What To Wear To A Mexican Wedding: Dos And Don’ts

We will discuss what to wear to a Mexican wedding as a bride, groom, and guest. And for additional peace of mind, we will also include the etiquette for a Mexican wedding, so you’ll know the dos and don’ts, especially what to wear.

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what to wear to a mexican wedding


What To Wear To A Mexican Wedding And Attire Ideas



The bride can opt for a dress influenced by indigenous women in the form of a Huipil wedding dress. She can also wear something with bright embroidery and colors, influenced by what the women of ancient Mexico used to wear. 

The Spanish influence is also apparent for some wedding dresses for a Mexican wedding. They include flamenco or salsa-styled dresses or a dress with layered ruffles paired with a bolero and mantilla veil for a luxurious wedding. 

Don’t forget the jewelry, as it is also influential for a Mexican wedding. The bride can wear eye-catching crystals and beads that are just as colorful as her dress. 



Much like the bride, grooms at a Mexican wedding are also very stylish. Mexican grooms traditionally wear a shirt called guayabera paired with black linen pants. 

You can distinguish a guayabera from other linen shirts because it has two vertical pleats or embroidery and four front pockets. Some grooms even pair this shirt with bolero and western boots for their footwear. 

However, it’s also acceptable for some grooms in a Mexican wedding to wear a classic black suit or tuxedo if they prefer. 



The wedding party of a Mexican wedding is matching, similar to other types of weddings. This means that the bridesmaids and groomsmen are coordinated, whether it’s their dress to the tie of the other. 

The flower girls and ring bearers are also complementing the rest of the wedding party. But what should you wear to a Mexican wedding as a guest?

Since Mexican weddings are held in a church, the guests must wear appropriate church attire. Women can wear a not modest dress or pair it with a shawl to cover their shoulders. 

Men, on the other hand, can wear suits and slacks. Make sure to check the dress code to be sure.


Is It Ok To Wear Red To A Mexican Wedding?

Much like other Mexican festivities, a Mexican wedding does not shy away from colorful themes, including red. The attire of the wedding party can even feature red embroidery and other details like lace. 

Some brides also incorporate red into their wedding dresses to symbolize a passionate marriage. So as a guest, it should be fine to wear red to a Mexican wedding as long as it won’t distract away from the couple.  

Remember the wedding etiquette of not upstaging the couple, especially the bride. You can check with the bride herself, the dress code, or opt for a darker shade of red so it wouldn’t be as distracting. 

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Can You Wear A Black Dress To A Mexican Wedding?

Black is an acceptable color to wear to a Mexican wedding, especially in a formal setting. The guests can wear a black dress or a black suit and tie, especially when attending a church wedding. 

However, it might be more appropriate to incorporate other colors into your attire, primarily if the wedding is held during the daytime. Feel free to include lively Mexican colors such as red, orange, or blue on your outfit. 

Black is sometimes associated with bad luck and mourning in some cultures. But did you know that some brides even opt for a black wedding dress? 

Here is what a black wedding dress means


What Is The Tradition For Mexican Weddings?


Catholic mass

A traditional Mexican wedding ceremony is held in the church, and it’s usually a full catholic mass that will last an hour. You can expect elements like communion on this holy service.


Los Padrinos

Los Padrinos refer to the official sponsors of the Mexican wedding. The bride and groom pick them themselves, and they can either be considered gift-giving sponsors or role model sponsors. 


El Lazo

A large rosary or silk cord is placed around the couple by the padrino and madrina in a Mexican wedding. This represents becoming one in God’s eye, and it is kept forever in the newlywed’s home. 


Las arras matriomoniales

The Las arras matriomoniales are the wedding coins in a Mexican wedding. They are 13 coins to signify Jesus and his 12 disciples, and also represent the groom’s wealth. 


La Tornaboda

The La Tornaboda refers to the after-party with close friends and family. It happens after the reception, but it only includes the closest people to the couple. 



And that’s it! We just learned what to wear to a Mexican wedding, and it includes ancient and traditional attire with Spanish influences. 

As a guest, keep formality and modesty in mind since Mexican weddings are held in the church. And like in other weddings, check the time and dress code to decide on an outfit much easier. 


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