What To Wear To A Ranch Wedding: Ranch Attire Ideas

If you’re unsure about what to wear to a ranch wedding, consider three things to create several outfits you can try as a wedding guest. We’ll also discuss dress codes like fancy ranch and ranch formal to familiarize you if the wedding invitation mentions them. 

You can also read what to wear to a barn wedding for additional reference. Our blog has many attire guides for outdoor and rustic weddings if needed.

what to wear to a ranch wedding


What To Wear To A Ranch Wedding: Wedding Guest Attire Guide


Check the wedding dress code

Like attending any other wedding, the guest’s clothing must always follow the dress code requested on the wedding invitation. Do not assume that the ranch wedding will be semi-formal or casual, as the couple might still prefer a formal wedding. 

From the dress code, it should be easy to create a guest attire that will also be comfortable for a ranch wedding reception. For example, you can opt for a midi dress or a light-colored suit for a formal ranch wedding instead of an evening dress and black suit. 

If the ranch wedding is semi-formal, patterns and lightweight fabrics will be appropriate both for male and female guests. Men can also lose the tie or bowtie, and female guests can wear boots over heels to easily walk around. 


Consider the comfort of ranch attire

Attending a ranch wedding means you must wear an outfit suitable for the outdoor venue. This means choosing breathable fabrics both for men and women, especially when dressing with layers like coats and jackets. 

Some ranch weddings might also permit jeans, but remember to choose something plain and dark in color to maintain some formality. And as for the shoes, women can opt for flats and boots, while some simple dressy sneakers should also look well when styled nicely for men

For other tips to remember when dressing for a ranch wedding, be mindful of the fit and length of your outfit. While you shouldn’t wear shorts, avoid lengthy dresses that may catch around the ranch. 


Know the appropriate wedding outfit color

The appropriate wedding attire for a ranch wedding would include choosing the right color palette. If you close your eyes and imagine a rustic wedding, the colors that come to mind are also fitting for a ranch wedding. 

These colors include browns, blues, greens, and even reds. Of course, you can wear light colors and pastels, but darker, neutral, and earthy tones look fitting for a ranch wedding. 

If you prefer, patterns, stripes, florals, or plaid will also look acceptable for a ranch wedding guest. Just avoid wearing the same colors or patterns as the wedding party


What Is Ranch Formal?

Does the ranch wedding invitation mention ranch formal for the dress code? Then you can take inspiration from the literal meaning of this dress code for your outfit. 

Some wedding guest outfits combine dressy clothing pieces with rustic or country influences. Think dark jeans, vests, blazers, or a simple dress shirt with cowboy boots. 

For women, it can also be cowboy boots and a simple A-line dress with lace or something suitable for the countryside. The main takeaway is to look still appropriate for the wedding and take advantage of the ranch venue and country theme. 


What Is Fancy Ranch Attire?

Another unique dress code that you may encounter with ranch weddings is the fancy ranch attire. Again, it should be easy to know what to wear because it’s essentially a semi-formal event with rustic and country influences similar to ranch formal. 

You can consider dressy outfits in prints like gingham or plaid. Women can also consider jumpsuits and men in buttoned shirts and slacks. 

When in doubt, you can always ask the couple or anyone from the wedding party about the outfit you’re planning to wear. Remember that it’s still a wedding, but you shouldn’t also overdress as a wedding guest. 


What Is Western Formal Wear?

Knowing what to wear for a ranch wedding with a Western formal dress code can be confusing. Western outfits include jeans and cowboy boots, but they don’t fall under the formal wear category. 

Therefore, ask the couple what they meant or dress up in Western wedding outfits. For example, a simple white dress and cowboy boots for female guests can be dressed up with a shawl or jacket. 

Jeans and boots for men can then be paired with a vest and a button-down shirt to make it more formal. Here is what to wear to a Western wedding, for more examples. 


Is It Okay To Wear Cowboy Boots To A Wedding?

It’s okay to wear cowboy boots to a wedding if it has a country, rustic, or Western theme. Those held in barns, ranches, and deserts are also suitable for cowboy boots.

However, remember the dress code in mind because some weddings might still prefer a formal dress code. You also don’t want to stand out from the crowd and be the only one wearing cowboy boots. 



Was this attire guide helpful? We found out what to wear to a ranch wedding, which should follow the dress code, is comfortable for the ranch setting, and is also color-appropriate. 

Be prepared for unique dress codes like ranch formal, fancy ranch, and Western formal as well. And if you have some ideas to share, leave your guest outfit suggestions below!

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  1. I am invited to an autumn barn wedding on a Quarter Horse ranch (South East USA). I was told “formal.” I plan to wear an rusty/orange/red maxi full skirt, a tan puffed short-sleeves wrapped top (ties in a bow in back), both in linen, with chocolate brown leather short cowgirl boots and Western-style clutch tooled with acorns and oak leaves, also chocolate brown, and a Pendleton light wool oversize scarf/shawl in black, gold and tan. Not yet sure about earrings, maybe rhinestone long drop “diamonds,” or maybe Navajo sterling earrings. Likely an updo hairstyle.

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