What To Wear To A Picnic Wedding: 2 Tips To Consider

If you’re unsure what to wear to a picnic wedding, then you can consider two tips. We will help you create the appropriate attire to wear at picnic weddings to help you choose the clothing pieces to combine. 

We will also discuss what to wear to different types of outdoor weddings that may require picnic outfits. And since the venue might be in the garden, you can also read what to wear to a garden wedding


Exactly What To Wear To A Picnic Wedding


Check the dress code for the wedding guest attire

When one imagines picnic attire, the clothes can be considered casual to dressy casual. But since you’re attending a wedding, you should choose clothing pieces that match the formality of the wedding. 

Even though you’re attending a picnic wedding, the wedding outfits should still follow what the couple indicates in their wedding invites. Usually, picnic weddings have a semi-formal dress code

Therefore, you can try outfits like flowy maxi dresses, floral midi dresses, or pastel jumpsuits for women. Conversely, men can consider picnic outfits like a buttoned shirt, a light-colored sportscoat, or a suit with a well-fitting shirt without the tie. 


Consider the wedding time and season to know what’s appropriate to wear

Picnic attire is expected to be relaxed and comfortable, but since it’s a wedding, you want something formal and should still look dressed up. Like other outdoor weddings, choose outfits that will be comfortable in the picnic venue. 

Clothes made of light fabrics in soft colors should be comfortable for an afternoon or morning picnic wedding. Don’t forget that your shoes should also be safe in the grass or whatever the terrain is in the picnic wedding venue. 

If needed, perhaps you can bring a shawl or a jacket for added coverage and warmth, especially in winter or at nighttime picnic weddings. But of course, keep subtlety in mind as you don’t want to draw attention to yourself. 


What Do You Wear To A Casual Outdoor Wedding?

Picnic weddings are usually considered by couples who are having an intimate backyard wedding. That being said, the attire to expect might be something casual that would be comfortable for an outdoor wedding venue. 

Men can consider slacks and a sportscoat to look still stylish but not overdressed in a casual outdoor picnic wedding. Women can also opt for a midi dress or a jumpsuit paired with a jacket if they think it would look too casual.

Remember to follow the etiquette for wedding outfits, such as not wearing white or anything bridal. Overly casual clothes like t-shirts and ripped jeans or revealing outfits should also be avoided. 


What Do You Wear To An Afternoon Outdoor Wedding?

Picnics might be held in the afternoon than in the morning or night. If you’ll be attending an afternoon outdoor wedding, the outfits you choose should be suitable for a picnic but would be comfortable even if it’s hot. 

Flowy dresses and lightweight blouses for women should be comfortable, especially for a summer wedding. Male guests, on the other hand, can partner button-downs with plain black or blue jeans. 

If you’re attending a lunch meeting, then the outfits you can imagine might also be appropriate to wear for an afternoon outdoor wedding. Of course, you still want to look nice, but it doesn’t mean you’ll wear clothing pieces that are seen in black-tie and formal events. 

Is the picnic wedding you’re attending happening in winter, so the atmosphere is cold? Here’s a helpful guide on what to wear to a cold outdoor wedding


How To Plan A Picnic Wedding 


Pick the ideal location for a picnic wedding 

A picnic wedding will only look like a picnic if you select a good location. You can also find a park, backyard, or garden where you can place wooden chairs and tables decorated with gingham fabrics

However, please be practical when setting the picnic wedding venue as it should also be comfortable for the ceremony or reception. For example, you don’t want challenging terrain during the processional or ants in the food during the reception. 


Prepare a picnic-inspired menu

From the name itself, a picnic wedding reception should resemble what a typical picnic is. You’ll serve picnic favorites instead of a sit-down full-course meal like a traditional indoor wedding reception. 

Consider providing baskets of pastries, bread, or even a buffet with finger foods. You also want to offer food items that won’t need a knife or even a table to eat if your wedding setup has the guests sitting down on blankets. 


Follow a wedding theme that suits a picnic-style wedding

Finally, what are the themes that suit a picnic wedding? Some ideas to try are boho, rustic, or even romantic. 

Think of colorful fabrics, wooden elements, string lights, and spring flowers. Check different wedding inspirations to create a specific style for your picnic wedding. 



And that’s it! You just learned what to wear to a picnic wedding with two tips. 

First, consider the dress code and use the wedding season as a guide to know what to wear. Picnic weddings are usually dressy casual in the afternoon, which means some outfits to try are floral midi dresses, slacks, and sportscoat, for example. 

We hope this was helpful; let us know below if you have questions. 

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