What To Wear To A Vegas Wedding: Outfit Ideas

You can learn what to wear to a Vegas wedding depending on the type of wedding and current season. We will give you some outfit ideas while also discussing some expectations regarding a Vegas wedding.

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what to wear to a vegas wedding


What To Wear To A Vegas Wedding As A Guest


What’s the type of wedding?

Most Vegas weddings are held at a chapel, so make sure not to wear anything too loud or casual. To be safe, check the dress code indicated by the couple. 

You can also consider if the wedding will follow a theme. For example, it’s common for Vegas weddings to follow a retro theme, so the guests can also consider vintage outfits. 

But similar to other weddings, remember to style your outfit in a way that won’t upstage the bride or groom. While it’s true that a Vegas wedding is usually non-traditional and probably more loose with the clothes you can’t wear, it’s common etiquette to dress respectfully as a wedding guest. 

Here’s what to wear to a church wedding if you’ll attend one. 


What’s the season?

After determining the dress code and general theme of the Vegas wedding, consider the time and season of the wedding day when picking an outfit. For example, you want to have enough coverup during cold weather or something breathable under the sun. 

You can also consider the wedding time since the Vegas climate can get cold at night but hot during the daytime. If the wedding is expected to continue until sundown, make sure to bring a coverup such as a jacket. 

Do note that your attire’s color can also affect your general comfort. For example, darker colors will always be more fitting for nighttime and lighter colors will be more comfortable during the day. 


What Do You Wear To A Las Vegas Winter Wedding?

When deciding on what to wear to a Las Vegas winter wedding, please check with the dress code on your invitation or the couple’s wedding website. And while it might not be mentioned, assume that you will still apply some common wedding outfit etiquette to a Vegas wedding. 

That being said, a winter Vegas wedding, being located in the desert, can be very cold, especially if it’s after the sun is down. So guys can consider a full suit while female guests can add tights to their dresses or skirts. 

The temperature should still be pretty comfortable for a daytime winter Vegas wedding, so dressing is easier. Opt for light jackets or coats, but bring some extra layers if the event is until nighttime. 


Is A Vegas Wedding Tacky?

Vegas weddings are often stereotyped as tacky because of their unique take on this usually formal and solemn occasion. When one thinks of a Vegas wedding, what comes to mind is an officiant dressed as Elvis or a wacky venue like in front of a roller coaster. 

However, there are many places in Vegas where a fancy or classy wedding is possible as long as you have the budget. Furthermore, be realistic with your expectations regarding weddings held in a casino or standalone wedding chapel compared to a wedding in a five-star hotel

The takeaway here is that a Vegas wedding can be tacky, but it’s also possible to hold an elegant wedding in Las Vegas. You can try intimate wedding chapels without the costumes, beach resorts, or even luxury hotels if you want something grand. 


What Do I Need For A Vegas Wedding?

Here is how to apply for a Las Vegas marriage license:

  • Before anything else, make sure that you and your future spouse are at least 18 years old and are unrelated with proof of name and age
  • Visit a clerk in person at the Las Vegas Marriage License Bureau or check how to go through with an online marriage pre-application process to save time 
  • Please do your research regarding the requirements and fees as there might be changes or additional information to know at the moment
  • Consider making reservations for the ceremony quite early to avoid stress and potentially save on expenses 


Can You Just Walk Into A Chapel In Vegas And Get Married?

It’s possible to just walk into a Vegas chapel to get married. But to avoid any potential hassle, plan ahead of time and decide on a chapel for your wedding. 

Check if they accept walk-ins and if you can book according to the date you want. The pandemic might also affect other considerations regarding walk-in weddings. 

Furthermore, you can also get married and receive your marriage license on the same day in Vegas. Just make sure that you know the requirements for the marriage license. 


Why Is Getting Married In Vegas So Easy?

Compared to other places, it’s easy to get a marriage license in Vegas since lawmakers saw it as a way to promote tourism. In addition, there is no waiting period, so people who want to get married quickly find Vegas weddings convenient. 



And that’s it! We just discussed what to wear to a Vegas wedding where you must consider the dress code, wedding type, and season. 

Some Vegas weddings are indeed tacky, so outfits can also be outrageous. However, check your invitation to ensure that what you’ll wear is something the couple would approve. 


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