a traditional Vietnamese wedding reception. It is considered good luck for the wedding to look bright and colorful. 

You might also be wearing the same outfit you had for the ceremony. And of course, it’s better to check the invitation or ask the couple about their reception. 


What Colors Should You Not Wear To A Vietnamese Wedding?

One of the most important things to remember when attending a Vietnamese wedding is never to upstage the bride. Be aware of the color she’ll wear, which can be red, gold, pink, or even white. 

White and purple florals are also outfits to avoid when attending a Vietnamese wedding as they represent sadness, funerals, and guests. And of course, do not wear something too casual-looking and still exert an effort with the clothes you’ll wear. 


What colors can you wear to a Vietnamese wedding?

Dressing for a Vietnamese wedding should not be hard as long as you avoid something eye-catching or similar to the ao dai of the bride. Bright colors are even welcome because the wedding is expected to be lively and radiant. 


What Should You Not Wear To A Vietnamese Wedding?

As a guest, you can quickly know what to wear as long as your clothing doesn’t look like the Vietnamese wedding attire of the bride and groom. Women can wear the ao dai but are mindful of colors like white, red, or pastels as they are typically reserved for the bride. 

Of course, you don’t want to look sloppy or casual, so avoid outfits that don’t suit the formal wedding occasion. They mean denim, activewear, lounge clothes, and outfits that reveal too much skin. 

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Was this etiquette guide helpful? To recap what to wear to a Vietnamese wedding, opt for bright outfits that match the event’s formality.

Men can wear suits, and women can wear the traditional ao dai as long as it’s not upstaging the bridal attire. You should also avoid colors like red, white, and pastels, typically reserved for the bride. 

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