What To Wear To A Halloween Wedding: Outfit Ideas

It’s easy to know what to wear to a Halloween wedding by considering the dress code. This way, you can feel assured that the couple approves your wardrobe choice. 

We will also share some outfit ideas with accessories so you’ll have some inspiration when going through your closet. And for other dressing guides, please browse our blog to know what to wear for different types of weddings. 

We have tips on what to wear to a Mexican wedding, for example. 


What To Wear To A Halloween Wedding As A Guest


Follow the dress code

If you can’t decide what to wear to a Halloween wedding, you can check the dress code on the invitation or wedding website. If you can’t find one, you can always ask other guests or the couple themselves about their expectations for their guests’ outfits. 

Remember that there are Halloween weddings that still require formal attire. Do not assume that just because an occasion will happen on Halloween, you can dress up in a costume. 

On the one hand, some couples are non-traditional and set to have a quirky wedding. If the invites indicated that they want the guests to dress like they’ll attend a Halloween party, then feel free to do so. 

And while it’s not noted, consider the etiquette of being a wedding guest when it comes to choosing what to wear. First, of course, you still want the bride and groom to be the center of attention at the wedding. 



A subtle way to make your look more suitable for a wedding with a Halloween theme is by accessorizing. For example, female guests can wear Halloween-themed nails or wear jewelry that shows Halloween items. 

You can also opt for details in the clothes you’re wearing to make it look like a costume, even if it’s a normal-looking dress or shirt. But again, the emphasis is necessary on never going over the top with your style as a sign of respect to the couple. 

If the Halloween wedding chooses to be formal or semi-formal, accessorize the same way you’d accessorize in any wedding. You can also consider the venue or current weather, so you’ll be comfortable with the overall attire.


Should I Get Married On Halloween?

There are many benefits to getting married on Halloween. One of the best ones is that you can save more with expenses since this date is not as in-demand compared to other times of the year. 

Most couples opt to get married between May and October, so getting married on Halloween, which is the last day of October, will be off-season. Therefore, you have a higher chance of getting discounts from vendors. 

Another advantage of getting married on Halloween is the availability of decorations. Not only will they be inexpensive, but you can choose from various colorful flowers and greenery during this season. 

And as a bonus, even your honeymoon should be cheaper, especially for couples who plan on having one right after the wedding. You can notice that travel is less costly after Halloween compared to other dates. 


Is it bad to have a wedding on Halloween?

It’s not bad to have a Halloween wedding, despite the belief that it might be bad luck. While Halloween is associated with everything scary and spooky, this date is perfect if you want a unique theme for your wedding. 

You don’t necessarily need to set the venue like a Halloween party if you find it tacky. Instead, you can use this opportunity to introduce unique colors from the usual black and white at weddings. 

Some brides even opt for a black wedding dress, while some grooms can try velvets and other unique materials for their suits. Read what does a black wedding dress means to know more about non-traditional weddings. 


Are Halloween Weddings Popular?

As one can expect with modernity, more and more couples are willing to break some wedding customs and traditions. They are becoming more adventurous with the dates they’re picking for their special day. 

That being said, October is becoming common for weddings as well. So while Halloween itself is not the most popular day to choose, it is not as taboo as years ago. 

The couple can take advantage of the cool season and the potential easier availability of guests. They can even save on expenses since it’s not the most in-demand travel date. 


How Do I Have A Classy Wedding On Halloween?

Do not assume that a Halloween wedding will be tacky. Much like any other wedding, how your organizer design and plan the event will ultimately affect its overall style. 

If you want a classy Halloween wedding, avoid cheap decorations and gimmicks that one can expect at a Halloween party. Instead, take inspiration from the fall palette and decorate with warm colors around the venue. 

You can also mention a semi-formal or formal theme to your guests with the option of having subtle but edgy accessories to still be in line with the Halloween theme. And as for the menu, talk with your caterer about incorporating apples and pumpkins on delectable food items and drinks. 



And that’s it! We just learned what to wear to a Halloween wedding and found out that it will depend on the dress code. 

It’s important never to assume that you can wear a costume when attending a Halloween wedding. Even if the date is on Halloween, some couples might still prefer for their guests to be in formal or semi-formal attires. 

We hope you learned a lot about Halloween weddings; leave us a question if you have any. 

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