What To Wear To A Farm Wedding: Guest Outfit Guide

Those who don’t know what to wear to a farm wedding must consider three factors. This style guide will help you create a farm wedding guest attire that suits the event without sacrificing comfort for the venue. 

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what to wear to a farm wedding


Wedding Guest Attire On What To Wear To A Wedding On A Farm 


Wedding dress code

Before anything else, don’t assume that the farm wedding is automatically a semi-formal event. You also don’t want to wear a farm-related outfit without checking the wedding theme.

The wedding invitation should mention the dress code and wedding theme for the farm wedding. For example, female guests can opt for a midi dress with sleeves and male guests a classic suit or blazer if it’s a formal event. 

Don’t also forget to follow the farm wedding palette. For example, if it’s a fall farm wedding, you can expect browns, greens, and reds. 


Wedding venue

Getting married at the farm is truly a unique experience, and the couple might’ve chosen it for their rustic theme. That being said, be prepared for the weather and expected elements on the farm. 

For example, you must opt for lightweight and breathable fabrics when dressing in layers, especially if it’s a summer farm wedding. Since it won’t be an outdoor venue, you must also select the proper footwear that won’t sink or slip on the ground or grass. 

Another consideration is the type of attire you’re wearing. You don’t want something too short that it would be inappropriate and casual for the wedding, but lengthy and floaty outfits are also impractical for a farm wedding. 


Guest’s comfort

The final consideration when deciding on what to wear to a farm wedding in comfort. Like considering the venue itself, remember that a farm wedding means you’ll be dressing for the outdoors.

While some couples can have the ceremony or reception under a barn or tent on the farm, it will still be different from a hall wedding. Some comfortable guest outfit ideas for men and women include jumpsuits, flats, simple A-line dresses, boots, button-up shirts, dark jeans, or layering dressy outfits with a jacket, blazer, or cardigan. 

You can also add a belt to create a better fit with your outfit, a hat for sun protection, and a bag that would be easy to carry around. Then, check in the mirror to see if you’re still appropriate for the wedding dress code. 


What Should I Wear To An Outdoor Wedding On A Farm?

Most farm weddings are held outdoors to take advantage of the rustic setting. That being said, you must dress appropriately to maintain comfort and modesty.

For example, women can wear maxi and long dresses, but be aware of flowy fabrics that can get blown or caught in the outdoor venue. You also don’t want something so short that you’ll feel uncomfortable walking and sitting around. 

As for male guests, you can never go wrong with a dressy shirt and coat, and if it’s a semi-formal farm wedding, you can lose the tie for comfort. You can also wear a sportscoat or jacket if you find the coat too hot, especially at an afternoon outdoor farm wedding. 


Can You Wear Jeans To A Farm Wedding?

You can wear jeans to a farm wedding if the dress code is not black tie or formal. Otherwise, denim would be inappropriate. 

So how should you wear jeans to a semi-formal farm wedding? Opt for a dark blue or black plain pair of jeans to maintain class. 

Avoid those with graphic designs or those that are ripped and distressed. But, then, don’t forget to wear a collared or buttoned shirt to create a dressy look. 


What Do You Wear To A Casual Country Wedding?

Couples who prefer a more unique and out-of-the-box wedding usually allow a more laidback or casual dress code. If the farm wedding requests a casual country dress code, you can wear cowboy outfits that are dressed up for the occasion. 

Think of plaids, cowboy boots, relaxed dresses, denim, and leather. But still, you don’t want to look too effortless as it’s a wedding. 

Furthermore, check with someone close to the couple to know and avoid what the wedding party is wearing. You don’t want to wear the same style or color scheme as the bridesmaids or groomsmen. 


What Do You Wear To A Countryside Wedding?


Male guests

Men can opt for suits in earthy tones to match the countryside wedding. Checkered patterns and natural clothing pieces like a tweed blazer and leather shoes would also be fitting for a countryside wedding. 


Female guests

A countryside wedding is perfect for floral prints on dresses and jumpsuits for female guests. And for shoes, try flats and sandals for comfort, but kitten heels and wedges are suitable for women who prefer heels. 



And that’s it! To recap what to wear to a farm wedding, keep the dress code, venue, and comfort in mind. 

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